“All That” – The Impact of XY, S/T/P Recap, and Rogues

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    Great read, but there are only 30 T/S/S in the Klinklang/Aromatisse deck, not 31.
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    Thanks for the catch. I'll look into what's missing when I get a chance.
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    Really well thought out article, and your right on the comments about the results being misleading when their could be really unique ways or cards to put in current popular decks. When I was at the Illinois states, (went 4/2/1)
    I used an absol in my Aromatisse deck which used thunderus ex and xerneas. Most thought it was odd but it won me two games. Well sorry to ramble on lol, either way good article again
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    What I meant was it says that there are 61 cards in the deck, but if you count the actual cards, it has 60.
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    Good catch! I've updated the number.