CMT - Celebi Prime, Big Basics (Mewtwo EX, Tornadus EPO)

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  1. I would stockpile energy with Shaymin EX onto Mewtwo Ex. It helps.
    Durant is nearly dead.
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    yeah durant is going to get steamrolled by reshiphlo, ( which is coming back) and zekeels.
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    I don't get why people keep saying Durant is dead. We can see from States that aside from CMT and ZekEels, Durant is topping better than any other deck. It's also winning more than any other deck (aside from Terrakion-style rogues). Durant was HARDLY affected by nEXt Destinies. Heck, it probably got better since it could start running Level Ball and drop Dual Ball's flippiness from the list. It also got a HUGE boost thanks to the number of special energies running around now, making Lost Remover the energy removal option of choice. It doesn't work against ZekEels well, but any deck with Mewtwo EX will be running DCE, and at some point in time they'll probably have to use it. There're also all the decks running prism and rainbow (like MeesieMew, 6 Corners, CaKE) that make good Lost Remover targets.

    And what exactly did Next Destinies do to make Durant die out? Bring out Zekrom EX and Mewtwo EX meaning the two top-tier decks can both 1HKO Durant? Oh no! Durant is getting 1HKO'd! That's so much worse than before! *cough* excessive sarcasm *cough*

    Even when Heatmor is released, Durant will still be legit. It's never been tier 1, but it'll never be tier 2. It'll stick around in tier 1.5 until it gets rotated. No matter what you release in the format, it doesn't matter because Durant goes for the mill. If people run Heatmor they'll be stuck with a useless Heatmor in a matchup that matters. And it's not like decks have a super-harsh time against Durant anyways. Why tech Heatmor when the match is already even, only to make the mirror etc... less favourable?
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    I think Virizion NVI should be under tech options. It's actually quite good in this deck.
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    I would personally go with 3 Switch and 3 Skyarrow. Why? It increases the chance of getting T1 80 with Hurricane. Plus, Switch is really a waste when using it on Tornadus and Celebi.
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    Actually, one of my last minute changes before Regionals was from 3 switch/3 skyarrow to 4 switch/2 skyarrow and I was extremely happy with the results. Being able to "switch" between Celebi and Smeargle and still use the free skyarrow retreat per turn into my attacker worked awesome! The 4 switch also made me more comfortable running Regigigas EX in my deck, which won me both games against Durant in rounds 6 and 7.
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    Yeah. 3 Skyarrow is too clunky because it often becomes dead weight in your hand after the first one is played. The big thing to realize is that Switch and Skyarrow aren't the same card. Switch doesn't use your retreat per turn, whereas Skyarrow does. That's huge when you already have Skyarrow out, because you can rotate 3 total pokemon in your active slot in one turn using only 1 switch. That's 2 Celebi Forest Breaths and then you attack, or a Forest Breath and a Portrait before you attack. 3 Skyarrow is just unnecessary.
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    3 Skyarrow is good if you expect to see other Stadiums played like Ruins of Alph. I had a game at regionals where I played down a Skyarrow, my opponent got rid of it with Ruins of Alph, and I never drew into another Skyarrow; and this was with 3 Skyarrow in the deck. I'd love to switch my deck up to have 4 Switch/3 Skyarrow, but can't find room, so I'm staying at 3/3. Also with the new Tornadus EX coming out, more Skyarrow is great to increase the chances of a turn one 60 damage.
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    A CMT running Tornadus EX can certainly justify a 3rd Skyarrow.
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    So my current CMT build is running 2 Tornadus EX, and I'm thinking about using Bouffalant as my non-EX attacker. I can't really justify a Tornadus EPO, since that leaves me with nothing to do against ZekEels. I'll also have trouble with energy since Tornadus EX can kind of hog it, so I can't tech something like a Virizion EPO. Bouffalant just seems like the right choice since I'm looking for something to hit for 90 to kill Eels, and not be an energy hog about it.

    Anyone else have any other ideas about how to run Tornadus EX in their CMT? I'm using a second one to justify the 3rd Skyarrow, since I think Tornadus EX will be key in squashing Zoroark and Darkrai decks, including donking Zoruas and Sneasels off the bat. That, and a rapidfire Tornadus EX out the gate is very difficult for a slower deck like Zeels to come back from.

    And I've never really liked Gigas in CMT :p
  11. Regigigas is good in CMT. As long as Zekeels doesn't play Terrakion, it easily takes a hit and hits for a large amount right back.

    If Tornadus EX is hogging Energy, that might be a problem. The reason Tornadus EPO is good is that it helps conserve Energy.