all the decks currently running in the format strong still

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should pokemon banned their hard work and hard bought cards or where they wrong

Poll closed Feb 1, 2011.
  1. yes

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  1. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    i made this thread to show what decks are still ongoing if i miss one tell me dont say some thing weird and if you give a name ill lokk on internet for a while if its not there its because you made it up also i made this thread cause i looked no one did this yet.(edit list so biginers know what is it really)

    luxchomp(luxray gl/ garchomp c)
    cursegar(spiritomb/gengar ar/gengar sf/gengar lv.x)
    gengar garchomp c
    dialgachomp(dialga g/ garchomp c)
    sablock(sableye/garchomp c/honchkrow g)
    blazechomp(blaziken fb/ garchomp c)
    chenlock(sablock w/ blaziken fb)
    kinggar(kingdra prime/gengar sf/gengar lv.x)
    blg(blaziken fb/luxray gl/garchomp c)
  2. ian

    ian Member

    By banned do you mean the rotation?

    rotation keeps the game fresh, fun, and tame.
  3. Poteet

    Poteet Washed Up

    There are tier threads. Also what does that poll question mean?
  4. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    idk my little brother made it for fun lol
  5. Poteet

    Poteet Washed Up

    It doesn't make sense. It's the equivalent of spam.
  6. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    KingGar,KingChamp,Umbreon,Magnezone, and Steelix.
  7. pokefan12

    pokefan12 Member

    Someone finally noticed flygon still has potntial(now all flygon needs is a prime buddy)
  8. FlyBoy

    FlyBoy New Member

    too many details that make gameplay too tedious makes the game no fun. its TOO technical and then they change how a card plays after a time. the wording on each card is SPECIFIC and needs to be adhered to- to the letter not change how it works after someone complains about it. one perfect example... Flower Shop Lady. the card specifically states "search your discard pile for "3" pokemon, AND "3" basic energy cards. show them to your opponent and shuffle them into your deck. the recent ruling has changed it to mean "up to 3 of each" problem is THATS NOT WHAT THE CARD SAYS. either stick to what is says, or dont make it at all. details like this make it NOT fun.

    as for rotating cards, i dont particularly like it, but it does prevent some decks from continuing to rule on while making it more interesting to find new strategies to do the same things and stay on top. im not the best deck builder, and i dont EVER see myself on top in a tourney, but trying to come up with a deck that has even the slightest chance tests my knowledge and skills.
  9. DialgaChomper

    DialgaChomper Member

    Flygon x+ Magnezone Prime + Regice La

    Magnezone prime + Regice la= new claydol
    Flygon x= Lv. X KILLER?!
  10. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    thank you chemical i forgot about those decks i never heard of umbreon deck but its in the internet but flynezone dosnt exist as far as nature and pokemon can see ,also every1 stop saying about the poll i went to the bathroom told my little brother to make a poll and he did with what was in his heart
  11. Project696

    Project696 Member

    I hate to say it, but Cursegar is no longer being ran due to the lack of Claydol.
  12. ian

    ian Member

    New claydol? Claydol only took up one spot on your bench and was only a stage one pokemon. I can't ever see that combo being played.
  13. techdeck101

    techdeck101 Member

    What about BLG???
  14. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    well alot of decks lost claydol but we have to take our lost and make this game better rest in peace claydol and other good cards that made pokemon alot more simpler
  15. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    did i get them all??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  16. blooper785con

    blooper785con Member

    HoPe, it won at leats 4 BR
  17. Poteet

    Poteet Washed Up

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