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  1. Zarco

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    My newest deck idea- basically, as close to straight Accelgor as it gets. I suppose a list would be nice to explain it:

    4-4 Accelgor DEX
    3 Mew EX
    3 Sigilyph DRX
    1 Mewtwo EX
    1 Ditto BCR

    4 Juniper
    3 N
    4 Cheren
    2 Skyla
    2 Bianca
    1 Random Receiver
    1 Computer Search

    2 Skyarrow Bridge

    4 Catcher
    4 Level Ball
    3 Ultra Ball
    2 Energy Switch
    1 Super Rod

    7 Psychic Energy
    4 Double Colorless Energy

    Basically, stream D+C until you win, locking up big EXs and hitting Keldeo, the only way out aside from switch, for weakness. Sigilyph is a good wall for when you KO something, and can bait opposing engines for me to attack into, like Hydreigon or a Blastoise to X-Ball. I haven't played enough with it to see if it works a lot. It needs a lot of draw power to keep rolling, for sure... It's still in its infancy, so any ideas, comments, changes, etc. would be appreciated!
  2. JADSinc

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    The main differences I see in this compared to an Accelgor/ Empoleon build is the loss of Call for Family and Diving Draw.

    In theory with a bench full of shelmets and Mews you can simply keep the lock going, but how will you get the full field to begin with. More than likely this is why you play Level Ball and Ultra Ball in such high numbers but once you have used your trainers with no drawing power your chances of looping the lock decreases. Also diving draw helps to thin out your deck, ultra ball will do the same but only three times in this build assuming none are prized and you have them when you need them.

    Keldeo is still a bad matchup even if you are hitting for weakness as a good Keldeo build plays Super Scoop Up, Gold Potion and multiple Keldeos to rescue the paralyzed one. As far as Sigilyph regular Keldeo can knock it out getting rid of the time you would be using to reset your lock.

    All this aside testing is your friend. Try your build against Keldeo as it is your worst matchup, but I can see this being in your favor against Darkrai / Hydreigon and Landorus builds since the 30 bench damage you would take will go back into your deck.
  3. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    I made this mostly for fun, because it's a fun deck to play and features one of my favorite cards. The idea is that it's faster and less clunky on-field than anything with Empoleons added (though it trades that for being clunkier in draws). I play enough supporters to (ideally) keep drawing into stuff all game, so I wouldn't worry about "what will I do without Diving Draw always there?" (I'm also testing a 1-1 Roserade now).

    Sigilyph isn't even that major of a card in the deck, and I've thought of dropping it or at least dropping the count to 1 or 2. My main goal here is to be very mobile and start locking stuff early on, so Empoleon's kind of counter-intuitive.