“All’s Well That Ends Well” – Jay’s 2014 Wisconsin and Iowa States Reports

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    Why sigilyph over suicune? The extra retreat cost will never matter and you get the extra 10hp which allows you to survive shred from rayquaza DRV.
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    I've noticed a lot of players are going back to playing Absol in their plasma lists, as opposed to Snorlax or Kyurem. What made you choose Kyurem over Absol (or snorlax, for that matter)?
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    Dragonite: I play 4 level ball so it was just easier to search it out when I needed to.

    Willy: well snorlax was to energy dependant. Getting 5 energy under it in such a fast format is harding knowing it will instantly be koed.

    Kyurem set up lugia plays which absol didnt. Kyurem was also less dependant on the opponents bench for kos.
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    Quick question Jay,

    I would think a thin flareon line serves best to counter virizion techs alongside catchers, and is underwhelming against full-on VirGen decks, but you state the opposite as your opinion? Wondering what logic goes on behind that.

    I would like a flareon primarily as an option to OHKO their only virizion, but if they're running genesect then flareon is either probably not enough, or getting KO'd before it did anything at all. Just my thought process there. Dusknoir also works against decks tech'ing virizion, but 1-1-1 isn't a great line to abuse that.
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    This is more directed towards Adam, but I found a mistake in the article. You seemed to have tagged me in it when I did not attend any States this weekend and went to Ohio last weekend. While I am flattered that you remembered to tag me, I'm afraid I've never even met Jay. You may want to fix that lol. I believe that Jay may have been referring to Mat Price with one 't' (who exists, but I've never met) or someone else entirely.
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    How did the games in Top 8 play out against Virizion that allowed you to win?
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    Oops! I assumed it was you. I'll fix that.
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    Crawdaunt: I certainly wouldn't tech so many spots to deal with just 1 Virizion that I'd need a Catcher heads to bring up. As you said Dusknoir is far more suited towards this as in my opinion so would Garbodor. A combination of the two is actually pretty interesting of getting enough damage on the board and than Tool Scrapping your own tool so you can use Dusknoir. With a 2-1 Flareon line your allowed to bench 2 Eevees at the same time which means they shouldn't be able to KO both of them before your able to evolve one of them into Flareon. The math is pretty favorable as well 3 Pokemon and Bangle or just 6 Pokemon is enough to KO a Virizion or Genesect EX. Between the 2-1 Flareon, Super Rod, and Dowsing Machine your able to use 3 Flareon EX. In testing this was usually at least 4 prizes and in good situations all 6, either way you were putting so much pressure on them it was enough to win the game.

    The 1-1-1 Dusknoir actually plays considerably better than you might think. There really is no rush to getting it out in most match ups and it just kind of comes to you over the course of the early game through drawing into it manually or by using extra Balls you have on it.

    Weakest: Yea I'm afraid I've never met you either :p Mat Price is a local player in La Crosse who has actually gotten about half dozen or so people into the game at our work. We traveled to Wisconsin, Iowa and than Minnesota next week really cool guy and makes for some interesting trips.

    Charranitar: He played a Verizion/Genesect list that played Grass, Plasma, and Double Colorless Energy (I'm assuming just 1 or 2 though). He wins game 1 pretty dominantly when I think I took 3 prizes. Game 2: He leads Verizion into Boufflant (since I have to 4 shot it) so he's down like 4-5 grass energy right there. Eventaully the game gets to the point where he is out of grass energy and out of Plasma Energy and he can't play around my active Sigilyph and I'm able to steal game 2. Game 3 starts and time is called within a turn or 2. He benches an energyless bouffalant a turn early and I get catcher heads with a deck and cover to Item lock so Bouffs at 40 he attaches a grass and passes. I hit it for 30 more he retreats to Verizion and I have to beach, he Emerald Slashes and I have to beach again. He brings up Genesect, but wiffs the Plasma Energy (I'm assuming he played 3) on a Juniper for 7. He hits me for 100 and 20 to the bench, but I Beached into my second Catcher and Dowsing Machine, hit the first heads to go 2-0 on Catcher flips and steal a series I should have lost had it played out.
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    Indeed! I like the 1-1-1 dusknoir, I was just thinking it'd be tought to deal with tech virizion a this way. Super rod + dowsing makes flareon > VirGen make more sense. Thanks!
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    Great article as always Jay! I knew there would be a deck that I wanted to try playing that would make me regret selling my 3 Plage Tropicale (figured I would make some money since we won't be going to Worlds this year). I have not played with any Accelgor lock type deck before. Without Tropical Beach, do you think Electrode would be a better play than Musharna? Or will the deck just not work without Tropical Beach?

    I believe the Plasma deck that won our BC Provincials last weekend was quite similar to the list that you played. 1 Trevenant/Accelgor made Top 8 as well, but lost to Keldeo/Blastoise.

    Thanks again for writing articles here.
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    Sadly I really don't think so, since Tropical Beach was huge in all of my games. The hand size is usually pretty big so even without Beach I think I would still play Musharna. It really is that good!