HL-on Acid Liability (Weezing/Victrebell)

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Pokemon (19):
    4 Jirachi (EX: Deoxys)
    4 Koffing (EX: Team Rocket Returns)
    3 Weezing (EX: Deoxys)
    3 Bellsprout (EX: Legend Maker)
    2 Weepinbel (EX: FireRed LeafGreen)
    2 Victreebel (EX: FireRed LeafGreen)
    1 Victreebel (EX: Legend Maker)

    Trainers (27):
    4 Holon Transciever (EX: Delta Species)
    2 Holon Mentor (EX: Delta Species)
    1 Holon Farmer (EX: Delta Species)
    1 Holon Lass (EX: Delta Species)
    1 Holon Scientist (EX: Delta Species)
    4 TV Reporter (POP Series 2)
    3 Celio’s Network (EX: FireRed LeafGreen)
    3 Rare Candy (EX: Emerald)
    2 Steven’s Advise (EX: Hidden Legends)
    2 Rocket’s Admin. (EX: Team Rocket Returns)
    4 Desert Ruins (EX: Hidden Legends)

    Energy (14):
    4 Double Rainbow Energy (EX: Emerald)
    2 Scramble Energy (EX: Deoxys)
    8 Grass Energy
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    Liability decks in general was my passion during its long stretch of being legal. Sadly my deck files from Apprentice were lost long ago.

    I never had great success even though this was during the stretch I was trying to become "competitive", but I don't think that it was just me who ran Magcargo (EX: Dexoys 20/107) for its "Smooth Over" Poké-Power. Some builds may have instead run a 1-0-1, 2-0-2, or 2-1-2 line of Pidgeot (EX: Fire Red/Leaf Green 10/112); very, very few decks would have been running without one or the other.

    Depending on the exact point in the format, there is a good chance that the deck ran multiple Stadiums, including more than four total: if you weren't running Pidgeot you were probably running a copy of Battle Frontier to counter your opponent's Pidgeot, and while it would have been towards the very end of the format, Cursed Stone was run for the same reason as Desert Ruins if you weren't running Pidgeot or Magcargo, or if you simply weren't concerned about their HP.

    The lack of Pow! Hand Extension is definitely wrong; this deck should be running at least two copies, maybe more as controlling what you OHKO was the only way to eventually pull ahead in the Prize trade. 16 Supporters seems like a lot, especially when the deck is running the Holon Engine as part of it. This might owe to the above build lacking a proper searcher: during this period you almost always focused your first/second turn on getting a Pidgeot or Magcargo set up which was then followed by getting a single card you really needed.

    On a personal note, due to various reasons I never used the above Jirachi or the Holon Engine in my builds, but if you are using Jirachi you need Swoop! Teleporter; you're supposed to use the card's Poké-Power then change out to something else (usually to Evolve).
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  3. Mr_Rumpleteezer

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    Great post! Thank you so much @Otaku!
  4. Willyazaa

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    This deck looks really fun!

    Pokemon: 23
    3 Jirachi DX
    4 Koffing TRR
    3 Weezing DX
    3 Bellsprout RG
    2 Weepinbel RG
    2 Victreebel RG
    1 Victreebel LM
    2 Pidgey RG
    1 Pidgeotto RG
    2 Pidgeot RG

    T/S/S: 25
    2 Holon Mentor
    2 Holon Adventurer
    1 Holon Farmer
    1 Holon Scientist
    2 Celio's Network
    2 Rocket's Admin
    1 Steven's Advice

    4 Holon Transceiver
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Pow! Hand Extension
    1 Swoop! Teleporter

    3 Desert Ruins

    Energy: 12
    4 Double Rainbow
    2 Scramble
    6 Grass

    For people who played during the format, what do you think about this list? Was something like fluffy berry ever used to retreat the Victreebel into a Weezing to score your OHKO?