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    Now I should pre-warn people, I made this deck on half an hour of sleep. I want it to work better then it does and don't have much exp. making plasma tool box decks, I tested it against keldeo/blastoise/kyurem and won to my surprise, I just managed to setup faster and better twice and sweeped (maybe its the deck, but I think it was more on how good my opponent was, the victory felt shallow).

    3 articuno Ex
    3 buffolant DEX
    1 keldeo EX promo
    1 lugia EX (i'm thinking about teching in mewtwo instead for the matchup, people still like to play it in my area)

    8 water
    4 plasma
    4 DCE

    T/s/S (I am not proud of this list at all, but it works, really well)
    2 juiper
    4 N
    2 bicycle
    2 cheren
    2 skyla
    3 ultra ball
    3 HTL
    2 RR
    2 catcher
    1 super rod
    1 eviolite
    3 switch
    4 colress machine
    1 scramble switch
    3 plasma frigate
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    Competitive Forum is for decks that have had some level of success (as per the rules), not for decks built on half hour of sleep and played once.
  3. yoyos

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    Sorry about that.
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    i don't know why you'd want to run plasma frigate as i don't see your EXs having a big problem with their weakness currently (unless you're in a plasmaklang area). seems like your deck will run into energy drought issues if you're not really consistently pulling the dces and colress machines. your supporter line seems kind of all over the place too, but sometimes that works for people.
  5. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    I play in an area with alot of landorus and darkrai, I was just thinking of being able to punch them in the face with articuno then e.switch and finish the deal with buffolant, or wait until the team plasma badge comes out get a turn 1 buffolant and deal heavy dmg to genie decks (plasma frigate was more for buffolant so he doesn't take the 40 dmg from hammer head and instead its 10). The energy drought issue you're mentioning I did notice but haven't been able to figure out yet (like I'll get 2 energy on articuno turn 1 but no turn 1 blizzard), do you have any suggestions I could use to help me out?
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    3 Articuno EX
    3 Buffalant DRX
    1 Keldeo EX?
    1 lugia EX i dont think Lugia is a bad idea, i just think he take up to many of your decks resources, i agree that a Mewtwo EX would be much more useful

    8 water (-1?)
    4 plasma
    4 DCE

    2 juiper (+2) best supporter in the format
    4 N
    2 bicycle better in x4 or none at all
    2 cheren (+1) Bianca may be better for you, as it looks to me you empty your hand rather quickly
    2 skyla (+1)
    2 Random Receiver Skyla works wonders for colress machine, and so much other set up cards

    3 ultra ball
    3 HTL
    2 catcher (+1)
    1 super rod i would choose a 4th catcher or a 4th laser instead
    1 eviolite (+1)
    3 switch
    4 colress machine
    1 scramble switch
    1 Energy Search
    3 plasma frigate To easy to counter/play around, 2 Virbank and another Eviolite would be more useful i think
    2 Virbank City Gym
  7. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    Now that you mention it I think I'll just take out cheren and run 3 bianca instead. Thanks.