Tier 3 Big Basics and Big Balloons - Landorus EX, Mewtwo EX, Drifblim

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  1. thefazn

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    True flips suck and are inconsistant at times, the risk vs the reward with crushing hammer is pretty substantial, unlike catcher, crushing hammer can literally cripple plays and unlike e hammer it kills multiple decks at the same time
  2. Salamencetrainer34

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    If you are running crushing hammer on darkrai, remember, dark patch.
  3. thefazn

    thefazn Cool Story Brah!!!

    Yes yes, but that dark patch may not do what they want epecially if sableye is their active pokemon and you hammer off it's dark, but chances are that darkrai will be the BDIF after november 8th
  4. yoyos

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    We have always had e hammer with crushing hammer, until 2 months ago.
  5. Wrags23

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    And, a lot of Hammertime decks ran two Enhanced and 4 Crushing.
  6. JAM

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    Just and update on this. I ended up dropping the Garbodor line completely in favor of consistency before Houston Regionals. Here are the cards I added in place of those four cards:

    + 1 Landorus EX
    + 1 Catcher
    + 1 Laser
    + 1 Energy Search

    My reasoning was instead of trying to be prepared for everything I would concentrate on the two match-ups I thought would be the most important. Darkrai and Plasma. It ended up working out pretty well although I did make a couple misplays that may have cost me a chance at day two. With that said, I was happy with my deck choice and my call on the meta-game. I didn't run into Blastoise in 9 rounds of swiss and I played Darkrai and Plasma twice each. I also ran into 3 Big Basics mirrors. The other two decks I played were Virizion/Mewtwo and Flareon/Drifblim.

    Results: 5-3-1(#52/249)
  7. otter

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    i need some advices how to win against the plasma deck.. recently I buy the cards for the big basic but with tornadus ex, not garbodor...

    3 landorus ex
    3 mewtwo ex
    3 tornadus ex
    2 bouffalant
    1 terrakion

    so... pls if someone now how can I do, it will be really nice.. is too complicated against the plasma deck, even more difficult than blastoise..
  8. SamSoldier

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    If you don't want to use Garbodor, your only chance against Blastoise is Frozen City.
    Against plasma you could put some Enhaced Hammers, or use Drifiblim =P
  9. Doubleaintx

    Doubleaintx New Member

    I think I played you around round 5
    I believe I win 2-0
    I ran big basics garb
    Had pink sleeves we sat right near the stage
  10. JAM

    JAM Consistency > Techs

    Round 5 I played Cobalion/Landorus/Haxorus. Didn't play any Big Basics Garb all day. I had Pikachu Sleeves. I also won all my matches against decks with Landorus. Lost to Darkrai(misplayed, may not have mattered), Virizion Mewtwo(Bad misplay, definitely mattered), and Flareon(Got rolled by Drifblim DRX).
  11. Doubleaintx

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    ^ aight never mind then
    I finished 61st in Houston
  12. Rogue_Master24

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    What do you make of this deck in this format? Does it need new Big Basics? :p
  13. JAM

    JAM Consistency > Techs

    Not sure it really has a place in this format, but as always it really depends on the meta-game. If you are seeing lots of Darkrai and Plasma then it is a solid deck choice.