Banlist Voting U150: Muk & Miltank

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  1. HEZ

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    The frequent events this summer have allowed testing to move along quickly and reveal some potential problem cards. Rather than just ban them, we'll collect votes on this page and elsewhere. If you have experience with these cards please share your opinion!

    * To ban/save Muk (Fossil), comment with Muk ban or Muk save
    * To ban/save Miltank (Flashfire), comment Miltank ban or Miltank save
    * Otherwise say Ban Both or Ban None. Other thoughts can follow your vote.

    Muk has been a suspect for some time though it had a valuable role as a Gardevoir check. With Telepass gone, does Muk still have a role in the game or does it become oppressive?

    Miltank is a new suspect, already proving to be very powerful. The Stage 2 requirement is highly restrictive in Standard but not so much so in U150. Doing 80 for 1 on a Basic makes it one of the most efficient beaters in the format, losing you almost no momentum when it does get KO'd.

    You can also vote on the Unlimited 150 Facebook page (see below).
  2. Serperior

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    Milktank save because cows
    Muk ban because ugliness
  3. Salamencetrainer34

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    I'd post on the BBS to be honest. These forums are dying.
    Ban the cow
    Keep muk
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  4. Professor_N

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    If Muk was only a big deal to check Gardy then why is it a suspect to be banned?

    Ban Miltank, it's already pretty good with the limited "good" stage 2's we have in Standard, I don't even want to know how good it could be in different formats.
  5. HEZ

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    Telepass Gardy was easily best Pokemon card in format and Muk was one of the only things that easily said no to it. Now people are used to using Muk it's going into decks just so you can play it when you've already got the lead and make sure your opponent can't ever catch up.
  6. Otaku

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    I mentioned on the BBS that I have an interest in this, but am not voting because simply put I lack the knowledge in addition to not playing it (limited to the PTCGO now).

    Now is it a disproportional reward?

    Winning the game is about building a lead, unless we want to legitimize tactics that allow one to quickly win in one big action. If all things are equal save one person is playing Muk, can easily and reliably get it into play once s/he is winning, and through doing so create an insurmountable lead... okay, that would be good reason to ban Muk. If better players and/or better decks are doing the same thing, it may not be a problem, because you want the better overall better player/deck to win, right? Forcing a back-and-forth dynamic when both sides are clearly unequal is not a good goal.
  7. HEZ

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    There is no forcing, with 2 equally matched players especially you'll get back and forth action with 8 prizes. But when the person to get into the lead first can then slam a Muk and lock that lead into place for a long time / until the lead is unbeatable, that's the problem it causes. U150 is played 1 hour, best of 1 at tournaments, when a lead is locked into place in the first portion of the game I think it's a problem.
    In the end however, it's not just my opinion that counts but that of the whole playerbase. Currently they seem to agree as a whole with ban Muk at around 75% vs ban Miltank at ~50/50.
  8. HEZ

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    The results are in for the banlist vote!
    Muk (Fossil) is banned with a large 80% ban vote.
    Miltank (Flashfire) was a bit closer with 67% ban vote.
    This takes effect immediately. The banlist will be reviewed in Autumn.
    Thanks to everyone who contributed!
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