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Discussion in 'HS-on Archives' started by steven112, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. lucarioAdventure1

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    Also been trying out BW Hammertime and its quite fun tbh
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    And then everyone realized it was worse than they thought without support... I knew it!
  3. Zarco

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    Yeah; the killing thing is not the ability to use switch. Making your opponent burn those and putting on pressure is acceptable. The bad part is when they can just use SAB or Darkrai EX to retreat (or just retreat for 1 as in Fluffychomp) because it isn't paralysis. He doesn't do much damage, even Cobalion is a bit too weak to be good (though it's a lot closer, and viable in Klinklang)
  4. lucarioAdventure1

    lucarioAdventure1 i swear on me mum

    This was back in EPO. Where there was no Darkrai, SAB or Cobalion, it was bad because of the energy requirement to damage output
  5. thematteo0

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    To be honest Beartic EPO was decent when it came out in the EPO meta. I tested a Beartic EPO-Reshiram-Reuniclus-Vileplume deck online and I don't think I lost with it [those who know TCGO it did take forever to move the counters off Beartic though.] Back then the one deck who could OHKO Beartic without hitting to Weakness was MagneBoar... which due to 3-4 retreat costs was hard to pull out in particular with Retrievals Trainer Locked. And decks that could hit to Weakness were Steelix Prime and Klinklang Variations in the main with or without Trainer Lock and multiple Reshiram was a hard counter to those decks. This meant that the deck had nice matchups all round. But then NV came out and Coballion NVI came in Cake which could 1 hit Beartic AND was 100 percent better than Beartic as well as MagneEel the BDIF 1 hitting Beartic meant that Beartic kinda died out. And that was it.