Article Submission: 1st Southeast Asia Regional Championship and deck list

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    1st Southeast Asia Regional Championship
    Hi everyone Kennard here from Singapore. Today I want to share with you my 1st Southeast Asia Regional Championship report. The event take place on the 1st and 2nd of December 2012 it’s a 2days event at Singapore Pasir Ris Elias Community Centre. Let’s start with 1 week back before the event. I was planning to play Ho-oh ex or Rayeele but after doing some research and I saw this Quad Sigilyph idea in a forum. In the being, I was thinking what are going to do with 4 Sigilyph in your deck? I slowly think about it. This a very good idea because now in the format most people are running ex pokemon in their decks like (Darkrai ex/ Mewtwo ex / more) there is almost no reason not play ex pokemon because they are very strong and power full cards and a lot people saying if your ex pokemon can’t attack the Sigilyph just catcher other pokemon and attack it but with only 4 Sigilyph in the deck and their ex pokemon are almost useless. So I know this is a very defensive deck and slowly attacking with Sigilyph and now I start thinking all the matchup that I may run into like non ex pokemon and how to overcome. As I know the person in the forum run Mewtwo ex in his list and which very good choice because if they use a non ex pokemon like (Keldeo/Zekrom/more) to attack your Sigilyph you can counter back with Mewtwo ex. There is other problem that I may face which is Garbodor that can stop Sigilyph abilities in this kind of match up you need to be offensive using catcher and Mewtwo ex or Sigilyph to attack but still not a good matchup. Talking about matchup this deck will auto loss to (Empoleon/Garchomp and more) which focusing more on the non ex pokemon in other hand if they focusing more on ex pokemon than I have a high chance to win some time even auto win like (Darkrai ex hammer/Drakrai ex with Mewtwo ex/ more) and now let’s start my Regional report.

    Round 1
    Lawrence from Malaysia
    (White Tea)

    In this first game of the event good news is that he only tech in two non ex pokemon in the deck. In the game he drop down a Bouffalant (Gold Breake) that I’m not that worry about it. So he slowly charge up with energy and I just keep attacking with my Sigilyph after a few hit by my Sigilyph and the Bouffalant was KO and he never bench down any non ex pokemon at that time I know the game is in my hand the end we find out his Terrakion was in prize.

    Score 1-0

    Round 2
    (Darkrai ex / Hydreigon)

    This match I know he only can attack with Hydreigon or Sableye. So I know the blend energy is very important for this game. In this match I use hammer to remove the blend energy from the pokemon and he use Sableye to junk hunt and try to set-up. I keep KO his Sableye that has one energy attached to it with Sigilyph and a plus power that why I run 4 of it in the deck. When he find out there 3 blend energy in the discard pile. He know can’t attack anymore and he scoop the game. The last blend energy was inside the prize.

    Score 2-0

    Round 3
    (Darkrai ex / Hydreigon)

    My planning to use the same trick as before using hammers to remove energy. But this time I start with Mewtwo ex, I attach a DCE to my Mewtwo ex and X-ball and by the way he only have one Deino in play. T2 I attach my 2nd DCE to Mewtwo ex because I think he never run Mewtwo ex in his deck so I just keep catcher his Deino and Sableye and X-ball all the way.

    Score 3-0

    Round 4
    Clifton Goh from Singapore
    (White Tea)

    This time I face one the most recognized guy in SG. Later I will face him again in the top cut. This match is a one side game because I have bad hand 3 energy, 1 DCE, 2 level balls, 1 Mewtwo ex to start with. After KO my Mewtwo ex and one Sigilyph with the Terrakion and I scoop there is no way I can come back.

    Score 3-1

    Round 5
    Joshua Teo from Singapore
    (Kling Klang)

    Joshua is one of my friends and I know this is a very bad match up for me because he played Terrakion and Rayquaza and others non ex pokemon and so this game is auto loss. In the game he setting up his Kling Klang round T3 and full charge up a Raquaza and start KO everything and that is the game.

    Score 3-2

    Round 6
    Elias from Singapore
    (Drakrai ex/ Mewtwo ex)

    After losing 2 games in a row and that means I can’t loss the next two games. Elias is one of the very well know as a professor and a gym leader in SG, but to bad for him because my Sigilyph can easy run over his Sableye and he has no others attacker to response to my Sigilyph and this game is my.

    Score 4-2

    Round 7
    Anselm Sim from Singapore
    (White Tea)

    His deck is almost same as Clifton using a lot of healing cards to keep the pokemon in play and hader to KO. He focusing on his Terrakion and Bouffalant and this time I have the hammer that I need and catcher up his Terrakion and attack it. From here he started healing his Terrakion and attaches eviolite on it. At that time he has a Terrakion and a Bouffalant both with eviolite, this really giving me a very hard time at that moment. Luck for I got the tool scrapper to take away the eviolite. Coming to the end he is running out of heal cards and decking out soon because he keep play draw supporter to get the cards need to catch up with me. At the end he scoop and we find in his prizes there is a lot good stuff in side like gold potion and others, when he need during that time.

    Score 5-2

    My placing was 11 so I make into the top 16 cut

    Day 2
    Top 16
    Yee Wei from Malaysia
    (Drakrai ex/ Keldeo ex/Hammer time)

    This match is almost auto win because he only can attack with Sableye. So first thing came into my mind is the Sableye need 9T to KO a Sigilyph and I need to do is retreat and send out with other Sigilyph.

    Game 1
    I start with Sigilyph and I attach energy and waiting for him to miss his hammer. After using a few hammer and he use Sableye to junk hunt to take back 2 hammer, so I play down a N and make him shuffle his hammer into his deck and hope he miss it. Yes this time he drew the hammer that he needed but missed the coin flip. Now I have one Sigilyph with a psychic energy. I attach a DCE to Sigilyph and play down a plus power and go for the KO. From here I just wait for the right time to attack or play N. The next Sableye when he missed the hammer again. I think after the 2nd Sableye was KO, he when down 2 prizes and he scoop to save time for game 2.

    Score 1-0

    Game 2
    Sorry this game is almost the same as game 1. I stick to my plan but the only difference is he took 2 prizes before I took any prize card because I start with Mewtwo ex.

    Score 2-0

    Top 8
    Christian Paul form Philippines
    (White Tea)
    Game 1 & 2

    This game I think my opponent was surprised by the quad Sigilyph. He looked like, he is not very sure how to counter or response to it and he makes some small miss play during that time. I have both games in hand and move up to top 4.

    Score 2-0

    Top 4
    Jit Min from Singapore
    (White Tea)

    Jit Min is one of my friend and he is a very skilful player most the SG player know it. He is one of the guys that do very in every season and last season he got his invite to worlds. In this game we played very relax and fun.

    Game 1
    The only attacker he play down in this game is a Bouffalant so nothing mach about this game. Sorry Jit Min.

    Score 1-0

    Game 2
    This time he played down a Terrakion the store will be difference from just now. We keep attaching energy to our pokemon and I try to use my hammer to remove the energy from Terrakion but I missed. Then I go with catcher and attack his Terrakion make it softer and easy to KO later. He keeps using potion and SSU to heal his Terrakion. Very soon, I’m running out of catcher After all healing he send out his full Hp Terrakion with 3energy and there is nothing I can response to it and two of my Sigilyph was inside prize and I so scoop the game.

    Score 1-1

    Game 3
    In game 3 I can’t remember that much. I know, I got good flip in hammer and remove the 2energy cards at one time than I start to catcher and tool scrapper away the eviolite from Terrakion and attack it. I’m not very sure what he missed at that time a potion or switch I can’t recall. The last thing that I can remember is that he have around 50damage on the active Terrakion with 2energy. I have a small hand, I drop down a Mewtwo ex attach DCE and retreat my Sigilyph and X-ball KO the Terrakion. And he scoop the game because I think he never run super rod in the deck and Bouffalant not strong enough to one hit KO my Sigilyph and Mewtwo ex.

    Score 2-1

    Clifton Goh from Singapore
    (White Tea)

    Clifton is also my friend and our gym leader without him giving me tips and I don’t think I can make so far. He is a very strong, smart, skilful and hard working player that why he was so successful in the game. He also got his invite to worlds last season and he make to top 16 along with Xavier Chua.

    Game 1
    Game 1 is a fast game he opened a Terrakion slowly attach with energy and I doing the same thing to my Sigilyph. This time I can’t draw into my hammer and I missed a few. He just ran through all the Sigilyph and I scoop the game.

    Score 0-1

    Game 2
    I can’t remember much about this game. The only thing that I can recall is he got a Terrakion with 3 energy only because of my hammer and I think I have 2 or 3 Sigilpyh that can attack and one with eviolite and make the Terrakion can’t one hit KO my Sigilyph. So he scoop

    Score 1-1

    Game 3
    Once again sorry can’t recall that much, I know near end game he have a Terrakion with 3energy and I have 2 Sigilyph one in active with 3 energy. So I catcher up this Terrakion attack and the pokemon left with 60 HP. After that he catcher my Sigilyph with no energy and then he played an N and he drew 5 cards because he KO one of my Sigilyph in the early on and I drew in 6. At this moment I guess he hoping to get a potion or SSU to prevent his Terrakion getting KO but unlucky for him he never draw into it and he scoop. At the end I show him even he get the potion he needed. I can play down Skyarrow Bridge and retreat my sigilyph, play down Mewtwo ex and computer search for DEC and X-ball for KO. If he runs gold potion or max potion and he draw it that will be a big difference.

    Score 2-1

    In this event I fight 6 white Tea, 4 Drakrai ex variants and 1 Kling Klang and luckly never face any Empoleon or Garchomp in this event.

    From here you all can see how skilful all player form top cut. Even they have a bad matchup and they still can overcome the odds and put up a good fight. If you talking about playing skill I’m not even close to them this is how I feel about it.

    Deck list

    Here I want to share my deck list with all of you. Because I think, tricks can’t show twice.

    Pokemon: 6

    4 - Sigilyph – DRX
    2 - Mewtwo EX

    Trainers: 26

    4 - Pokemon Catcher
    4 - Crushing Hammer
    3 - Level Ball
    2 - Eviolite
    4 – PlusPower
    3 - Enhanced Hammer
    2 - Super Rod
    2 - Tool Scrapper
    1 - Ultra ball
    1 – Computer search

    Supporters: 14

    4 - Professor Juniper
    4 - N
    4 - Cheren
    2 - Skyla


    2 - Skyarrow Bridge


    Psychic energy - 8
    DCE - 4

    • Try not to add others pokemon into it because they can catcher up KO the pokemon. This is just my opinion.
    • Mewtwo ex can just run one or two this is up to you
    • I prefer Cheren More than Bianca because think in this deck you don't want to wast your resource like cather and plus power and more
    I hope you all enjoy my 1st report after a 4 to 5 month break from the game this is the best come back for me and this is my first time top cut and winning an event. I guess I’m just lucky because there are so many good players in the event and all my friends play testing very hard. In this event I have learn a lot of thing like playing the right cards and deck in an event. And we came to the end of my report and I want to thanks Clifton, Jit Min, Joshua, Xavier, Jackson and the rest. I wish all of you all the best and good bye.
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    Nice article, although since english isn't your first language (it seems), it could use alot of editing to get the grammar in order, and i mean alot, some of the sentence structure is quite poor but as i said, this is not your fault :). But it terms of content, very nice.
  3. arcanyx

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    Hey Kennard, congratulations on your win. No one would have expected Quad Sigi to even feature that day but it was one great meta-call. Nice to see you writing up an article for the FP. I think with some editing it'll be just right, and I do hope the eventual editor ensures the context of your article is well preserved. Other than that, congrats once again on your accomplishment!
  4. baby_mario

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    Congrats on winning with a deck that takes guts to play.

    Very nice report too. Although English isn't your first language, I never had problems understanding the article.

    That is good advice.
  5. Papa_Mash

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    Congratulations on the win and what turned out to be a great meta call. As far as grammar, etc., I will take substance over form any day. Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks for all the comments, i will try my best to edit my report again. By the way how to get approve ?????
  7. Adam

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    You're approved. I emailed you with instructions on how to submit to the front page.
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    And I can help with your Engrish, lol.

    Still feeling very disheartened on that loss in round 6. It's okay, there's Cities next month, I'll take my revenge then ;)
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    Congrats on the win, props for playing an epic deck.
  10. tgzk

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    Thanks a lot. Sure you can have your revenge because this time I'm just lucky :)
  11. ChampBuster

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    Amazing story that this deck would even make it to the top cut and go on to win it all. I'm glad that pokemon still has the ability to amaze me. Congratz Kennard.
  12. Duce

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    well done on your win, nice to see something different winning an event. :)