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    I am confused on how the rating and rankings are done on, it does not make sense to me. My son has been in third place for awhile now in the state we are in, and has been trying to get closer to second place by doing multiple state tournoments. I just looked at the standings on after this weekend, and the kid in first stayed in first, the kid in second was bumped into fourth, my son remains in third and there is now a new kid that had no ranking whatsoever before in second place? The kid in first has 23 player points and 40 championship points, the new kid in second that had no rating at all before has 4 player points and 8 championship points, my son that's still listed in third has 18 player points and 24 championship points and the kid that was in second that's somehow now in fourth has 27 player points and 34 championship points. From what I found out about the kid that was never on the list at all before, it was his first time playing a tournoment, and he came in second at states and got 4 player points and 8 championship points. I dont understand how somebody that was never even in the top thousand before, would suddenly be ranked number two in the state because of only one tournoment? If they rank everybody by the "rating" numbers, then you could in theroy play one tournoment that goes ten rounds without a loss and be number one in your state. If you were to play this one tournoment and win ten rounds, you could then sit out the year with a really high 1700.00 player rating and nobody would come close to touching you playing all season. I dont understand the whole thing, so if there is somebody out there that knows how this works please respond.
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    Ok, I'll try and explain.

    There are 3 kinds of rankings/points.

    1. Play!Points

    You get these just for participating. You need a certain amount (10, I think) to enter Nationals). Once you have that, they don't matter.

    2. ELO ranking.

    This is the '1700.00' number. This used to be how Worlds invites were decided. If you win a game, your ELO ranking goes up, if you lose it goes down. The amount depends on the ELO ranking of your opponent, and the size of the tournament (States gives you a lot more than Battle Roads, for example). If you beat someone with a much higher ranking, you get a ton of points. Yes that means it is possible to blitz a couple of tournies and get a very high rating. This is one of the reasons why the system changed this year.

    3. Championship Points

    These are what matters for Worlds invites (ELO is only used as a tie breaker). A player getting a huge ELO boost from one tournament is irrelevant. They won't have the CPs for it to matter.

    So . . . in short, don't worry about the ELO at all. In fact, my advice is not to get too hung up about who is ranked where at all. The only thing that matters is CPs if you are trying to get a Worlds invite.
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    As always you are "the man" with the answers I was looking for, it's confusing looking at it in the way that they post it. My son was really hoping to see his move into secon place, but he's more than safe keeping the steady third spot with 24 championship points for any invite's. I think that he thought there woul be prizes mailed to the first, second and third place finesers, so he figured second place for the state would get more or somthing. I will try to explain the whole thing to him today, so he understands better
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    Did he get 2nd in States? Because it meant the 1st, 2nd and 3rd finishers in the Tourney, not the 3 players wilth the highest ELO ranking, I think.