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  1. Kudzo

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    Hi everyone! I live in Russia, and our meta-game is quite different from the world's one, because here we are allowed to play any cards starting from ex-sets. I run Charizard(AR) deck and the main problems for me are BlazeChomp and Tyranitar prime deck with umbreon(UD-10). And I wanted to ask what techs are handy against aforementioned decks, because both BlazeChomp and Umbreon just make me mad. I was thinking about Manetric(PL) with it's body against Garchomp C X, but apparently it doesn't help against Blaziken FB. So, every piece of advice will be very much appreciated. =)
    And also I'm really into VileGar idea, and I'm, so my second question is which deck suits better against theese two "problems"?
  2. doomscizor

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    I would be careful as including techs that aren't Fire, I think a safe bet would be Entei Riakou Legend with 2 rainbow energy, That would help your sp match ups and Umbreon because it hit around and KO's all the Crobat G's and uxie and Azelf, if you play it right you shouldn't have any of your pokemon KO'd but take a lot Ko's with it it. if not that then the Typlosion from HgSs should do okay, it don't have a body or power and still hits heavy
  3. blooper785con

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    Run vilegar with claydol and roseannes, it's too good!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. indercarnive

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    blazechomp would eat vilegar,
  5. Kudzo

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    Thx for your help! =)
    I've been testing various decks in "redshark" and I found that I feel very comfortable running VileGar.
    So, I wanted to ask you, are there any VileGar techs that can counter BlazeChomp completely , or that can be the closest thing to counter it? Because I still have serious problems playing against it.
    And remember that in Russia we can use all the cards, starting from ex-sets )
  6. blooper785con

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    Warp energy run 4 and that shud be good
  7. Zupwat

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    Yea, a VileGar with Claydol, Roseanne's Research, and 4 Warp Energy would dominate anything. Really, if Claydol is legal, and you're not running at least a 2-2 line in your deck, there is something horribly wrong.
  8. pikazap

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    worlds has no meta a metagame is what is runned most and runned less and worlds is all around the worrld who would be stupid enough to go all around the world each year and say oh the most popular deck is this: ??? well not me i can say that for sure
  9. Kudzo

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    POKEMON: 27
    Level-Up: 1
    1 : Gengar Lv.X, AR-97
    Stage 2: 5
    3 : Gengar, SF-18
    2 : Vileplume, UD-24
    Stage 1: 6
    2 : Gloom, UD-27
    2 : Claydol, GE-15
    2 : Haunter, SF-40
    Basic: 15
    4 : Gastly, SF-62
    2 : Uxie, LA-43
    4 : Spiritomb, AR-32
    1 : Unown Q, MD-49
    2 : Oddish, LA-112
    2 : Baltoy, GE-60

    TRAINERS: 21
    Supporters: 19
    4 : Roseanne's Research, OP8-11
    2 : Copycat, GS-90
    4 : Bebe's Search, RR-89
    4 : Looker's Investigation, PL-109
    2 : Mr. Briney's Compassion, OP2-8
    2 : Twins, TM-89
    1 : Palmer's Contribution, SV-139
    Stadiums: 2
    2 : Broken Time-Space, PL-104

    ENERGY: 12
    Special Energy: 6
    4 : Rescue Energy, TM-90
    2 : Warp Energy, SF-95
    Basic Energy: 6
    6 : Psychic Energy, DP-127

    I took out 2 pokemon collector and 1 palmer's, 1 Haunter and 1 Azelf.
    and put in 2-2 Claydol and 1 roseanne's. What do you think guys?