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  1. DrkMatter

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    I need help with a Plasma TDK deck for the new format.

    4 Deoxys EX
    2 Thundurus EX
    1 Genesect EX
    4 Kyurem

    4 Professor Sycamore
    4 N
    3 Colress
    2 Skyla
    2 Shadow Triad

    3 Colress Machine
    3 Team Plasma Ball
    3 Muscle Band
    2 Escape Rope
    2 Startling Megaphone
    2 Bicycle
    2 Frozen City
    1 Ultra Ball
    1 Pal Pad
    1 Professor's Letter
    1 Dowsing Machine

    4 Plasma Energy
    4 Rainbow Energy
    5 Water Energy

    Glaceon is my Pyroar counter but I'm not sure whether to run Glaceon or Vaporeon. Glaceon gives my other Plasma Pokemon cheap retreat, but Vaporeon's attack is cheaper. Vaporeon also has 20 HP more, allowing it to survive a hit from the enemy Pyroar (unless it has muscle band)

    I'm also not sure whether to run 5 Water Energy or 3/2 Water/Lightning Energy.

    Lastly, I'm not sure whether I should run Genesects instead of Lysandre, and whether I should run 4 Kyurem instead of 3.

    Comments/Feedbacks are appreciated!
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  2. DrkMatter

    DrkMatter New Member

    Some feedback would be great!
  3. dewiktor

    dewiktor New Member

    better is Vaporeon. I dont think so that Genesect is needed in this kind of decks. It will better if you will run 2 Lysandre instead.
    Other ideas
    -1 Colress(3 is too much)
    +1 Pal pad(very good card)
    +2 Lysandra or +1 and +1 Escape Rope
    -2 Shadow Triad
    +2 bicycle or +2 roller to draw some cards.
    4 Water 1 Lighting will be useful or 3 - 2.

    Hmm i dont know what about this Vaporeon or even all this 2-2 Line of Eevee . I wont play with them.
  4. themiraclemeat

    themiraclemeat Active Member

    This is an anti-pyroar list posted in this article: http://sixprizes.com/2014/07/23/its...ionals-and-applying-it-to-the-lcq-and-worlds/

    Pokémon – 15

    3 Cubchoo PLS
    3 Beartic PLS
    3 Eevee PLF 90
    3 Umbreon PLF
    1 Leafeon PLF
    1 Suicune PLB
    1 Kyurem PLF

    Trainers – 34

    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    2 Colress
    3 Skyla
    1 Lysandre

    2 Team Plasma Ball
    2 Level Ball
    1 Ultra Ball
    4 Switch
    2 Colress Machine
    2 Muscle Band
    2 Silver Bangle
    1 Professor’s Letter
    1 Startling Megaphone
    1 Life Dew

    2 Frozen City

    Energy – 11

    5 Water
    3 Rainbow
    3 Plasma

    It has a lot of team plasma in it and if you make a hybrid of the two decks I'm sure pyroar won't give you too many problems.
  5. DrkMatter

    DrkMatter New Member

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll consider them when I modify the deck :)
  6. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    If you want to honestly play TDK, play it straight up without worrying about pyroar, if you drop 4 cards for a 2-2 tech you lose consistency for the rest of your other matchups, non-pyroar, tend to get by harder.
  7. DrkMatter

    DrkMatter New Member

    Thanks for the advice! Thing is, Plasma Glaceon works well for other matchups as well, thanks to it's ability. -2 retreat cost allows me to retreat Kyurem to the bench by giving up 1 energy. It also allows me to retreat Thundurus and Deoxys for free.

    I do see your point however. What do you suggest adding in if I remove the 2-2 tech?
  8. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    Laser bank, frozen city and lysandre dealing large dmg even with ability lock is a viable option, frozen city makes and breaks raindance matchups and they will retreat key EX's to save themselves from ko's lysandre helps. I would never drop triad it's to valuable and offers more choices with the plasma engine.

    Other then pyroar kyurem seems to be the stronger choice over glaceon, though granted it's ability is useful.
  9. FullArticuno

    FullArticuno New Member

    If you want a Pyroar counter I'd strongly recommend Leafeon. There are few situations where you wouldn't get a OHKO on a Pyroar and it's really good as another attacker. In my plasma deck I play 2 Eevee, 1 Leafeon, and 1 Espeon. I use Espeon for its first attack Psy Alert which does 20 damage (a lot more in a Plasma deck) and you draw until you have 6. Shadow ball can also do 80 to a benched garbodor, which isn't hard to finish off with a Frost Spear.

    That's just my take on it.
  10. DrkMatter

    DrkMatter New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I've tried some play testing, and true enough, the deck is a little inconsistent with Glaceon. I've made the following changes.

    -2 Eevee
    -2 Glaceon
    -1 Colress Machine

    +2 Bicycle
    +2 Frozen City
    +1 Pal Pad

    I'm having some trouble with the supporters. 4 N seems to be a little too much, considering that I take prizes quite quickly with the deck. I'm still considering Lysandre vs Genesect. Genesect takes up precious bench space and plasma energy (which strangely I find it a little hard to draw into), while Lysandre takes up supporter for a turn, and needs to be search out.

    More comments and feedback is appreciated! :)