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    So, I decided to head up to Dallas this weekend and hit up the last 2 BR. I didn't do too well all in all, so I'll give a quick recap.

    Saturday McKinney, Tx

    Round 1
    Me (Steelix) vs Probopass
    He was playing the Probopass from Arceus. It was surprisingly good. He used Defenders and Special Metals to tank but had trouble getting his special metals out. It was a really, really close match but I pulled it out in the end....Steelix was just too beastly.

    Round 2
    Me (Steelix) vs Charizard
    Well, this is were my day went south. I don't remember too much, just that he flipped over a Vulpix and I went into a shell. The guy was a complete rule Nazi and I couldn't wait for the match to be over honestly....the Nazism started when I was power shuffling and he informed me that we only had 2 minutes to set up and if we weren't set up in 2 minutes, I could get a penalty. I informed him that I am supposed to shuffle and he said "Yeah, but you are supposed to power shuffle after your match" to which I then realized there was no winning this argument and proceeded to power shuffle stupidly fast to please him. Then, he mulligans. I draw another card, then lay my pokemon out. He looks at me and says "You know you have to have your Pokemon layed out before you draw that card, right?" Which I didn't. I once again start to argue with him then realize it is a moot point. Didn't matter, it was an energy. I took the first 2 prizes and probably should have taken a few more but I was trying to make him bring up his Charizard before my Steelix went active and he wouldn't buy the bait. Once, I forgot to poison his Spiritomb and if I had, it would have KO'ed it at the end of my turn and he wouldn't have it out to Darkness grace which would have made a huge difference since he had a full bench and 3 Charizard when I finally got rid of all of his 'Tombs. Had I just gone after 'Tomb agressively, I think I may have staved him off long enough to win by time. And, the end of the match pissed me off. He went first after time was called, then I went. He was up 2 prizes and I was desperately trying to find away to take down his 'zard. I didn't fell like I was stalling (yea, I may have been a bit slow) and I didn't think it REALLY mattered since time was called and the game was most likely over after my turn. But, the judge said "You are stalling, resolve your turn." To which I said, "I'm not trying to, I have a lot of decisions to weigh." To which she said, "Either way, you are stalling, end your turn." I looked at my hand and passed. The game ends and there were still other games going on. What pissed me off was after the game, I see the judge joking around all buddy-buddy with my opponent...I thought that was kind of crappy.


    Round 3
    Steelix Vs Sablelock
    Well, I'm utterly exhausted running off of no sleep after the long drive and I apparently can't make a right decision in this game. I don't remember much as I wasn't too happy about my last match but I know I start with a lone Onix to his Honchkrow G. I call and he flashbite/Target attacks. I attach a warp and get Jirachi active but couldn't get what I needed out at all and he too cheap snipes all game. In hindsight, I should have let Onix fall and called again, I found out the next day that double call is amazing in my deck. He mops the floor with me pretty easy.

    Round 4
    Steelix Vs Machamp
    I thought this would be pretty easy but I couldn't get any of my evolutions out very well. I thought I had him and he only had 1 prize left but he retreated pulled up lumineon and brought up my Uxie in my hand. Still being utterly exhausted, I attach an energy to Steelix and pass leaving Uxie active to be KO'ed next turn

    Round 5
    Steelix vs Umbreon
    Well, I pretty much didn't care this game, not to make that an excuse. But, all of my basics have bad attacks or are situationally good and I could hit him for weakness with Onix, who has a decent attack but he gets Exploud out quick and I am forced to get out Infernape 4 and gust around Umbreon all game. I took quite a few prizes as my steelix was loaded but in the end, he was belted and had 4 special Dark and it took it's toll on Steelix.

    So, I finish a dismal 1-4

    Sunday- Crowley, Tx

    Round 1
    Steelix Vs Ttar
    He was playing Ttar Prime...I know this matchup very well since this is what my son plays. The key is, make Ttar swing first since I can't OHKO it and his power claw cuts through my special metal. He kept getting out Spiritombs and kept taking them down with cheezy Energy Streams and poison while he was pushing me back to the bench with Warp Points, so I would leave him poisoned to fall to KO's and Jirachi set up. He FINALLY had to get Ttar active but didn't want to since it only had 3 energy on it. I don't think he realized that he could Power Claw through my special metals and I wasn't going to tell him, lol. He Darkness howls forever but my active Steelix takes nothing and I heal off 20 at a time from different benched Pokemon to keep them alive. He finally gets 4 energy and Megaton Tails me short of the KO and scoops with 2 prizes left since he can't KO any of mine and I will take 2 straight prizes and his last Ttar was prized. After the match, he informs me that he let his son use his DCE so his deck was a lot slower. And, it was, but I knew this matchup very well and would have had it either way.

    Round 2
    Steelix vs Blaziken FB/Garchomp C/Typhlosion Prime

    Well, we start and he flips over a blaziken FB and a Quilava...awesome...2 days in a row. I take the first prize, he KO's Jirachi with a flash bite and a Garchomp basic. I drop the Chansey I'm holding, attach the DCE and KO Garchomp. I hit him, he Poke Turns, and I have Steelix active. Blaziken is on the bench and I know he has the gain and the fire in his hand. So, thinking I have a Special Metal in the discard, I attach the belt and Energy Stream only to find a Call Energy....hmmm. Sure enough, he jet shoots next turn for 2 and that pretty much sealed it. Come to find out, he is from Abilene, another "large West Texas town" like I'm from that is only about 3 hours from my home town. We chit chat for a while. He was a really cool guy. He went on to top cut so that was cool.


    Round 3
    Steelix Vs Kecleon
    I've never run into a Kecleon deck. I've seen lists for them but never thought much of them. He starts with a Shaymin and a Kecleon and I'm not sure what is going on. When he hit heads on a level max, he pulls out Shaymin X and drops a Shaymin UL to move all of his energy to Keckleon and dropped a Sunnyshore City Gym and I finally realized what was going on. I don't really get too worried. But, to make a long story short, he hit me for weakness all day and that really hurts Steelix worse than about any deck. I should have won but I had a key misplay where I thought I attached my energy and I didn't. I announce "Gaia Crush for the KO" and he looks at me and says "You don't have enough energy." I look at Steelix and I don't. I look at my hand and there is that Metal Energy I meant to attach...crap. I hit him for 30 and no KO. He takes down Steelix next turn. I get another going pretty easy but he is set up to well. Time is called on his turn. We both have 2 prizes left. I go and decide by only hope is to leave Steelix active since he would hit any Pokemon for weakness and he had the Highest HP. I had a few damage on him already, 30 maybe. He had hit 2 heads on every attack all game some I think he's due to hit 1 or zero...if he hits 2, he wins, he hits less than 2, I win. So, I attack and don't KO. He attacks, grabs 3 dices and.....hits 2 heads to take the final 2 prizes! Damn, if he didn't hit one, I KO him next turn for my last 2. So, I'm bummed, that kills my top cut chances and I had that one in the bad and blew it.

    Steelix vs Blastoise
    So, the guy mulligans 5 times and he's like "man, I just gave you that game." In all reality, his mulligan killed my set up, lol. I had to start Onix and had 3 energy in hand, a Pokemon on the bench, Uxie in hand, and a Volkner. I'm thinking call T1, Volkner T2 to set up my energy stream. Well, I can't drop Uxie or Volkner with 11 cards in my hand, lol. So, wrecked my set up. But, I realized this game, that a double call is amazing. Since I don't set up, I call twice and my bench is perfect early and I run through him with a very quickly powered Steelix. He had 3 Blastoise out and I OHKO all of them with Skuntank and Steelix. He ran the Floatzel version, which I had never seen before, so it was pretty cool.


    Round 5
    Steelix vs Luxchomp
    So, I'm paired with a guy I recognized from the day before. I ask him how he did yesterday and he said "I won." Hmm...awesome. I feel like this is a great matchup for me. I'm not sure he is running luxchomp but I'm pretty sure I say a luxray yesterday in passing and he said he was running the same deck with 3 different cards. So, we start and he shows his Luxray. I don't remember what I start with, a Jirachi maybe. I call T1, call T2. Its his turn and he looks at my bench, all of which are baics and he goes "Man, those all have high HP." He doubles flashbites by Chansey, bright look, then Flash Impact for the KO. I get up my Steelix, attach my belt and swing for, wait, only 30 with resistance. So, he attaches an energy gain and a psychic energy to Crobat and looks at Steelix's body, curses, and passes. I hit his crobat for 30. He Poke Turns crobat, bright looks my Jirachi and KO's my lowly 60 HP...FINALLY. I use final wish and and find Ruins of Alph! I OHKO Luxray with Steelix and pretty much sweep from there as he tries taking cheap prizes on my bench that I gladly give him. I have 2 prizes left to his 2 and he tries one last ditch effort. He bright looks Blissey, Poison Revenge for 110 after poison. I already had 3 energy on him and one in hand in case I get bright looked again. I've pretty much made him use all of his energy by KO'ing everything. So, I retreat, KO Toxicroak. He passes and I KO something FTW.


    So, I'm amost at .500 for the seaon, lol. It's unfortunate that I ran into my weakness 2 days in a row and twice in 1 day. But, I know if I pull my head out of my butt, I can do very well even against my weakness. I didn't run a fire counter but I did run a 1-1 Infernape 4 tech that was moderately ok and I never attacked with it. But, due to all the warp points and low retreaters, I don't know if I'll keep it. I learned a lot about a lot of my matchups and I hadn't prepared for and I feel that I'll be ready to go at Cities on and with Hunter, my deck will be even better. Also, I didn't run into any Vilegar or Dialgachomp, which where 2 of the matchups i really based my deck around (along with Luxchomp). So, I feel that I will do quite a bit better at larger tournaments where I'll run into more meta decks that I can beat fairly handily even if I drop a few stupid ones.

    Using call energy twice in 1 game
    Well ran events
    Good matches
    My son getting 3rd both days
    My mom for letting me use her car, that made the logistics so much easier'
    My mom again for watching the little one again
    My grandpa for letting us crash at his house
    Luxchomp slayer
    My deck showing a lot of potential
    Sweet bathrooms both days

    Looooooong drives
    Not doing as good as I hoped
    Rule Nazis
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    Man, I hate Rule Nazis. While his point of putting basics down first then drawing is a good point, everything else was kinda ludicrious. You can ask a judge for a time extension for power shuffling.

    However, Congrats on beating Luxchomp! Ruins of Alph is a great tech card.
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    Yeah, he did have a valid point, I'm not saying he didn't. I didn't know that rule and I guess it was cool that he told me, it just irked me that the game hadn't even started yet and he was already reciting the rule book yet and the first one was uncalled for. 2 minutes is plenty of time to power shuffle to set up.

    Yeah, Ruins of Alph is pretty boss in this deck as a Luxray counter. Its one of those cards you never see and when it hit the field, the Luxchomp new it was an uphill battle for him. Looking back, I really, really wish I had done the Palkia G X instead of Infernape....that would have helped a ton with all my fire matchups and would have done a lot in the Charizard battle as well and would have given me a bench hitter and a spreader, something I don't have right now.
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    Yeah, I would be ticked off if I saw the Judge being a buddy buddy to your opponent after they say you stalled.From what i remembered you should be allowed tot ake as much time needed for your turns in the Last 3 turns after time is called.I hope you do better at City Championships!
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    I wasn't that mad. I just thought it really strange when the judge told me I was stalling....honestly, there was nothing I could do. I figured that all 3 of us knew that, I could have at least been offered the opportunity to be thorough.

    I'm actually pretty stoked about cities. I didn't really prepare for much that wasn't Vilegar or Luxchomp, so I know where my weaknesses where, lol, just about everywhere else. Also, I decided against a water tech because I didn't like any I could think of. Infernape was pretty cool and was only there for Dialga, which I never ran into. But, I figure I can actually take Dialga down fairly easy without it. My only "horrible" matchup is Charizard. honestly, without Spiritomb, the matchup is pretty good reasonable I think. But, I've been thinking about Palkia G X, brings a lot to the table: the ability to snipe (something I don't have right now), a Donphan counter, and acts as a great Charizard counter to keep their bench reduced. Another tech I'm about to start testing a ton is lanturn prime. I know, "WHAT?" Not a HUGE fan of the card of even putting it in my deck to to having yet ANOTHER card weak to Donphan. But, it actually has a ton of potential. Being as Charizard doesn't have X2, PGX can't OHKO it, but Lanturn can. A fully loaded Steelix has 5 energy and then 3 more on Lanturn does 120 + 30 more. The awesome part is that it helps my Donphan match, my fire match, AND can OHKO (potentially) Gyarados since it can act as 2 types and only needs 1 type (L) of energy. In reality, this card sucks, but the fact that I can power tons of Energy on Steelix pretty easy makes Lanturn's attack pretty good. That, paired with Hunter, I think I'll do tons better at Cities, especially since my goal in life is to start going over my match a lot better.
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    My current TCG goal is to Top Cut hahaha. I have won 2 prereleases got 2nd at a Br which had no TC and played for 4 years but I have never top cut, thats just sad.I really try to test against myself though i haven't been as much because I am limiting myself with other things.