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    2x Smeargle UD
    2x Sableye SF
    1x Unown Q MD
    2x Blaziken FB
    1x Blaziken FB Lv.X
    3x Garchomp C
    1x Garchomp C Lv.X
    2x Uxie LA
    2x Crobat G PL
    2x Chatot G SV
    1x Azelf LA
    1x Toxicroak G promo
    1x Dragonite FB SV
    4x Cyrus’s Conspiracy
    2x Cyrus’s Initiative
    2x Judge
    3x Pokemon Collector
    1x Aaron’s Collection
    2x Bebe’s Search
    1x VS Seeker
    3x Poke Turn
    3x Power Spray
    3x Energy Gain
    2x SP Radar
    1x Premier Ball
    2x Special Darkness
    1x Basic Darkness
    2x Fire
    4x Double Colorless
    2x Warp Energy
    1x Sphychic

    I need some help improving the deck. maybe some more techs. more vilgar counters. something to improve the deck.