“Cirque du Poké” – The Spring Regionals 2014 Metagame Prospectus

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by DylanBryan, Apr 4, 2014.

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    Couple questions about trevenant/accelgor
    1) I like Jirachi in any stage two deck. If I could find space, should I run it?
    2) I noticed you only have 2 accelgor whereas most lists have three. Would you run three if you could find the space for it?
    Thanks for the response!
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  3. DylanBryan

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    AndrewMenza- I decided not to include Jirachi because I felt bench space was very tight when I played it. You have to restrict your field to 2 Trevenant, a accelgor, Mew, Dusknoir, Jirachi. If you can find a spot and feel it improves your consistency noticeably then I would advise running it, I just personally haven't found it necessary.

    I feel like the only reason to run 3 Accelgor is to prevent prizing. I just don't think the 1% chance of proving 2 Accelgor warrants running a 3rd copy. If you find yourself having trouble getting out Accelgor, I'd rather play a 4th Level Ball instead. I hope that helps, good luck at Regionals!
  4. xvncs

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    Dylan I also have a question about Trevenant Accelgor deck
    The 2 psychic energys were a backup for dce in order to attack with accelgor or to use trevenant as a attacker when attaching silver mirror?
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    xvncs-The 2 Psychic Energy were to attack with Trevenant/Silver Mirror against Plasma. You can't bench any Pokemon against a Plasma deck because the Plasma player will Red Signal around Silver Mirror. When I played the deck the Psychic Energys also worked as a backup for DCE, but that was more of a bonus than a reason to play the Energy. 4 Double Colorless energy are sufficient if you decide to cut Silver mirror. Hope that's more clear!