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    Warning: The deck below is pure Theorymon. Don't ask for my record; it doesn't exist.

    I was quite hard on it when spoilers for the new Xerneas EX were revealed and the card is definitely no where near as potent as the top Pokémon-EX... which I consider to be a good thing because most are overpowered. The difference between some of the duds and Xerneas EX was that it appears to be getting the exact kind of support I half-jokingly allowed might save it.

    So I thought I'd see what could be done with Xerneas EX and a Fairy focused deck. Someone else already has a deck discussion on trying the build using Special Energies to easily exploit Type-matching: I want to see what can be done while running at least close to a pure Fairy build. Spoilers will follow the list.

    Pokémon x 16
    03 x Aromatisse
    02 x Mr. Mime
    01 x Slurpuff
    03 x Spritzee
    01 x Swirlix
    03 x Xerneas
    03 x Xerneas EX

    Trainers x 32

    Items: 19
    01 x Dowsing Machine
    02 x Escape Rope
    03 x Hard Charm
    03 x Level Ball
    04 x Max Potion
    01 x Red Card
    01 x Super Rod
    03 x Ultra Ball
    02 x Tool Scrapper

    Supporters: 12
    02 x Colress
    04 x N
    04 x Professor Sycamore
    02 x Skyla

    Stadiums: 2
    02 x Frozen City

    Energy x 10
    10 Fairy Energy

    Translations (from PokéBeach):
    Not sure if I need to post text for cards that have been revealed in English but aren't officially out.

    So, the basic strategy is to try and open with Xerneas (that would be the regular one recently revealed) and allow it to "go down swinging" to accelerate basic Fairy Energy cards to your field while also hopefully soaking the first few attacks your opponent can perform; don't be afraid to be down a Prize or two unless you know something else about the opponent's deck will make it a particularly painful match-up. Aromatisse allows you to move all that accelerated Energy around. The 1-1 Slurpuff line seems strange, but given the deck focus I didn't want to be running Special Energy cards and Virizion EX just to prevent Hypnobank aided KOs.

    Hard Charm and Max Potion ideally (...that sounds scary, I know) soak damage. It takes a lot of work to make Xerneas EX a OHKO machine, so instead this deck is trying to make it durable enough to be a 2HKO machine. Its first attack (Break Through) does manage 30 points of Bench damage alongside 60 to the Active; pretty bad as the deck isn't able to take advantage of its slightly friendlier Energy cost (when compared to Darkrai EX and its Night Spear), but enough to set-up for X-Blast to finish something else off while softening up another target. If I had room, I would love to have Double Colorless Energy in here as it works with both attacks belonging Xerneas EX but nothing else uses it well enough. Tempted to design another deck skipping the Bench-sitters to see if the two Xerneas work well enough together.

    Everything else is me just trying to set-up, save a few obvious counters; Tool Scrapper to restore Abilities at least for a turn, a single Red Card in the hopes of either a lucky open or a so that I have at least a chance of still messing with my opponent's hand after a Professor Sycamore (aesthetic decision of Professor Juniper). Frozen City is hopefully a surprise means of bumping damage, at least when it holds; with Bench sitters so small and Energy moving as an option, how often will placing two damage counters on a Bench-sitter that is still a OHKO if forced Active or a 3HKO for your typical 30 points of Bench damage going to cost me the game compared to... well not too often will it turn X-Blast into a OHKO, but it mostly was meant to annoy Deluge decks.

    I've got so little recent general gameplay experience even if not one of the areas I tend to need the most help is finding that Trainer Engine that gets everything else flowing, so I realize my Supporters and Items geared towards set-up are likely terrible.