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    Yay for report dumping.
    Regionals: 0-0-15
    LCs: 15-15-12-12-10-10
    Cities: 0-0-0
    United States Nationals: 80


    I used Speed Darkrai. This is the list.

    3 Darkrai Ex

    2 Sableye

    1 Absol

    1 Keldeo EX

    1 Mr. Mime

    4 Professor Juniper

    4 N

    1 Colress

    2 Random Receiver

    2 Bicycle

    4 Ultra Ball

    4 Dark Patch

    4 Pokemon Catcher

    4 Hypnotoxic Laser

    3 Dark Claw

    3 Float Stone

    2 Virbank City Gym

    2 Energy Search

    1 Enhanced Hammer

    1 Tool Scrapper

    1 Computer Search

    10 Darkness Energy

    8 rounds T8, 227 people.

    R1 vs Virizion EX/Bouffalant/Silver Bangle.

    Once I figured out what I was playing against, I was stressed about this matchup. His job is to do 180 with Bangle, Laser, and Bouffalant and not have me be able to recover back. However, he couldn’t set this up and lost games 1 and 3.


    Round 2 vs Inoperable counter deck.

    It didn’t work.


    Round 3 vs Victini EX/Terrakion EX

    Another bad rogue matchup. I win game 1, he wins Game 2. Game 3, I’ve put down enough damage to the point where I could Catcher a Terrakion EX to take a double KO and win. However, I need the Dark Patch to energize a Darkrai. I have the Juniper, and thinking I have to gamble draw my card.

    Dark Patch. I win.


    Round 4 vs Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Lugia EX

    Game 1 I misplay away. Game 2 he draws incredibly well.


    Round 5 vs Darkrai Garbodor

    He never had a chance.


    Round 6 vs ?

    I lost.


    Round 7 vs Genesect.

    I am angry about this match. Why? I win game 1, misplay away game 2, and then they forget to call time for like 20 minutes. In that time I lose game 3. Ugh.


    Round 8 vs Genesect.

    G-Booster is OP.


    This result was poor in my opinion since I misplayed a lot and could have done better. Oh well.

    [spoiler=Pleasanton League Challenge Blue Flight]
    For the League Challenge I ran the same decklist as for Regionals.

    Round 1 vs Plasma (Chase Moloney)

    I T1 Night Spear and he can’t come back.


    Round 2 vs Darkrai Garb

    I T1 AGAIN and donk him.


    So, that was unexpected… If you’re saying “LUCKSACK,” this is not as true for the next games.

    Round 3 vs Plasma.

    He claims he dead drew, but that sounds like a poor excuse given that this game was very close. In reality, Helix Forces and my whiff of Virbank allowed Deoxys and Frozen City to push me to near breaking-point. The game comes down to the final turn. I have the energy and the Laser, as well as a Dark Claw on my Darkrai with 30 HP left. I also have two prizes left on the board. He has a Deoxys with 140 HP left, ready to Helix Force for game should I whiff what I need. I also have the Juniper, and other cards including an Ultra Ball. I use the Ultra Ball to search my deck to see how many outs and how many cards I have. I have 2 outs in 10 cards, and play everything, hitting the Virbank on the Juniper and attacking for game.


    Round 4 vs Genesect.

    G-Booster is broken, yadda yadda yadda, I get 6-0’d.


    Round 5 vs Darkrai/Garbodor

    I can’t remember much about this game except that it was very close and I won.


    Round 6 vs Darkrai/Garbodor

    What I remember about this game is the final two turns. I have a Darkrai on the bench with 20 HP left, but I also have Bench Barrier Mime, a Keldeo with Float Stone, and an energized Sableye. He has two Darkrai, one fully energized, and one with two energy. I am given a choice: play Laser, hope for the flip, and attack with my fully powered Darkrai, or play Laser and promote Sableye, hoping he doesn’t have it. Although the flip does end up heads, he doesn’t have Catcher and N’s himself into nothing. He was confused by my play, but I felt secure with it.


    Standings go up and I won. Somehow. Woo. I got twelve packs consisting of crap, a hat, a binder, a playmat, and a 1st place Scyther. And...

    15 CP GET

    [spoiler=Santa Clara Chespin League Challenge]
    I ran Hammertime (there be Darkrai here, folks.)
    3 Darkrai EX
    3 Sableye
    1 Keldeo EX
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    1 Skyla
    2 Random Receiver
    2 Bicycle
    3 Ultra Ball
    4 Crushing Hammer
    2 Enhanced Hammer
    4 Dark Patch
    3 Energy Switch
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    2 Virbank City Gym
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Dark Claw
    1 Energy Search
    1 Frozen City
    1 Super Rod
    1 Dowsing Machine
    9 Darkness Energy

    28 people?
    5 rounds.

    Round 1 vs Ziggmiceter with Flareon/Terrakion
    Oh boy.
    He does some stuff with Flareon, manages to get a lot in the discard very quickly. Hammers keep Terrakion out of energy, and I get Catcher flips when I need them to take KOs on things like Flareon. I win in a very close match.

    Round 2 vs Empire
    He starts Exeggcute, which gives me a KO off Laser. I get decent set up, and he simply doesn't. The game goes terrible for him and I'm 2-0.

    Round 3 vs Empire w/ Gyarados
    I can't remember that much, but I did win.

    Round 4 vs Kian Amini w/ Hydreigon
    I get massacred.

    Round 5 vs Genesect
    I get too far ahead and he doesn't run Mime, allowing me to take a rather easy win.

    2nd place, 12 CP [/spoiler]
    [spoiler=Alameda Cities]
    Same Hammertime list.

    Round 1 vs Tool Drop
    The only thing that really impedes me here is a Safeguard Sigilyph. Once that's done, easy ride.

    Round 2 vs Genesect
    I miss a lot of Hammers early, but I'm able to compensate for this when he hits a terrible Laser streak.

    Round 3 vs Trubbish
    He gets an overwhelming start.

    Round 4 vs Blastoise
    He draws completely dead.

    Round 5
    I ID.

    Game 1 win
    Game 2...
    He told me he had ADD.
    As a result of this, he notices that my Darkrai are warped and says so. I have no doubt that earlier people noticed this, but no one has an issue with it. The guy says that should the judge tell me to change out my Darkrai, he'll provide some. The judge tells me to swap out, he DENIES me the Darkrai ("I'm not comfortable with that") and I pull myself out.

    4 packs, 0 CP

    Let's try again tomorrow.


    [spoiler=Santa Clara Cities]
    -1 Keldeo EX
    -1 Frozen City
    +1 Absol
    +1 Mr. Mime.

    R1 vs Blastoise (drop)
    He goes first and I can't get anything going.

    R2 vs Garchomp (2-3)
    See R1, except I go first and get set up.

    R3 vs Darkrai (2-3)
    I start very well, but he hits enough Lasers to mount a comeback. It comes down to a Confusion flip.


    R4 vs Blastoise
    Somehow I win. It comes down to a Colress where he has two outs out of his 15 card deck. He misses both, then calls me a cheater to my face.

    What is it about me that attracts douches?

    We ID


    Crappy resistance.
    2 packs
    0 CP
    End cities. [/spoiler]

    [spoiler=Santa Clara Fennekin League Challenge]
    I am playing:
    2 Ho-Oh EX
    2 Virizion EX
    2 Terrakion NVI
    1 Genesect EX
    1 Shaymin EX
    1 Lugia EX
    4 Plasma Energy
    6 Grass Energy

    That's all you really need to know about the list. I built it last night.
    23 players, 5 rounds


    R2 vs Joseph Sanchez: Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EX/Garbodor
    I dead draw for the first four turns. I make a decent showing eventually, but it comes down to him making one play over another. If he made that play, I would have won. He did not and I am 1-1.

    R3 vs New Player

    R4 vs Virizion/Genesect
    She does very well for herself in the opening game, getting G Booster by T4 against Lugia, which I had been charging. However, I drop Scramble Switch and go into a Ho-Oh doing 160. She can't draw what she needs to respond to this and gets driven into a corner.

    R5 vs Darkrai/Sableye
    He knows I run Genesect, he's played against me already. However, he still benches Keldeo to prevent something from dying by Laser. I take the two free prizes and Terrakion does the rest of the work.

    10 CP
    [spoiler=Winter Regionals]
    I played Darkrai Garbodor. This was probably a bad decision as I had no testing with this deck and didn't know how my list was. I also had terrible knowledge of the matchups.

    R1 vs Darkrai/Mewtwo
    G1: I whiff Darkrai for about six turns, but she misplays a bit and keeps it even. I win once I hit Darkrai.
    G2: She can't hit Pokemon and benches.

    R2 vs Lugia Plasma
    G1: I Hammerspam for a while (I am running two Enhanced.) Of course the moment I stop doing this he hits the Lugia with Tool Scrapper to take all the prizes necessary to put me at a ridiculous disadvantage.
    G2: The above doesn't happen. I win.
    Game three goes to time.

    R3 vs Landorus/Mewtwo/Garbodor
    He hits anything and everything both games, healing for a total of roughly five hundred using Max Potions.

    R4 vs Empoleon
    Game 1 is great and I win, game 2 he gets everything, and game 3 goes to time.

    R5 vs Lugia Plasma
    He scoops to me since he's about to drop, then promptly does.

    R6 vs Lugia Plasma again.
    I don't remember much here except for the last turn of time. He has 150 on a Genesect due to Absol and one Max Potion in a deck of eleven cards. If he hits it off Juniper we tie. He does not and I win.

    R7 vs Virizion/Genesect.
    (insert G Booster mashing here.)
    Could someone tell me how to do ANYTHING against this matchup?

    R8 vs Another Lugia Plasma.
    Game 1 takes about forty minutes and I win.
    In game 2 he gets himself down to prizes, but I topdeck Float Stone to lock Overflow. He has to N himself to two to try and hit his one Tool Scrapper out of a fifteen card deck. He whiffs and I am
    46th, 15 packs, 0 CP. I could have chosen a deck I was more comfortable with (see: Hammertime.)
    Long Beach Cities, 4-3, Hammertime. Losses to Darkrai/Garb, Blastoise, and Rayboar.
    [spoiler=Concord LC Froakie]
    Played Lugia/Snorlax with four Deoxys. I wasn't exactly sure how to handle some situations, but for the most part knew what I was doing.

    R1 vs Mirror
    GOOD GRIEF, this game was terrible. We're both stumbling for a long time, but he gets his Lugia first. After some time, I get my own Lugia and take three prizes. He goes into Suicune (okay) and walls against my all EX field. I have Genesect, but I have no Plasma energy in the deck. I do have a Shadow Triad... After a few turns I have five cards I don't know, two in the deck and three prizes. I know at least one is a Shadow Triad, and I topdeck it. GG.

    R2 vs Genesect (Zigg)
    He T2 Shaunas into nothing.

    R3 vs Kian Amini (#2 in CA) with Darkrai/Yveltal
    I am not prepared. I try a Lugia, but he goes into Darkrai and has his Yveltal sit and wait, occasionally Junk Hunting for Hammers and other things. I can't get anything going and lose.

    R4 vs Mewtwo EX Garbodor Sigilyph
    His issues with getting set up are apparent, and I use Deoxys and a T2 Snorlax to dominate his whole deck.

    R5 vs RayBoar
    He gets set up and I can't hit Frozen City, despite running three. I lose by a wide margin.
    [spoiler=Concord LC Xerneas]
    I ran the list enclosed.
    There were two cards in this list that were never used, these were Super Rod and Shadow Circle.
    14 people. 5 rounds

    R1 vs Disabled Player
    I win easily.

    R2 vs Zuhayr E with Darkrai Yveltal Bouff
    I get a decent start and he draws a total of zero supporters.

    R3 vs Joseph Sanchez (465 CP) with Blastoise
    I take a long time to set up Garb.
    I forget to drop Virbank after getting too invested in an unnecessary Trubbish attack to KO Suicune.
    Despite ALL this he runs out of resources and loses. Woo.

    R4 vs Dallan Fell with Virizion Genesect
    I hate G Booster, and he topdecked Shadow Triad for game.
    3-1 (I want to run Spiritomb.)

    R5 vs Stefan Tabaco (invite) with Darkrai Yveltal Bouff
    He flips a few tails here and there and misplays a bit, allowing me to win.
    3rd, 10 CP
    [spoiler=Santa Clara LC Xerneas]
    I used the list used in Concord, except for the following:
    -1 Super Rod
    -1 Shadow Circle
    +2 Switch
    The Switches were a big help, actually.

    R1 vs Virizion/Genesect
    I swear to god next time I run this DarkGarb list it will have Spiritomb in it. If you didn't guess, I lost due to two straight G Boosters.

    R2 vs New Player
    That was easy.

    R3 vs Darkrai/Yveltal
    He misplays on his first turn by attaching a DCE to his Yveltal EX rather than energize his poisoned Sableye, then playing Virbank. Due to this, I can Junk Hunt and get off to a good start. He then whiffs supporters for three turns, my lead becomes too large, and I win by Garb-locking after he throws up an energyless Darkrai as a wall.

    R4 vs Darkrai/Yveltal
    He whiffs, but not supporters. He has a decent stream of cards going.
    He whiffs BASICS.
    With Garb blocking Bouffer, an Yveltal EX KOs his only two Pokemon.
    3-1, 4th, 10 CP
    [spoiler=Concord Yveltal LC]
    I'm playing Yveltal/Garb still, but it has DCE, Druddigon, Bouffalant, and Bicycle now.
    R1 vs Fairys/Mega Kanga
    I get a decent start and a T2 Garb, following this he cannot do much of anything and loses.

    R2 vs YvelGarb
    I forget but I win.

    R3 vs Zoroark/Yveltal/Darkrai
    Ugh. We draw dead for about eight turns and I lose because I have no energy.

    R4 vs TDK
    Laser flips do decent for me and for him as well, and we trade for some time. Eventually a heads on Laser locks his Thundurus active, and I have two prizes left and an Yveltal EX charged.
    3-1, 2nd, 12 CP

    [spoiler=Concord Chesnaught League Challenge]
    I played TDK with a Virizion and four Colress.
    3 rounds

    R1 VS Dragonite/Garbodor.
    Actually, she draws dead and clearly has no idea what she's doing as she Silver Mirrors Mewtwo EX.

    R2 vs Charizard EX/Leafeon/Pyroar/Victini EX
    He starts Victini-EX/Eevee and goes into Charizard EX. 2 Kyurems take prizes on all of these, and I use Lasers (yes, I play them. Four, and they were very helpful) to KO the Pyroar.

    R3 vs Scizor BCR/Drifblim DRX/Raichu XY/Terrakion/Phione LTR/Kecleon/Silver Mirror
    I take three prizes with Virizion EX. Lasers fall where they need to and he has some trouble setting up attackers as I KO each one he puts up. Eventually he cannot prevent the next turn Blizzard Burn for last prize and scoops.
    3-0, 4 packs, 5 (technically) CP
    [spoiler= US Nats Day 1]
    Hey there.
    I played TDK for US Nats.
    3 Thundurus EX
    4 Deoxys EX
    2 Kyurem PLF
    1 Genesect EX
    1 Virizion EX
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    3 Colress
    2 Skyla
    1 Bianca
    1 Lysandre
    2 Bicycle
    2 Switch
    1 Escape Rope
    2 Ultra Ball
    1 Team Plasma Ball
    3 Colress Machine
    3 Muscle Band
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    1 Virbank City Gym
    1 Scramble Switch
    4 Prism Energy
    4 Plasma Energy
    3 Rainbow Energy
    2 Lightning Energy

    889 Masters
    2 Flights
    T64, followed by T8

    R1 vs Miltank/Empoleon/Dusknoir
    G1: He goes ape. L
    G2: It's close but I take it. W
    G3: He starts too many Piplups and I take too many easy prizes. W


    R2 vs TDL


    R3 vs Steven Varesko with Pyroar


    R4 vs TDKL


    R5 vs Jeremy Jallen with Yveltal/Garbodor

    (Jeremy gave me a die! Thank you!)

    R6 vs Michael Pramawat with Speed Pyroar


    R7 vs Yveltal/Garbodor


    R8 vs Virizion/Genesect


    (I would like to point out that this guy needed T64 for his invite. I apologize, but I won.)

    R9 vs Nicholas Bailey with Yveltal/Raichu


    17th going into day 2

    R10 vs Zak Krekeler (TDK w/ Absol, Enhanced Hammer)


    R11 vs Steven Varesko w/Pyroar


    R12 vs Sean Foisy w/Speed Lugia


    R13 vs Long Bui w/Virizion
    He dead draws
    I dead draw
    I dead draw


    R14 vs Mason Hein w/Virizion


    44th, 18 packs, 80 CP
    [spoiler=US Nats CP Challenge Day 2]
    Today I played Yveltal/Garbodor as a farewell to Dark Patch. Good grief, did it suck. I couldn't get it to run as smoothly as I would have liked and I lost to AGGRON off misplays.

    R1 vs ?

    R2 vs ?

    R3 vs Landorus/some other stuff

    R4 vs Blastoise

    R5 vs AGGRON
    L b/c I misplayed

    R6 vs Yveltal
    L (dead draw)

    R7 vs No Show

    R8 vs Pyroar

    R9 vs Yveltal

    54th, 15 CP, 2 packs
    END OF 2014 SEASON
    169 CP
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    Couldn't you just bend the darkrais back? Anyway, sorry to hear about that...
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    Updated with a League Challenge.

    Regionals are next week. I doubt I'll play the deck from today, but it might be fun...
  4. Drench

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    That Darkrai warpage. What a priiiiiiick. I feel your pain, been in a similar situation. GL at regionals.
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    Thanks for the support, I guess. The guy who called me on it is... alright, when he's not losing...
    The guy who called me a cheater I can't relax around.
  6. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    Updated with Winter Regionals.
  7. Spiritomb in straight Darkrai, Absol+Eviolite in DarkGarb.
  8. blargh257

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    I've got some work to do folks. I need to learn how to get a work ethic about testing. This thread will probably be dead until the next League Challenge in one month.[DOUBLEPOST=1390244480][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh, by the way, a Plasma Ho-Oh (of sorts) won a Regionals. The bird is the word.
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    Hey everyone, I had an LC tonight. Updated.
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    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    Update with another LC.
  11. Ziggmiceter

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    What/who else placed at Santa Clara? I thought about going but decided it wasn't worth it.
  12. blargh257

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    Damn, I definitely would have placed with Adam West.
  14. blargh257

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    Is that really happening?
  15. PP101

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    For some reason, yes. There's Adam West, George Foreman, Lionel Richie, and a few others. I forget what Theo called the Blastoise deck, though...
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    I know about Lionel Richie and Adam West, he's used them in front of me, but he never mentioned George Foreman.
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    What the heck are you guys talking about? I am a Cali player.
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    So are we. Blargh, Zigg, and Theo are from NorCal, though.
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    No i was just making sure you guys knew that because I was asking what the heck are you guys talking about.
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    George Foreman is Emboar because of grills. I only use the Adam West name because I don't really want anyone knowing about it until Worlds. It may not even be good by then.
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