Canadian Nationals

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    Firstly, pretty sure Tamoo was taking the mick!

    Secondly, there is one successful Zekrom player. That dude who won Canadian nats. To be successful you have to have success. You just wait though, i AM gonna be the world's most successful Sleepybyes player!
  2. Martin

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    Guys, dont be bitter about it, everyone here knows tamoo is bluffing, he actually plays cubone but doesnt want anyone else to find out. (?)
  3. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    You do realise Cubone with an Eviolite can tank 100 right. And hits for infinite damage :/

    Scary thought.
  4. Martin

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    and thats why you dont want anyone to find out.
    But jokes aside . . . that thought´s not even funny, i dont wanna lose to a cubone, what am i gonna say when friends ask me who did i lose to on round 2?
    I wont be able to show my face in public anymore.

    Now, back on topic, anybody knows the number of assitance for masters? or at least an approx.
  5. baby_mario

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    Do you mean the number of players??

    119 Masters
    44 Juniors and 44 Seniors.

    Personally, I think Zekrom needs to stop being such a wuss and demanding 'understanding'. You don't hear Reshiram whining about how no-one understands it do you?
  6. Nintendan

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    Indeed. That's why I'm stocking up on 'em right now.

    Anyway, seeing Zekrom was quite unexpected as it got shot down once MagneBoar hit the scene and everyone kept mentioning Donphan. I'm impressed to see it take on a Nats.
  7. PokemonEdmonton

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    I'm fairly certain ZPS didnt have yanmega. I dont remember seeing it altho i didnt stay for the whole finals.

    The list was very interesting say the least. It had a few cards most would not expect to see in it and I'm not going to leak it out of respect.

    Yanmega Magnezone was played mostly (if not only) by western players Seb Creama, Julian Wong, Gordon Coats, Andrew Vince and Mike Martindale all played it. Seb and Julian ran it straight, Gordon and Andrew ran it with "a tech", and Mike ran it with vileplume.

    Like-wise Mewlock (Mew Vileplume Yanmega muk jumpluff) was played by 4-5 Eastern players. Two of which made top cut at 5-2.

    Its safe to say they were both created / tested throughly by their respective "teams".

    Seb 6-1 Swiss T8 / Julian 6-1 Swiss T8 / Andrew 5-2 Swiss top 16 / Gordon 5-2 18th seed / Mike 4-3 (tyrogue donked on cleffa by blastoise flotzel and zekrom outraged donked on yanma).

    There was 8-10 Magneboar that I saw, altho Reshiboar saw quite a bit of play because people couldnt afford magnezone. Alot of "randoms" played CinccinoZorrarkDonphanYanmega or some combination of those.....
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  8. pho

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    All in one deck because JWittz put their pictures together in his video. :)

    The Top 16 decks were VERY interesting. Ambipom/Weavile? Who knew (besides the guy who played it)?
    Kingdra/Yanmega also was a bit surprising, but now that I think about it, I've seen a bit of discussion about the Mandibuzz version. I didn't think it would do that well because of all the MagneBoars.
  9. CBattlez89

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    I'm not gonna get worked up about this. Canada plays a much different meta game than the US and our meta is filled with Fire and Lightning Pokemon. Yanmega gets creamed by Reshiram, Magnezone, Emboar, Machamp with a full bench damaged, Blastoise with pluspower, ect ect. Yanmega can only do 70 damage, thats its ceiling. It can't kill anything but babies and if your a good player, you'll make sure your hand isn't the same size as your opponents and they won't be able to attack you anyway. I did this at a BR works like a charm. Yanmega is a good card but its so over hyped. I'm pretty sure it won't win our Nats.
  10. indercarnive

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    umm. 4 judge, 4 copycat. not hard to mimic hand. but i do agree its overhyped. Zekrom did so well because of the yanmega. yanega this, yanmega that. its a no brainer zekrom would do when sooooo many deck were based on yanmega. also(dont take me as a jerk for this) but how many matches did he win by donk. U.S. nats i agree will be more meta game decks. thats the oen thign i hate about this format. so many rogues. never know what to expect. before we knew g-dos, vilegar, and luxchomp. now we THINK magneboar, blastzel, ZPS, yanmega, reshiboar. not to count the infinite rogue decks out there like ambipom/weaville.
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    Dude, yes Yanmega Prime might be a little overhyped now, but do not dismiss it. Yes, the US meta will likely be different, but do not dismiss the Canadian results.

    The reason why people played Yanmega Prime was to counter Emboar. Also, with 4 Judge and 4 Copycat it is hit or miss whether you have any control over what your hand size is during their turn.

    I agree in that I do not think Yanmega Prime will not win US Nats, but more so because people will now be ready for it.
  12. baby_mario

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    So . . . you DO think it will win US Nats?
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  13. pho

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    Is Canada's Meta-Game THAT different from US? It just looks like more people decided to run Yanmega anticipating that everyone and their mother would run MagneBoar. Apparently 90% of Canadians just thought alike, and that's how Yanmega ended up being prominent. You guys are right that there's no way to predict if Yanmega will do as well in the U.S., but we can see that there's a strong possibility that the U.S. will have more Yanmega/Judge and Zekrom decks than anticipated.
  14. airhawk06

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    Oops.. got that one all messed up didn't I? Guess that is what happens when you try to post with your phone. I mean that I do not think it will win... haha. sorry about that
  15. Canada's meta included all the major decks that people thought were going to be played, its just that the decks you see in top cut beat them all. If you haven't seen yet i did a video review on nationals, its on this sub forum if you want to see it.