A Question About Best-of-3 50 minutes

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  1. Professor_N

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    Maybe it's just cause we always want the opposite of what we have at the moment. You say a lot of people wanted bo3, but now a lot of people don't like bo3 at all. I guess Pokemon players just don't like the way things are, most of the time.
  2. Googleplex

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    It's not Best of 3 people have a problem with: just, people would have wanted far longer Bo3.

    Yeah, and mostly it does seem to do that. Though, it does require knowledge of when to scoop a game (which I think is a skill in its own right, to some degree) and there comes a point when a second/ 3rd tie is effectively a "double loss" anyway.

    I have a slightly different question: has anyone been in, or seen, a 3 game Best of 3 that has been completed without the first or second being scooped?
  3. KPiplup

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    I've found that really, even scooping immediately in Game 2 (I'm talking your second turn) doesn't even guarantee that you'll get the 3rd one done in matchups that are close.
  4. baby_mario

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    Europe ran b-o-3 for a long time and the players seemed to like that, even with a 40 min time limit. Of course that was under the old rules about Prizes.

    I haven't played much this year, but I have yet to play in, or even see, a b-o-3 that completed 3 games.
  5. Professor_N

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    I find it hard to justify scooping early with N in the format. However, if your opponent's thinning his/her deck and you aren't even fully set up you have probably already lost.
  6. Reshiphlosion

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    In the last two rounds at States last weekend I went into a 3rd game after playing 2 full games, and completed them both. Honestly though in both cases I blew them away in the first game, they blew me away in the second game, and we were neck and neck for the 3rd game. :p
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  7. Googleplex

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    Yeah I agree at the scooping actually. It only really helps if the first game was fast anyway. An example would be, beating a setup deck quickly because they can't set up on game 1, then scooping game 2 when they get a really good setup early on.
  8. Eonic

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    I haven't attended too many tournaments this season, but I've yet to see a third completed games in a round without any scooping. Honestly, if the old prize rule was enforced again with the 50 minutes + best of 3, I think that would solve a lot of the problems involving stalling, ties, and such.
  9. ShinyEevee

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    I have. But I play fast. I play REALLY fast and some people don't like that. My matches usually average about 15 minutes or so (unless the other person drags their feet badly or takes FOREVER to shuffle my deck every time after I search). So I've completed several best of 3 50 minutes. There are plenty where I don't finish the third but I certainly see it happen a lot. Though if I were playing in the finals of states or another big tournament I would imagine that I would take longer.
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    Im gonna quote Pooka, "The worst format is always the one we are playing currently"
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    While that's true, this is the worst it's been for a while. People complain about previous formats, but when everyone, even world champions and other top players alike complain about how bad something is, you know it's pretty bad.
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    Are we talking about tournament structure or the Standard format? I'd argue Standard is in decent shape right now. 50+3 is another ball game.
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  13. Professor_N

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    50+3 is what I'm talking about.