League/Fun Bioster's Round Deck (Seismitoad NVI, Wigglytuff NDE)

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  1. Bioster

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    Hey guys this is a Round deck I am working on:

    Pokemon - 19

    4 Seismitoad NVI
    3 Palpitoad NVI
    4 Tympole NVI
    4 Wigglytuff NDE
    4 Jigglypuff NDE

    Trainer/Supporter/Stadium - 29

    4 Pokemon Collector
    3 N
    4 PONT
    4 Level Ball
    3 Heavy Ball
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Junk Arm
    2 Rare Candy
    2 Rocky Helmet
    1 Super Rod

    Energy - 11

    4 Double Colorless Energy
    2 Rescue Energy
    5 Water Energy

    This list has ran smooth so far and I am thinking about putting Mew Prime tech so I can beat Mewtwo EX.
    If you like the idea plz comment below.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Bioster

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    Somebody plz reply to me.
  3. InfinityMinusOne

    InfinityMinusOne Has a tendency to exist

    Looks like a really fun deck to play. I myself have never played or played against deck like this before, soI can't help that much... I'd definitely run at least one or two Mew Prime to counter Mewtwo Ex, but that would require a Prism Energy or something of the like, making the deck a bit more clunky. Mewtwo Ex would fit perfectly, what with the number of DCE's you already run. And four draw supporters seems to be a little too low. I'd take out the three Great Balls and add in something like PONT or N.

    Mew EX would be the ultimate to play in this deck when it comes out, along with some Eviolite and Prism Energys. But I've heard that that's not being released until the Fall set, so until then, Mew Prime or Mewtwo EX should do well.
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  4. Bioster

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    Thanks for the reply
  5. TomTitTot

    TomTitTot New Member

    After just a glance? Way too little draw support, I play a minimum of 8 draw supporters, 4 Heavy Balls is overkill, Collector is fairly unnecessary if you're going to run a ball engine - sub those out for Dual Ball - and Rescue Energy is nice in theory, but since they can just Catcher around it and hit your ability to dish out damage that way, it's not as good as one might hope.
  6. ZodiacLion

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    You need super rods so you can recover. I ran 2 in my build. It was very helpful. Also, you can cut your palpitoad down to 2 or 3 For more space.
  7. InfinityMinusOne

    InfinityMinusOne Has a tendency to exist

    Hope you made your deck in time! Good luck at States (If you're join. If not, then good luck with your deck!)
  8. Bioster

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    I wrote this after States already. But I went to States with a different deck!
  9. Bioster

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    This deck is meant to KILL Exs and it can do up to 180 damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. sonicboom

    sonicboom number 1# treecko fan

    you should add some cherens or cilans
  11. Bioster

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    why is that? it runs pretty well without energy problems
  12. InfinityMinusOne

    InfinityMinusOne Has a tendency to exist

    Q: Why do you run Mew Prime? If you want more Round-ers in Mew Prime, you might want to invest more in Mew Prime than 1 Mew and 1 Prism energy (BTW, Prism energy won't be used specifically used for any non-mew Pokemon and has a certain chance of being removed from the field via Lost Remover vs. the 50-50 shot of Crushing hammer removing a basic energy. In short, you'd might as well run a psychic energy instead of Prism, provided you decide to go that route)
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  13. Bioster

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    I like the idea
  14. beboppokedad

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    did someone mention taking out a palpitoad or two? seems like you could use a better starter, like smeargle. if you run mew prime you need someone to get a pokemon lost zoned (absol or relicanth). i wouldn't run mew prime myself. you have trouble with all ex's besides reshiram anyways. i would run N instead of Juniper as you'll be playing from behind a lot anyways. twins wouldn't be bad either when you reduce your level and heavy balls.
  15. Jinpachi

    Jinpachi Member

    Wait, you're using 4 Juniper and 3 PONT? And no Cheren?? What's wrong with you? o__o

    I advise you to purify your deck and free it from Juniper. Add one more PONT, and 3 N, IMO. Also, I don't know if Mew Prime would be so interesting in this deck, since it doesn't have the Round attack, which makes it useless when it's in bench and making the maximum damage caused by your Seismitoad be 150 instead of 180.

    Instead of Mew and Prism Energy, you can add a Super Rod and another Rescue Energy, or a N, or two Super Rod - that can helps a lot if you lose a Seismitoad, for example.
  16. InfinityMinusOne

    InfinityMinusOne Has a tendency to exist

    There's Jinpachi, on his noble quest to eradicate Juniper in decks far and wide... but CHEREN??????? I'm sorry to say, but only people who have a choice between Bianca and Cheren would choose Cheren - almost every other Draw support is good. Though I do think that N might be a decent addition to the deck.
  17. Jinpachi

    Jinpachi Member

    Ok, ok, I understand that Cheren isn't the BEST DRAW SUPPORT IN THE WORLD, but in my advices, I suggested N before Cheren! I agree with you that's N work better in this deck.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I will do that, I'll eradicate Juniper, and will be the end of the world as you know it, like when Chris Jericho returned!
  18. Bioster

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    Ok i'll take out the juniper and Mew line
  19. Jinpachi

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    I still miss a Super Rod to bring back a possible dead Seismitoad, but I think the decklist already improved a bit. You can put the Super Rod in place of one of Palpitoads, for example. 4-3-4 Seismitoad still works very well, especially with the use of two Rare Candies. You should try.
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  20. Bioster

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    Alright sounds good to me, here I'll change it.