Article Request Thread

Discussion in 'SixPrizes Stuff' started by DylanBryan, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. skymoon

    skymoon Member

    a article on dialgachomp and go into deateal on the match ups
  2. Wingullz

    Wingullz New Member

    A Magnezone deck analysis talking about different match-ups would be awesome!
  3. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    i would love crobat deck idea cause i got like 5 of dem cause sometime when im lucky this new leagure that i go to once a month has primes for 25 cents they also have a deal saying buy a deckbox fo pokemon and for 5 dollars they will let me stuff the box with pokemon cards and let me choose dem and my dad gave me three so two from store and three from dad = 5

    enough of that i also would like possible decks of B&W soi know what to look for i know i started to look into that healing/moving/attacking for two energies that is the 2 stage of snivy
  4. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    crobat prime
  5. kennykh93

    kennykh93 New Member

    arceus lv.x 94
  6. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    oh crobat with crobat g with ditto tm and seeker nothing can stand 40 damage a turn and then bench kill its like 2 attacks a turn and not stoping its like uxie donk with the mewtwo unable to say anything try that then pm me to say it works or not
  7. offendo

    offendo Member

    Could you do one on uxie/uxie lv x???? This is one of my favorite cards and i want to know what people think of it.:biggrin::biggrin:
  8. HitmonRyan

    HitmonRyan Guest

    I would like to see Aerodactyl GL be reviewed please.
  9. Wingullz

    Wingullz New Member

    Rampardos PT
  10. Versilaryan

    Versilaryan Front Page Contributor

    Offendo: I'm sure that's been done to death somewhere already. I think Dakota did it, too, so it's already there.

    Lumineon SF sounds pretty neat. I'll see if I can give it a shot. ^.^
  11. The7

    The7 New Member

    I want Heatran Lv. X on the COTD.
  12. Jade

    Jade Member

    Tangela CoL as strong focus.

    That together with all 3 Tangrowths and 1 Lv.X in one.

  13. curtmina

    curtmina Member

    Absol Prime
  14. jwittz77

    jwittz77 New Member

    I would like a COTD of lost world. I bet it would get a lot of views.
  15. Andy45

    Andy45 Member

    I agree (because I don't even know what VS Seeker Does anyway). Most people (i.e. Dakota S., Peter Bae) usually do Pokemon, so that would be a nice change.
  16. Electabuzy

    Electabuzy New Member

    can you please do a COTD on engineer's adjustments, like about people rarely review trainers and this one works especially well with jirachi RR
  17. Elphi

    Elphi New Member

    The COTDs have been really helpful!! <3

    I'd really like to see Ampharos Prime
  18. dakotabeboys

    dakotabeboys Active Member

    Hey guys, I know that some of you have been waiting a long time for your suggestions to be reviewed, but I assure you that I haven't forgotten about any of you and will get to you eventually.