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    First off, let's give some credit to coolestman22 for coming up with this idea. This is REALLY cool, and I think we're going to have a lot of fun with this.

    Basically, we're putting a point system into the Online Tournaments here on 6p similar to Championship Points in real life. Starting in the 2013-2014 Season, we will also have different types of events. We will be awarding points like this:

    More prizes may be awarded depending on how big the tournament is. Any other additional prizes TBD.

    From now on, only official 6p TO's will be able to host events. Those who have already been scheduled in to run an event will still get to run theirs, because that wouldn't be very fair to tell them they can't (they can drop from the list if they want, though). These are the current 6p Tournament Organizers:

    How does one become a 6p Tournament Organizer? Well here's another change we've made: anyone at anytime can host unofficial events (with a maximum of 16 people). If I see someone that is consistently running smooth unofficial events, then I will add them as an official 6p TO (after asking them if they want to first, of course).

    Now, why are we doing all this, you ask? Every year, at the beginning of September (starting 2013), I will host an invite-only "Tournament of the Champions", which you can qualify for through this Point System. The Top 12 in the Rankings will receive invites. There will also be a Last Chance Qualifier held in August, where the Top 4 will receive invites, and the Summer Qualifiers will also include invites as prizes (though the exact count is still being determined).

    Here, I will post the current rankings. Every person that has earned Points at an official 6p TCG event will be put on this list, along with the amount of points at this time. I'll update it every time a tournament has ended. Here they are:

    [spoiler=Rankings Archives][spoiler=2012-2013 Season]1. Angry_Brother - 34 pts.
    2. MultX - 29 pts.
    3. coolestman22 - 16 pts.
    4. galladeava - 15 pts.
    5. sibon - 14 pts.
    6. armaldo1 - 14 pts.
    7. solo59486 - 14 pts.
    8. NJ_Bob - 10 pts.
    9. xquqx - 10 pts.
    10. Vablakes - 10 pts.
    11. pokemonguy - 10 pts.
    12. Mares789 - 10 pts.
    13. Bleak - 8 pts.
    14. ussgordoncaptain - 8 pts.
    15. EliGagerNorris - 8 pts.
    16. CruelBreeze - 8 pts.
    17. Kirbyswag - 7 pts.
    18. Charranitar - 6 pts.
    19. Gelatin - 6 pts
    20. lucarioAdventure1 - 6 pts.
    21. Skylite - 5 pts.
    22. Tamoo - 5 pts.
    23. Shibumi - 5 pts.
    24. LanturnPrime - 4 pts.
    25. KanOfBroccoli - 4 pts.
    26. Kudzo - 4 pts.
    27. KHart777 - 4 pts.
    28. sangizkewl MetalArmedAngel - 4 pts.
    29. pho - 2 pts.
    30. David - 2 pts.
    31. arkenal - 2pts.
    32. SoldiersSpirit - 2 pts.[/spoiler][/spoiler]

    I hope you enjoy our tournaments, and good luck! :)

    EDIT: You can attend as many tournaments as you like, as long as you'd have the time to play. (Rule added 8/22/12)

    EDIT: We are now allowing Official Double Elimination tournaments. The Rankings have been updated. (Rule added 8/25/12)

    EDIT: The Top 12 in the Rankings will receive invites. (Rule added 9/24/12)

    EDIT: Only those who have obtained points are listed in the rankings. Many others have played in the events, and it doesn't mean we don't recognize you, it's just easier for us to do it this way. (Rule added 12/25/12)

    EDIT: A 32-person LCQ will take place during/after Spring Battle Roads before the TOTC, where the Top 4 get a free invitation to the TOTC. It will be a single elimination, Best 2 out of 3 format. Unlimited sign-ups. (Rule added: 3/27/13)

    EDIT: See Post #3. (Rule added: 12/13/13)

    EDIT: Cleaned up the thread; don't worry, all the new(-ish) stuff is still there. (5/22/14)
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    Hey guys! The TOTC is coming up real soon, along with the LCQ, so you might be wondering what the prizes are.

    After collaborating with Adam and the other Official 6p TCG T.O.'s ( Ziggmiceter and pho) for a while, we've finally come up with Prizes. Here they are!

    Sorry if they're a bit less than you expected, but hey, this is the first time we've ever done anything like this, and at least we actually got prize support! haha

    Hopefully you can nab some of these hard-to-get prizes. ;)
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    Updates for the new season:

    Starting in the 2013-2014 season, we will now have multiple different tournaments, just like in real life. They are as follows:

    2013 Tournament of the Champions
    Fall Battle Roads
    Fall Regionals
    Winter Wars
    Winter Regionals
    "States" (actual name TBD)
    Spring Regionals
    Spring Battle Roads
    Summer Qualifiers
    LCQ (Grinders)
    2014 Tournament of the Champions

    They will award points similarly to events in real life, as well.

    2013 Tournament of the Champions:
    1. 15 Points and an automatic invitation to the 2014 TOTC
    2. 12 Points and an automatic invitation to the 2014 TOTC
    3/4. 10 Points and an automatic invitation to the 2014 TOTC
    5/6. 50 Points
    7/8. 40 Points

    Fall/Spring Battle Roads:
    1. 15 Points
    2. 12 Points
    3/4. 10 Points

    Winter Wars:
    1. 50 Points
    2. 40 Points
    3/4. 30 Points

    Fall/Winter/Spring Regionals:
    1. 150 Points
    2. 135 Points
    3/4. 105 Points
    5-8. 75 Points
    9-16. 30 Points

    1. 100 Points
    2. 90 Points
    3/4. 70 Points
    5/6. 35 Points
    7/8. 20 Points

    Summer Qualifiers:

    LCQ (Grinders):

    The official prizes for the Summer Qualifiers and the LCQ will be announced as soon as we know.

    Any additional prizes TBD.

    Some tournaments will have caps for the number of players involved. They are as follows:

    Fall/Spring Battle Roads: 8 players max
    Fall/Winter/Spring Regionals: 32 players max
    Winter Wars: 8 players max
    "States": 16 players max
    Summer Qualifiers: no cap
    LCQ (Grinders): no cap
    2014 Tournament of the Champions: Invitation Only

    Qualifications for the 2014 Tournament of the Champions are currently being finalized. This information will be announced as soon as we know.
    Just like last year, the Top 12 in Rankings will receive invites, as well as the Top 4 in the Last Chance Qualifier. The Summer Qualifiers will also have invites as prizes, though the exact count is still being determined.

    Since we are behind schedule, we will be running multiple events at a time. Multiple Fall Battle Roads and Fall Regionals will be posted shortly, and Winter Wars will soon follow.

    You may join as many events as you'd like, as long as you feel you'll have the time for them.

    Best Finish Limits are also TBD.

    *sorry for all the uncertainty, just trying to catch up with our schedule
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    After the 2 current State Championships finish, we will move on directly to the Tournament of the Champions. I've been very busy as of late, and the decreasing amount of players completing their matches just doesn't make running these events worth my time. After the ToTC, the 6pTS will be put on hiatus.

    Don't worry, this isn't the end of the 6pTS. The system just needs to be re-thought out. When we return, our events will hopefully be more organized, more timely, and will have more prize support than ever before.

    Thank you for understanding.
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