Tier 1 Blastoise - Blastoise BCR, Keldeo EX, Black Kyurem EX, Techs

Discussion in 'Competitive Deck Discussion' started by Ziggmiceter, Aug 15, 2013.

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    Yveltal literally can't lose to Blastoise with the addition of Druddigon. Well, it can, but you have to get pretty unlucky as the Yveltal player.[DOUBLEPOST=1399211306][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I live in Florida too, and it's true, a lot of people play Blastoise.
  3. Ziggmiceter

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    The problem is that those were whole decks and decks that played Terrakion only played Terrakion because they had no leverage in those matchups otherwise. Darkrai/Yveltal/Garbodor, on the other hand, is a 50/50 matchup that skyrockets with Druddigon since you have checks/counters to both of their main attackers and can lock their acceleration.
    Despite the fact that I think Druddigon swings to matchup, this simply is not true.
  4. CyrusTyler

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    Well guys, I did it again. Meet a Plasma Deluge build which is so inconsistent at times that it hurts. (Then again, this is probably true of all Blastoise decks.) Help me out by critiquing, please.

    Pokemon - 14
    4 Squirtle BCR
    1 Wartortle
    4 Blastoise LTR
    3 Articuno-EX
    2 Kyurem PLF/LTR
    2 Keldeo-EX

    Supporters - 10
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 Shauna/N
    2 Skyla

    Items - 24
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Superior Energy Retrieval
    3 Muscle Band
    2 Colress Machine
    2 Team Plasma Ball
    2 Professor's Letter
    1 Silver Bangle
    1 Computer Search

    Energy - 12
    8 Water
    4 Plasma
  5. Floral

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    if you are using plasma energy, you should add lugia ex
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  6. Professor_N

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    And maybe Genesect EX.
  7. DGS87

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    3-1-3 Blastoise is enough
  8. Professor_N

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    I think most people run 4-3 stoise these days. I do, at least.
  9. CyrusTyler

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    Here's an updated list.

    POKEMON - 14
    4 Squirtle
    1 Wartortle
    4 Blastoise
    3 Articuno-EX
    2 Kyurem PLF

    T/S/S - 34

    4 Professor Juniper
    4 Shauna
    2 Skyla

    4 Rare Candy
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Energy Retrieval
    2 Colress Machine
    2 Switch
    2 Team Plasma Ball
    2 Professor's Letter
    2 Muscle Band
    1 Computer Search

    2 Tropical Beach/Frozen City

    ENERGY - 12

    9 Water
    3 Plasma

    Help me fit in more Energy please? I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I figure that I might as well try to take this Tier 2.5 deck as far as I can (by this I mean Plasmastoise).
  10. FlareStarfire

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    Got my first dose against the new Druddigon today, this time in a Yveltal deck. It's as bad as I feared; Such an easy versatile answer to Black Kyurem just was too much to overcome. I think Blastoise.dec's days are numbered if we cannot find a more suitable alternative attacker.
  11. CyrusTyler

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    The same goes for VirGen because of Pyroar. I hate to say it, but I think I'm beginning to see a shift in power towards Fairy now that Pokemon is giving it their full support. Anyone hoping that Fist will be helpful for old Deluge? It's legalized the day before Worlds.
  12. baby_mario

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    Do we have official Pokemon.com evidence for that release date? All I've seen so far is an unsourced post on PokeBeach. I'm pretty certain they won't compromise Worlds by having it legal to play at the tournament.

    Furious Fist seems most likely to help Fighting. Rain Dance-style decks have been around since BLW Emboar, and Blastoise has been a top tier deck for well over a year. It wouldn't hurt for them to take a bit of a hit after all that time. Decks that last too long make for a stale format, and Blastoise has barely altered since we got BKEX. Even Darkrai has gone through significant changes since its rlease (Mewtwo/Speed/Garbodor/Hammer/Yveltal variants).
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  13. FlareStarfire

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    I can't imagine they'd spike Worlds (or the Grinder, for that matter) with the release of a new set. Card availability would be a serious, serious issue. On the topic, there is the idea however that you, as the blastoise player, may have to play more into the hand disruption aspects. They can't DCE a druddigon if they don't have one in hand (or both), so a higher N count or (shudder) Red card such that you wipe their hand right before you take your KO may lead you out of the mess if they then miss on the DCE.
  14. Professor_N

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    Wasn't PLB released before Worlds last year? Or was it after? Either way, I doubt Rising Fist or whatever they are calling it will be legal come Worlds; it would be strange for them to make us adapt to a whole new pool of cards for the biggest tournament of the year.
  15. Vysekun

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    PLB was released before worlds but wasn't part of the worlds format.
  16. Professor_N

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    I thought so, so that will likely be the same with Rising Fist (or whatever they are calling it).
  17. baby_mario

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    There were prereleases for PLB before Worlds, but the street date was 14th Aug, which was after (Worlds was 9-11 August). They made the usual exception that people could use a card that was a reprint of an existing one (like Blastoise).

    I am still waiting to see some kind of official confirmation for that date. A post on Beach with no published evidence to back it up isn't the same thing.
  18. KPiplup

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    PLB, as baby_mario said, most certainly was not released before Worlds 2013, nor has a Summer set ever been released between US Nationals and Worlds.
  19. CyrusTyler

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    You guys think Blastoise will win Worlds this year?
  20. baby_mario

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    Possible but unlikely.

    Virtually every deck just got an easy counter to it. It's not as good now as it was last year.
  21. Professor_N

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    And even last year it wasn't in the finals. It was in top 8, but not the finals (idk about top 4, that's not on youtube :/)