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    Alright, so, lemmie explain this. I last played the Pokemon TCG around 2005, with a couple friends I had around the neighborhood. Last June, while digging through my stuff, I found all of my old pokemon cards. Curious, I invited my friends over, and we battled with some old decks we had. At first, it was fun and pretty nostalgic, but after a couple weekends of battling, we were all hooked again. We bought giant boxes of 2000+ cards from people on Craigslist, some new cards, some old. We continued to battle with our decks in an unlimited format, and even created a 2x2 mode, in which we had 4 decks being played. This was fun, but eventually, we wanted to try to get competetive, so we went to the store, and bought tons of unleashed and undaunted packs. Howerever, we stuck with the unlimited format. Last week though, we noticed there was a battle roads in our town on October 10th, so we all got excited, and then disappointed when we realized all of our decks would no longer be legal. We also were a bit nervous, because when we came back to playing, we didn't actually read the rulebook, we just went off of what we could remember. So, if someone could:

    1) Explain the format used. What sets are legal, and what sets are illegal?
    2) Try to explain the nature of competitive battling in tournaments. Any rules, common courtesies, or anything else we might need to know. I know I read something about a time limit, no idea about that though.
    3) How much does BR cost?
    4) If we all play decks within the format, but using decks not traditionally used in the metagame, how bad would we get killed? Would we even have a chance?
    5) Anything else we should know about?

    Thanks for all your help guys :p
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    1) Explain the format used. What sets are legal, and what sets are illegal?

    These sets are legal as of September:​
    HGSS Promos
    DP Promos (22 and Higher, there are numbers on the right corner)
    HeartGold/SoulSilver: Undaunted
    HeartGold/SoulSilver: Unleashed
    Platinum: Arceus
    Platinum: Supreme Victors
    Platinum: Rising Rivals
    Diamond and Pearl: Stormfront
    Diamond and Pearl: Legends Awakened
    Diamond and Pearl: Majestic Dawn

    Some older cards are legal past these sets: See HERE for those cards.

    If you have a whole bunch of cards and want to know what cards are what, look at the right corners. For symbols look HERE.

    2) Try to explain the nature of competitive battling in tournaments. Any rules, common courtesies, or anything else we might need to know. I know I read something about a time limit, no idea about that though.

    There is too much to explain here. The best place to look is on pokemon's site HERE. The ones you need to look at are below:​

    Tournament Rules - These you need to know, just basic rules in general
    Tournament Formats - Which tourny you will be playing which is "Constructed"
    Tournament Operation Procedures - This shows you how rounds are played out.
    POP Deck Registration Form - This is the form you will be filling out once you get there for registration. You can type it up from this site HERE (under Blank Deck) and print it out, print out this one and fill it out by hand, or just do it when you get there.

    3) How much does BR cost?

    Free! All Free except for food and getting a ride there.

    4) If we all play decks within the format, but using decks not traditionally used in the metagame, how bad would we get killed? Would we even have a chance?

    There is always a chance in of winning. Battle Roads is for fun and there are so many wacky things that win them.

    5) Anything else we should know about?

    Some quick things are below:
    • Sleeves should be blank color, not transparent, if you have PreRelease sleeves (ones that say "organized play" on them and have a pokemon silhouette) you can use.
    • Bring Extra's of your sleeves 70 is a good number if you are not certain your sleeves wil be excepted.
    • NO WORLD'S CARDS! (These are cards with an autograph and silver border around them and says World's on the back.)
    • If you bring a drink, it will have to be put on the floor. Bring snacks if you go somewhere with little place to get food.
    • Have fun and make friends ^^
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    Wow, thanks a ton man :p

    I'm guessing from reading the last part that we have to have sleeves then?
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    Yep, sleeves are a must.
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    Thanks again man :D
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    I agree with most of what was said above but...

    Card sleeves are NOT a requirement at POP (or "PLAY! Pokemon") tournaments or events. Sleeves are allowed if they meet certain requirements. The sleeves must all be the same color, condition, size, texture and must cover the entire card. The fronts have to be clear with nothing obscuring the card info. The backs cannot be mirror-like or reflective so that you can see the card under it. No artwork on the sleeves except official Pokemon stuff (also must have the same color on all 4 edges...some sleeves that were given out at Worlds cannot be used because they don't meet the 4-edge rule). Head judge at tournament has last say on whether the sleeves you use will be permitted. They will tell you this at deck check.

    That said, most people will use sleeve to protect their cards but they are not required. I once popped some sleeves in a tournament and used all my extras so I unsleeved them all so I could continue (luckily I was not running any Japanese cards that day...they have different backs...this is not a problem now because you can't use the foreign cards in US tournaments anymore).
    You might want to check out this article by kwisdumb for stuff you need in general…

    Here is a website that has the tournament rules, etc.
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    Regionals in my area will not allow you to play without sleeves but according to the rules, they are not a requirement. -shurgs- So maybe it is up to the one running the event? It's always good to have them.
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    Your regionals TO was wrong. There are some areas where Pokemon gives TO's and HJ's a little discretion, but that's not one of them. If a player doesn't show up with sleeves because they aren't required per Pokemon rules, they can't be refused. Now, if a player has some cards that aren't in the best of shape and an obvious advantage will be given to a player without sleeves, that is different. But they can't require everyone to have them.

    I think Saturn covered it pretty well.

    There is a 30 minute time limit with 3 turns after time is called. As for the rest, you are better off just reading through the tournament rules. Yeah, its a lot of reading, but you only have to do it once and don't have to remember everything, that is what the TO and HJ is for.

    I'm often suprised at BR how well some people do with "random" decks. I know 2 of the top 4 decks at my BR was a Giratina/Darkrai/Crobat Prime/Drapion and a Typhlosion Prime/Houndoom Prime/Blaziken FB. But, my caveat to that is yes, you can be competitive but you have to trainers, supporters and stadiums from other sets than just the last two. Generally speaking, the last 2 sets (unleashed and undaunted) haven't really been considered very good. I'll give my quick synopsis of the legal sets:

    Undaunted: Not very good really. Has a handfull of good rares; Drifblim, Smeargle, Umbreon (not Prime), Skarmory, Weavile, and Vileplume just to name a few. The only really good Prime from the set is Scizor but even that is best as a secondary attacker. The T/S/S in this set are pretty bad. Energy Exchanger is awesome but other than that, the aren't great.

    Unleashed: Decent set I think. Many people don't thing it is that good. But, it has 3 very good Primes in Tyranitar, Steelix, and Kingdra and Corbat isn't too bad. This set also reprinted Rare Candy. In all reality, that is about all this set has to offer (sure I'm forgetting something...). But, these are all very good cards.

    HGSS: The best of the HS sets. This has many, many good cards in it to include Pokemon Communication (one of the best Trainers), Pokemon Collector (one of the best supporters), and Double Colorless Energy (if you have any from Base/Base II, you can use those). The primes are very good. Donphan Prime is actually very good. Thus far, Donphan Prime has proved to be the best Prime released across the board. It did well all last season and did pretty good at Nationals (well, many top cuts). But, Donphan, like Scizor is probably best as a tech. Blissey Prime is seeing more play lately with Steelix on the rise. This set also has Professor Oak's New Theory, another card that has been seeing a lot of play since Worlds. This set also has Ninetails, the draw engine for Charizard decks.

    Expert belt is the best thing out of this set. Gengar LvX come from here as well. The Arceus line also comes from here. Its not the best deck around but I think it will be much better this format than last and will be pretty good in the next format with SP gone. There is also the "Cursegar" from this deck which the Cursegar deck is built around. Spiritomb comes from here as well. SPiritomb is one of the most popular cards out there. Fortunately, it is about to come out as a league promo! The Charizard I mentioned earlier is in this set.

    Supreme Victors:
    The best attacker in the game is easily considered Garchomp C Lv X and it is from this set. It is also a tin promo and with some patients, these can be won on ebay for about $2 each (I have 3 I've won online for less $1.50 each out the door). Or, you can get the tin and get a four packs with it, essentially making the card free. Blaziken FB also comes from this set. When I started playing back at the beginning of this year, this was my first love....great card.

    Rising Rivals:
    The set as a whole isn't that great. It has the most sought after card in the game, Luxray Gl Lv X, but that's about it really. Infernape 4 is a pretty cool card. This set also has SP radar. Other than these, this set is pretty worthless. An honorable mention is its Eevee, the best Eevee IMO. Bebe's Search was also preprinted in here and this set has Aaron's Collection, the recovery supporter for SP.

    Probably the best set around. Unfortunately, most of the cards in this set are getting pretty expensive and only have 1 year left in the format, which means for MOST of us, through Spring BR. So, that sucks. But, this deck has 3 really good Lv X's. The first Dialga G Lv X is on one of the hottest cards around right now. Dialga had a strong showing at the beginning of the season last year and after Yuta played it in his world's winning Luxchomp and the release of Vileplume, this card has become very popular as of late and has seen a ton of play at BR. The next level x, Palkia G Lvx, has lost a lot of popularity as time goes on but is still a good play. The card has a good attack and a good lock. The last one, Shaymin LvX (land form), is pretty sought after as well. Pretty much any grass deck will run this because it gives you the opportunity to raise all grass pokemon's HP by 40. Where this set shines is its T/S/S. This is the set that has the majority of the SP Engine: Cyrus, Energy Gain, and Poke Turn. It also comes with Palmer's Contribution, one of best recovery cards in the format.

    This set has a lot of interesting cards. The best card in the set is probably Gengar. There are some very useable Level X's in here but most don't stand on their own. Luxuray ball, one of the best trainers, comes from this set. This set also has the Poke ______ + cards. All very interesting. They have amazing affects but you play 2 of them at once. This set has the Dusknoir lines, to include the Level X. Not great stand alone, but very useful in the right deck.

    Legend's Awakened:
    This is another awesome set to buy, though hard to find and expensive. This set has the lake trio: Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf. Uxie is the big one really, allowing you to do a lot of drawing. Uxie level X is another high sought after card (either first or second, depending on how you rank luxray). This is the best draw card we have right now. Azelf is a staple in a lot of decks as well. It allows you to search your prizes and pull out a pokemon of your choice and even rearrange them to how you want them. Mesprit power locks you opponent for a turn.

    Majestic Dawn:
    This set has a few good cards but is like the one sent most people don't buy. The only really highly sought after card from this deck is Call Energy. Glaceon X and Leafeon X are worth a lot but aren't really all that competitive....though they aren't bad.

    I'm sure I forgot quite a bit, so if everyone will chip in what I left off, that would be awesome!

    If are looking to buy, I think your best deals are the HS 3 packs and Garchomp C tins. HGSS 3 pack has 2 HGSS and 1 LA. Unleashed 2 packs have 2 UL and 1 SF. Undaunted has 2 UD and 1 PT. Unleashed is pretty good but I wouldn't worry too much about getting SF. Platinum is awesome but I don't much care for the Undaunted. So, the HGSS 3 pack is (I think) the best deal. Garchomp tins are cool because you get one of the best cards in the game and a few packs from all the different Platinum sets (except Arceus). As for which set I think is the best to buy right now, either Arceus or HGSS. They will both be in after the next rotation and both have good cards.

    As far as "getting killed," to be brutally honest, yes you are going to be brutally killed, but don't let it discourage you. And, its not because of you decks, its because of the meta game, you just don't understand it.If you don't what most of the competitive cards do, its hard to make a strategy against it. Just to give you an example: at my BR last week, my first round was against a guy that played the Giratina/Crobat Prime/Darkrai/Draipion deck. The point his deck to was to load up with special conditions; Darkrai puts you to sleep, Crobat Prime poisons and does 40 damage between turns, not 10, and Drapion does tripoison, that does 30 damage betweeen turn instead of 10. Since I was playing Steelix and couldn't be affected by special conditions, this should have been an autowin. Unfortunately for me, I could get my Expert belt our a Stadium in play to poison him, which hampers the amount of damage I do. Anyway, to make a long story short, Drapion isn't a card that is played very much. He has an attack that discards all special energy attached. Unfortunately, I had 4 special energy attached and since almost all of my energy is special energy, I had to hit him for 30 and sacrifice 2 cards to set up putting me down 2 prizes and needing to set up another 5 energy Steelix. What was an autowin turned into an uphill battle that I lost....and I knew Drapion had that attack. So, honestly man, you guys will probably get hammered pretty good in your first Tourny, but don't take it to heart, learn from it. See the strategies everyone uses and how the cards are paired for combos. Cities is coming up soon enough, look to be competitive in that!
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    Hey Chrataxe no mentions to Flygon or Nidoqueen in RR?Palmers Contribution is from SV and Crobat G doesn't even get mentioned it PT?Majestic Dawn what about Unown Q?Sorry if it seems like i'm banging I'm just trying to mention a few you forgot :)
  10. @ Chrataxe: I repped you because that was some seriously helpful info. However you did forget to mention a few key cards like flygon and nidoqueen like chemical mentioned I think that was some seriously insightful information!
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    HaHA! I have already seen the great thing!!!