beachless player seeks advice on blastoise

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by PokemonGeek, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. PokemonGeek

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    hi, pokemon geek here, and i seek out advice on blastoise, as i do not have 3 tropical beach, but have most other you have any tips on how i could get blastoise to work without beach?
  2. baby_mario

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    You could try it with Electrode or Delphox. Problem is that you will still need a Stadium, otherwise Plasma Lugia will just destroy Blastoise with Frozen City. Fitting in another evo line and keeping 3 Stadiums isn't easy, plus the other Stadium choices are kind of bleh. Pokemon Centre? Battle City?
  3. snscompt1

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    I went up against a few Blastoise players at Regionals who ran Battle City. Granted, it wasn't nearly as good as beach, it's only a 50/50, and both players can use it. But it definitely was better than nothing. I think it was a wise choice. baby_mario is right, Electrode would help a lot, and I've seen a couple decks run it, not specifically Blastoise though.
  4. PokemonGeek

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    maybe electrode could work, but is 4 cards really enough.if it did get run in blastoise,wouldn't he just become a counter to n?battle city could work, but a coin toss for a single card is naff
  5. ianthegamer

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    Yes 4 cards is enough...
    It works... It doesnt end your turn... and with the the new ability voltorb has its safe on the bench unless the opponent wants to take 50 damage. Delphox as well since you are already running rare candy. I use pokemon center and battle city for stadiums as well as a 1-1 electrode line
  6. baby_mario

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    People have played Electrode in Blastoise (with and without Beach). The deck needs a constant supply of card to hand (Energy/Retrieval/discard fodder), so the draw is useful. In fact countering N is useful in itself as Blastoise is probably the most vulnerable deck to late game N.

    Battle City isn't great, but it's the best option there is. Without a kickgym, one Frozen City and you're done.
  7. Professor_N

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    "If this Pokemon is your ACTIVE Pokemon..."

    So it's not doing 50 from the bench.

    Also to answer the OP, use Electrode as either a 1-1 or 2-2 as a draw power after you get your Blastoise up and running. It's really helpful to have those few extra cards. I don't like Delphox in the deck but up to you. You do need a counter stadium for Frozen City. Battle City and Pokemon Center are your only viable options - unless you think having Keldeo at 1 retreat cost is productive (Skyarrow Bridge).
  8. PokemonGeek

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    from what you are saying,i think a 1-1 electrode line with 2/3 battle city.would that be ok?or would it ruin consistency.if so, should i bump it up to 2-2?
  9. JungleBeatz

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    Quadruple Bicycle! for extra draw support.
    Or you can do 1-1 Electrode, either or
  10. Wrags23

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    I would recommend playing 2-2 Electrode, no Bicycles. I have played beachless 'Stoise for a while now and am confident that this is the best way to go. As for Stadiums, Battle City and Pokemon Center are the two best choices. I personally play 2 Battle City, but this can depend on your meta game.