Article Draft: The EX Factor, The risks and advantages when playing EXs

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    EXs for a while now have been used in every deck in the format in the form of Mewtwo EX. Is it really worth the prize exchange? Are the EXs that important?

    The Advantages of Playing EXs

    Huge HP

    It's obvious. Every EX EXcept (see what i did there?) Shaymin EX has a huge amount of HP. If you add Eviolite to that, it would increase the overall HP of the Pokemon by negating 20 damage for each attack you are dealt. This massive HP makes EXs very hard to kill.

    Huge Damage Output

    There's Mewtwo with his X-Ball, Reshiram with Brave Fire, Zekrom with Strong Volt, Shaymin with Revenge Blast, and Regigigas with Raging Hammer. All have one thing in common, with an exception of Kyurem - they all can swing for 150 above. Eviolited high HP basics can no longer stand this. Terrakion, Kyurem, Reshiram, Zekrom, any of those HP beasts that used to tank can no longer thrive when the EXs hit the board.

    They are Basic

    All of the EX Pokemon, as you already know, are basic Pokemon. Meaning they can be searched by Pokemon Collector, Dual Ball, and other search cards and attacks that find basic pokemon. This also means they are splashable.

    Now we go to:

    The Disadvantages of Playing EXs

    Double Prize Rule

    When an EX is knocked out, your opponent takes 2 prize cards. Isn't that annoying? You just got your Regigigas EX OHKO'd by a Terrakion. That's really unfair in the prize trade. This rule just ruins EX Pokemon when a Pokemon used to counter them comes to play, there's hardly no stopping it from KO'ing your EX.

    Attack Cost

    Look at that, 2 Lightning and 2 Colorless for 150 in Zekrom and the exact same damage for 2 Fire and 2 Colorless in Reshiram, isn't that heavy considering Mewtwo in the format and the energy you waste on the EXs? While this may only be a minor problem, it can make you lose a game as well. My cousin ran to a situation like this once when he was using Regigigas EX in his active with 4 energies attached to it while I had a Mewtwo EX and 2 more prizes to take. I powered up my Mewtwo and KO'd Regigigas.

    So, before you play EXs, think about it, do you really want to lose in a Mewtwo war? That's why you are running 3 Mewtwo? Although it may be standard in CMT, you can always use a spam. What do I mean by spam? It's like this, you power up one of your non-EX Pokemon to deal damage to your opponents Mewtwo EX, then they revenge KO you right? You then promote the same or another kind of attacker that can hit for the remaining amount of HP Mewtwo EX has left. In the prize cards, you have taken 2 and your opponent has only taken 1.

    Analyzing this my Zekrom Eelektrik list would be like


    3 Eelektrik
    3 30HP Tynamo
    4 Zekrom
    4 Split of Zekrom EX and Mewtwo EX
    2 Zapdos
    1 Terrakion

    Energy: 16

    9 Lightning
    4 DCE
    3 Fighting

    T/S/S: 26

    3 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Level Ball
    4 Junk Arm
    2 PlusPower
    2 Switch
    3 Dual Ball

    3 N
    3 PONT
    4 Juniper

    I think you're all surprised why I'm not running Sage's Training. I personally don't like the card it sacrifices a lot of your resources while wasting a supporter for the turn.

    Well that concludes my article draft pls comment on it but please don't be rude. Tell me what I should add and stuff like that.

    *Pls delete this, it's less than 1000 words
  2. Your list needs a lot of work. 4 Zekrom? No Thundurus? Zapdos and Terrakion? 3 Tynamo? No Tyrogue? 3 Catcher and Dual Ball? 10 Draw Supporters? 16 Energy?

    Also, it's a bit late to go over the pros and cons of EXs.

    And it's very short.
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    pkmn that's when I won nats

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