Changes for the season 2013-2014 in Europe

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    I don't know if it has been officially revealed to the mass of players in Europe, but there will be few changes in the way the tournaments will be held in Europe.

    Here are the few changes revealed after the meeting between the European entities :
    Battle Roads : The Battle Roads will now be held anytime between October and April/May. There will be no anymore boosters as prizes, only the promo cards (maybe).

    Tournament format : There are the big changes for the next year. Now games will be played in Best of 3 of 50 minutes + 3 turns. At the end of the game there will not be Sudden Deaths anymore, so Draws will be possible. There will be Tops limitation for each category of tournament. Maximum top4 for Battle Roads and top8 for the rest of all the tournaments... Means that at Euro Cup you will have hundreds of masters fighting for a top8... It seems that this concerns also Nationals (!).

    Professor Program : There will be 3 different classes for professors. The best professors will be eligible for big events.

    League : Seems that now league will allow to win both promo codes and promo cards.

    Player Rewards : Will disappear in 2014.

    Let's discuss !

    I predict a lot of changes to be revealed also after the US National... Maybe changes about how CP work.
  2. baby_mario

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    It's all a bit weird really.

    Especially the arrangement for Nats top cut

    (that's taken from the original source of this info, but put through google translate).
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    ^Erm, that's awkward.
  4. baby_mario

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    TBH it sounds like they are still working things out, so it's best to wait for an actual announcement.

    Two things though . . .

    1. More legit Swiss and a smaller top cut is not a bad thing. You earn your place in cut by performing well over a series of matches and I'm fine with that. I don't think cuts need to be massive, even though people will always whine about how they 'deserve' it because they X-2'd. Tough. You didn't.

    2. It's whatever it is. Play the game, do your best, be a man about it if you lose.
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  5. rafaelkatsuya

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    Not very sure how they will deal with nationals (if they do something).

    Most of Euro countries have top16 so... Top8 is very bad for most of them.
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    Hm, interesting indeed. Will have to get Organisers aware early doors to prevent confusion. Draws will also be a new thing for me. Wait and see.
  7. baby_mario

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    Top 8 isn't bad if the Swiss is more legit (best of 3).

    It still finds out who performed best at the tournament. It just sets a higher standard of what the 'best' is.

    Draws coming back is fantastic news (if true).
  8. rafaelkatsuya

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    Then why not round robin groups followed by tops :0)

    No seriously it is not rare to see a 6-0 losing top8 and a 4-2 winning. But yeah at least swiss rounds are legit.

    But now tournaments with 100 players or more will lack of interest. You lost one game? I am sorry you can drop like the 30 other players and you will kill some resistances.
  9. VictiniCup

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    If there is going to be no more sudden deaths, it will be great no more N'ing to one.
  10. pokemonguy

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    How will draws work?
  11. KPiplup

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    Same as they do for VGC I assume, which is X-Y-Z>0 beats X-Y-Z=0 (x=wins, y=losses, z=draws).

    In English, players that are (ex.) 4-2-0 would be ranked behind players that are 4-1-1.
  12. cyndaquil

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    I'm kinda liking the smaller cut.