DP-RR AMU (Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie)

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  1. baby_mario

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You think TDK is expensive? Pfff . . . what do you know? 200 damage per turn costs money.

    2 Azelf MA
    1 Azelf MT
    1 Azelf LV X
    2 Mesprit LA
    2 Mesprit LV X
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Uxie MT
    1 Uxie LV X
    2 Eevee MD (CFF)
    2 Leafeon MD (Leaf Guard)
    2 Leafeon LV X
    1 Mewtwo MD
    1 Mewtwo LV X

    4 Bebe's Search
    4 Roseanne's Research
    3 Cynthia's Feelings
    4 Premier Ball
    3 Energy Switch
    4 Warp Point
    2 Night Maintenance
    2 Time-Space Distortion

    4 Call
    2 Grass
    8 Psychic
  2. coolestman22

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    I remember this deck. It seems like you would need to play more than 8 Psychic Energy in order to attach two per turn, but I don't know how the deck plays so I'm sure 8 is fine.
  3. Datwombat

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    I played this deck conpetitively for as long as it lived, and to this day was one of my favorite decks ever, but ive gotta say your list took a cmpletely different direction than mine.
  4. baby_mario

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    This isn't a typical list to be fair. This is the ultimate luxury version which was designed to intimidate opponents with your overwhelming wealth. Leafeon LV X is a $25 card even now, years after it rotated.

    I did actually play it a couple of times though.
  5. HighShroomish

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    Say waaa! I have like, five Leafeon LV X in perfect condition!! Wha... I wasn't even playing back then. I just liked the cards for the cool pictures...
    EDIT: I have three, but still...
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  6. SoldiersSpirit

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    What's a "typical" list for this deck? I'm interested in building it since I missed out this format :(
  7. baby_mario

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    The deck went through quite a few different phases, from the early DP-LA versions to the post SP lists.

    I guess this would be fairly typical

    2 Mesprit LA
    2 Mesprit LV X
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Uxie MT
    1 Uxie LV X
    2 Azelf MT
    1 Azelf LA
    1 Azelf LV X
    1 Mewtwo MD (or Dialga G)
    1 Mewtwo LV X (or Dialga G LV X)
    1 Palkia DP
    1 Palkia LV X
    3 Unown G
    = 19

    4 Roseanne
    3 Prof Oak's Visit
    4 Premier Ball
    4 Level Max
    4 Energy Pickup
    3 Switch
    2 Time-Space Distortion (or Night Maintenance if you didn't have TSD)
    1 Lux Ball
    2 Snowpoint Temple

    14 Psychic
  8. Datwombat

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    That list looks a lot closer to mine compared to the OP. This is bringing back memories oh man.
  9. blargh257

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    At my first tournament there was a guy playing this, but he stated that most of his LVL X's were Japanese.
    Looking back it seems like cheating.
    But yeah, 200 for two P is good in any format, and that was no exception.
  10. I remember this deck. It was cute and all, But getting out all those Lv.Xs just to do 200 in a format where HP wasn't even that high and there weren't EXs seemed like a little too much. Regardless, it was a fun deck, and I'm glad I still have the trio.:)
  11. baby_mario

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    In those days all foreign language cards were legal. Some people liked to have complete Japanese decks.

    There were howls of protest when TPCi banned foreign cards and in fact they modified their decision and allowed you to play 10% foreign cards for the rest of the season as there were people who bought them in good faith, fully expecting them to be legal.

    At the time, most people seemed to feel it was an awful decision and a 'money grab' on the part of TPCi. Looking back, it was probably the right thing for them to do. In the new, simplified, world of Pokemon, you don't really want people turning up to play with a binder full of print out translations. Especially as there were people abusing that system.