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    the idea with this deck is to get early knockouts through donking basics when you're opponent is setting use some good stuff in it, so i think that it is pretty good.
    the deck content is
    3 tornadus ex
    1 mewtwo ex
    3 aerodactyl
    2 tornadus
    1 terrakion
    1 mr mime
    4 juniper
    3 n
    3 random receiver
    2 bicycle
    1 computer search
    2 pokemon catcher
    3 ultra ball
    3 level ball
    4 muscle band
    3 max revive
    1 potion
    2 switch
    3 old amber
    2 tool scrapper
    3 twist mountain
    4 fighting energy
    2 psychic energy
    4 dce

    ideally you want to get early knockouts through tornadus ex's blow through attack: 30+30 if theres a stadium in play.this is going to be twist mountain to get aerodactyl on your bench.cos i do this i should probably scrap old amber.if i do this, what should i add in?
    (-3 old amber
    +2 potion
    +1 town map)

    so that is what ive put in instead of the old amber.please say if you think that this is a good idea and if not, tell me what you think i could tweak.
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    -1 potion, +1 N. (I don't feel like one potion will make much of an impact, maybe a super potion? but I feel like you'll want more supporters...(you only have 7))
    -3 max revive, +3 super rod, cause super rod is better.
    Also why do you have 2 physic energy? Mewtwo and Mr mime? You could use prism or rainbow energy instead, but I would prob just make those into 2 fighting energy.
  3. PokemonGeek

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    i think i will turn 2 psychic into 2 fighting, but im happy with how many supporter cards i run.[DOUBLEPOST=1392881412][/DOUBLEPOST]
    if you have read the edits,, i put another 2 potions in, meaning that i have 3.