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Discussion in 'HS-on Archives' started by steven112, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Huge fan of GothGor. Great sustainable lock, not too tough to set up in this slower format, and the format is ripe with EXs and magic accelgor numbers (all of Fluffychomp, Empoleon, Emolga, Sableye, Mew EX when using my own Mew EX). Not to mention very little can OHKO Goth aside from Mewtwo EX, Hydreigon, and Garchomp with several Altarias behind it- all of which are easy prey for Accelgor (Hydreigon plays no switch so you can skimp on Goth)
  2. ussgordoncaptain

    ussgordoncaptain Skeptical of new cards

    So... Every deck can ohko gothitelle;)
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  3. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Well all of the big 3, but only a couple of attackers can in the right situations, and all of them are vulnerable to being locked. The point is that just like the old days of Gothitelle most attackers have damage caps below 130 under trainer lock, including Garchomp with Mach Cut (or even dragonblade with less than 2 altarias), Zekrom, Thundurus, Tornadus/EX, Mewtwo with a DCE (still misses the KO on Goth with a Dark), Darkrai, Empoleon, Terrakion, Rayquaza, and 2 lightning Rayquaza EX.
  4. ussgordoncaptain

    ussgordoncaptain Skeptical of new cards

    No I mean everything good. Terrakion mewtwo Has mewtwo ex (though I am liking Darkai/Hydregion more over time) Empoleon has Mew EX and Darkrai Aggro has Mewtwo EX
  5. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Well first of all, Mew EX is easily locked and KO'd into Gothgor's turn for an easy 2 prizes. Also, setting up another Goth after a Mewtwo EX KO isn't hard and is actually part of Gothgor's agenda already- and Gothgor loves the free 2 prizes!
  6. RegisUniversum

    RegisUniversum New Member

    Guys, guys, guys! 4 virizion in every deck! Turn 1 draw for 2! That's like getting a free Bill every turn where you only pay your attack! Most decks don't have anything to do turn one anyway because of evolving or energy! Forget search, Draw, Draw, Draw!
  7. coolestman22

    coolestman22 Now Has Techron

    Emolga is much better.
  8. thematteo0

    thematteo0 The quintessentially British gentleman.

    @Regis i hope that's sarcasm. Because a Turn 1 attack with Magikarp would be much better. (only 18 heads in a row needed to OHKO all Basic Pokemon.)
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  9. TheDewottClan

    TheDewottClan Member

    Well I'm playing FluffyChomp and testing with my Rouge that I won't say in case it works. But at least in my division I'm looking at DragonMax, FluffyChomp, Garbador variants, and Rouge stuff.
  10. RegisUniversum

    RegisUniversum New Member

    I actually am running 4 verizion in my current empoleon build, and it seems to work pretty nicely. If the opponent doesn't N, you get a big hand pretty quickly, and if they do N, they don't have N later, and you control the late game
  11. coolestman22

    coolestman22 Now Has Techron

    If they do N, you're better off using CFF because they probably would have N'd anyway.
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  12. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    Virizion is okay in Empoleon/terrakion as a 1 or 2 card tech, but in every other deck..... Emolga is far far better (it's even better than virizion is Empoleon/terrakion...)
  13. Rowan

    Rowan Rum Pirate

    for a lot of reasons emolga is better in Empoleon/terrakion anyway. I think its a fun idea of just drawing a ton ton ton ton ton ton ton of cards. But Empoleon already gives you an extra card advantage per Empoleon in play without having to attack. Emolga's attack sets up WAY better than simply drawing two cards since you can get a piplup in play to rare candy into empoleon. Also most empoleon decks run 3-4 cheren to pump up the draw even more. With the new additiosn of mew Ex, emolga and the main attackers Empoleon/terrakion and the 4 rare candies there really isn't room for more pokemon that loose usefullness after turn 3. Also Empoleon's main advantage is speed. Potential 120 turn 2 is the best there is. (though normally is usually around 60-90)

    only thing is weakness to lighting...........
  14. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Emolga also has the benefit of donking swablu starts with blend WFLM.
  15. Sanokumo

    Sanokumo Member

    Most of the articles/comments I read online and people i talk to IRL, seem to be in consensus that Darkai/Hydrugion and Eel-variants will be the strongest decks out there with Fluffychomp close behind. But I really think that this battleroads season will be the age of Terakion.
    He has so many partners, Empolion, Garbodor, Mewtew EX and Terakion EX. (I'm sure I missed some) It seem he makes up almost half of tier 1.5/2.
    Other tier 2 decks Ive seen/heard allot about are Darkrai and (stuff other than hydrudgion), Accelgor & friends, Ho-ho EX and Ninetales/Amongus.
    I myself have been playing with a deck of Mewtwo/Sygliph/Gardavor, it is pretty good so far in limited testing. My main deck Is 'EelTigre', Raikou (he is supposed to be a tiger right?)/Eel/Tornadus EX (because of all the Terakions).
  16. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    now I want to play empoleon/terrakion :p I'm only 2 empoleon and 1 emolga away from making that a reality....
  17. Zackcat

    Zackcat New Member

    just getting back into the game after a hiatus, and was wondering if Beartic(Sheer Cold) has any place in the game, with Vileplume out of commission?
  18. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    No. Switch exists. And cobalion is better in almost every way.
  19. eggrolls

    eggrolls The future of this society. Or not.

    And soon escape rope will too.
  20. superw8

    superw8 Did you?

    Who remembers all of the hype Beartic was getting before it came out?