Chatroom/Xat for game-finding?

Discussion in 'SixPrizes Stuff' started by Zarco, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Zarco

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    Is there any chance of making some place to play against other 6P members on PlayTCG?

    I've played against a few too many rotated decks, terrible binder drops, and simply ignorant players (the straw that broke the camel's back was a guy today who was adamant that odds=heads, was sure Mewtwo's attack was 20+ rather than 20x, was playing Hydreigon+Zeels, and at one point Comp. Searched for a Gold Potion) lately, and it's hard to find good games. I think a chatroom of some sorts would be a great way to find other experienced players who are available.

    Another reason is to briefly discuss things like news, card combos, thoughts on a certain card, future decks, etc. that don't deserve or warrant their own thread. (e.g. my thread a while ago on whether anyone had a use for Regigigas EX, with no ideas from myself or any decklists- it was simply a "no", not deserving a whole discussion)
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