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  1. niccoide199cp

    niccoide199cp New Member

    I've been putting this together and i'm pretty satisfied.

    pokemon: 13
    4 Victini EX
    3-1-3 Aegislash (2-1 split defensive/offensive)
    2 Keldeo EX

    supporters: 13
    4 N
    4 Juniper
    4 Skyla
    1 Colress

    trainers: 20
    1 Victory Piece
    3 Ultra ball
    2 Level ball
    3 Rare candy
    3 Float stone
    2 Muscle band
    2 Prof. Letter
    2 Switch
    2 Tool scrapper

    Stadiums: 3
    Battle city <------- just kidding. Need some advice for a proper stadium

    Energies: 11
    5 Fire

    The list is pretty straight-forward. This is how it should be performed:
    1st turn: start Victini EX, bench Honedge. You'd want to go second so you can Turbo energize to Honedge.
    2nd turn: evolve and bench Keldeo EX if you can. Turbo energize again and Victini ex will be KOed most likely.
    3rd turn: establish the lock. Put muscle band on Aegislash and float stone on Keldeo EX.
    I think it's manageable, i doesn't take too many resources.

    Considerations: Dark/Garb and Vir/Gen are bad match ups. The former stops Keldeo's ability and that's a pain, the latter goes through King's shield. They're not auto-losses though, it can be done..

    Question: using Stance Change ability will reset King's shield?

    I'm not sure on pretty much everything i put there so any advice is WELCOME (and required)
  2. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    I agree that Vir/Gen and dark/Garb are your worst matchups. I would reccomend playing a spitiromb, as it can stop the virgen player from playing G Booster. I think a higher scrapper count is needed vs. darkgarb, but switch/treat is the best way to reset king's shield.

    Also: stance change does not reset king's shield as Stance Change states that all damage, special condition, and effects on this pokemon stay on this pokemon.

    My changes:

    -3 Fire [IMO, Victory Piece is ideal. Prof's letter gets the fire when needed.]
    +1 Spiritomb
    +1 Tool Scrapper
    +1 Switch

    Hope this helps!
  3. flashfiction

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    Aegislash is rad, cool deck. I think the stadium you should use is Pokemon Center to heal off Aegislash's off the bench when you send them there. But if you're afraid that your opponent will take advantage of it(since you have low damage output) then put in something that will do effectively nothing for most of your matchups like Twist Mountain just to cancel their virbanks n' stuff.
  4. niccoide199cp

    niccoide199cp New Member

    Intensive testing results show this deck is super consistent.
    The strategy of attacking with muscle band while a float stone is placed onto a benched Keldeo EX has proven unsuccessful though: tool scrapper ruins the day, it takes away 2 tools at once and it's hard to recover.
    The damage output is too low, and i can't find a way to make Aegislash hit the magic 90.
  5. Phoenix15

    Phoenix15 I Flew Into a Burning Ring Of Fire...

    Well, a muscle band can get you to 70. And vs an ex a silver bangle can get you to 80, but that's it