Blaziken or Dialga in Luxchomp?

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by Reader1237, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Reader1237

    Reader1237 Guest

    I play a pretty stardard Luxchomp list and can't decide if I want a:
    1-1 Dialga + Metal Energy,
    or a
    1-1 Blaziken + Fire Energy

    My metagame has a lot of gyarados, a medium amount of luxchomp, a couple Vilegar, and then some rogue's like Gigas, Scizor/Magnezone, and Riachu.

    Which one do you think is the better tech?
  2. Poteet

    Poteet Washed Up

    I like one metal for lucario gls combo throw. Not sure id put either of those in
  3. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    well i prefer blaziken has you dont need 2 metal energy with him, he doesnt have a high retreat cost and he can be disruptive and can easily hit 120!
  4. JPN_Gallade

    JPN_Gallade Front Page Contributor

    Based off what I'm seeing, it seems like Blaziken FB might be better to run. Since your metagame has a decent amount of Luxchomps, Vilegars, and a couple of rogues like Scizor/Magnezone and Gigas, Blaziken can pack disruption in times like this. Against Luxchomp, you can Luring Flame something heavy and keep them under the burn lock as you can go for either a Jet Shoot yo KO it or to pull out another attacker and start sniping around easily. Against Vilegar, Blaziken FB is a Vileplume counter. Use Luring Flame on the Vileplume, and then next turn, hit for 120 to KO it. Against something like Scizor/Magnezone, all I can say is that they are weak to fire, so Blaziken can take them out with ease. Against Gyarados, well, I wouldn't attack with Blaziken often, but in this match-up, it can utilize Vapor Kick a lot more than normal.

    Overall, based off the metagame I'm seeing, Blaziken looks like the better option. It is fast, disruptive, and has the potential to hit for a lot of damage.
  5. rhinored2

    rhinored2 Member

    i think dialga for his disruption
  6. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    i played blaziken fb in my luxchomp. came 2nd in cties with 4-0 swiss(had best swiss but lost in top cut). he helped me in mirror so much in all my match-ups. against bellarush(bellossoom LA and vileplume UD) i brought him out. wook 3-4 prizes before he scooped. against a friends blg i brought him out to get a quick kill of a garchomp c with an e-gain. it helped me against machamp. used uxie psychic restyore then came in with a jet shoot to knock it.
  7. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    Dialga G X w/ no metal.
  8. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    luxchomp would be luxbox if you put in blaziken
  9. Project696

    Project696 Member

    And a lady Gaga if you put a Dialga in. Either way, its still a form of LuxChomp.

    And based on what you're saying the meta is, Blaze is easily the best option. And always remember to try and luring flame that Regice (in G-Dos) is one of the first turns. If they don't have their warp energy, they won't be able to RegiMove
  10. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    I disagree. I love Dialga in my Luxchomp. The only reason that Luxchomp loses to Gyarados is if it gets a really terrible setup. I usually destroy Gyarados but there's always that one time it manages to win because I go first and they get t1 minimum 90 dmg and i have nothing to work with.