Combustion Blast Charizard EX (12/106)/Pyroar Deck (Flashfire)

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    Since we have had some pre-releases, I thought I would post a deck idea that many will be interested in.

    Charizard EX/Pyroar

    Pokemon (11)

    3 Charizard EX 12/106 (Combustion Blast)
    3-3 Pyroar
    2 Keldeo EX

    Trainers (37)

    3 Sycamore/Juniper
    3 N/Shauna
    3 Blacksmith (FF 88/106)
    1 Skyla
    2 Lysandre (FF 90/106)

    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Fiery Torch (FF 89/106)
    2 Pal Pad (FF 92/106)
    2 Professor's Letter
    2 Startling Megaphone (FF 97/106)
    3 Muscle band
    2 Float Stone
    1 Switch
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser

    1 Computer Search/Dousing Machine

    2 Virbank City Gym

    Energy (12)
    8 Fire
    4 DCE

    New Cards:

    Charizard EX
    Type: Fire
    HP: 180
    Pokemon EX rule
    [C][C][C] Wing Attack 60
    [R][R][C][C] Combustion Blast 150 - This Pokemon can't use Combustion Blast during your next turn.
    W: [W]
    R: None
    Ret: 2

    Type: Fire
    HP: 110
    Stage 1, Evolves from Litleo
    Ability: Intimidating Mane
    Prevent all damage done to this Pokemon by attacks from your opponent's Basic Pokemon.
    [R][C][C] Scorching Fang 60+
    You may discard a [R] energy attached to this Pokemon. If you do, this attack does 30 more damage.
    W: [W]
    R: None
    Ret: 2

    Trainer: Supporter
    Attach 2 [R] Energy from your discard pile to 1 of your [R] Pokemon.

    Trainer: Supporter
    Switch one of you opponent's Benched Pokemon with his or her Active Pokemon.

    Fiery Torch
    Trainer: Item
    Discard a [R] Energy Card from your hand. (If you can't discard a [R] Energy card, you can't play this card.) Draw 2 cards.

    Pal Pad
    Trainer: Item
    Shuffle 2 Supporter cards from you discard pile into your deck.

    Startling Megaphone
    Trainer: Item
    Discard all Pokemon Tool cards attached to each of your opponent's Pokemon.


    The objective of this deck is to get a Charizard EX hitting for OHKOs repeatedly as quickly as possible, walling behind Pyroar as needed.

    First, we need to power up Charizard EX. Combustion Blast requires [R][R][C][C]. This can be accomplished with a DCE and Blacksmith. Since we need [R] energy in the discard to use Blacksmith, we play Ultra Ball, and Fiery Torch to discard [R] energy. Fiery Torch also gives us some draw power for added consistency. Professor's Letter can get us some [R] energy to discard or attach as needed.

    Now, that Charizard is powered up, we need to boost it's damage output. 150 is good, but doesn't OHKO most EX Pokemon. Muscle Band adds 20 damage to OHKO the current popular 170 HP EX Pokemon. For those 180 HP EX Pokemon, we need either a Laser Bank or a Muscle Band + HTL. Worst case scenario, Charizard isn't able to hit for a KO. In such cases, a Wing Attack next turn should suffice.

    Now we have a powered up Charizard OHKOing our opponent's EX Pokemon, but Combustion Burst has the downside of only being usable every other turn. We play Keldeo EX with Float Stone to remove this limitation. (When a Pokemon hits the bench, all temporary effects are removed.)

    1. Rush In
    2. Retreat
    3. Blast
    4. Repeat

    Pyroar is here for those games when we can't get a Charizard going quite fast enough. Pyroar can slow down (or outright stop) most decks. Garbodor decks can shut off Intimidating Mane, but we play 2 Startling Megaphone for this reason. Blastoise and Emboar decks can use their Blastoises and Emboars, but they risk losing them to a revenge KO from Charizard EX. Genesect has G-Booster, but Charizard (and Pyroar) OHKO everything in that deck.

    Pyroar can also attack if needed. For a [R] energy and a DCE, we can hit for 90 with a discard, for a potential 2HKO against EX Pokemon.

    Supporter Choices:

    Juniper: Arguably the best draw supporter in the game. It also doubles as a method to discard [R] for Blacksmith.

    N/Shauna: Good draw supporters with varying uses. Shauna is better for raw draw support after you take 2 prizes. N has potential disruption in case the game doesn't go your way. A split is also an option.

    Skyla is here to grab that random trainer we need or that Supporter for next turn. Since our combos require some setting up, having that one Skyla can help with the necessary pieces. We only play one because we would almost always rather play a draw supporter or a Blacksmith. Skyla's space may also be better off given to something else. (Another Juniper/N/Shauna/Blacksmith)

    Lysandre: It is just a pre-errata Catcher in supporter form. I feel it's reliability more than makes up for it's downside. You can use it to snatch up that EX for the last two prizes or to KO that powerhouse your opponent plans to dump on you next turn. Lysandre also stops your opponent from walling behind non-EX Pokemon until he or she can come up with a response. In short, Lysandre keeps the pressure on your opponent.

    Blacksmith: Necessary for this deck to work quickly. We need that energy acceleration to get Charizard up early to start piling on the pressure.

    Pal Pad: (Not actually a supporter, but this is a good place to talk about it.) Pal pad is here to grab back those supporters you want to draw more of. Sometimes, 3 Blacksmith may not be enough. Pal Pad gives you the opportunity for more energy acceleration later. If you have my luck, Junipers almost always take some supporters with them. Pal Pad makes that painful Juniper less so.

    ACE SPEC Choice:

    Computer Search gives you the ability to search for that DCE or just any random card you need at the time.

    Dousing machine can pull back a supporter, such as a Blacksmith for energy acceleration or a Lysandre to grab that last KO.

    I prefer Computer Search, but either choice is good.

    I hope you have enjoyed my deck list. I look forward to hearing your responses, answering any questions, and seeing your variations of this deck. This is also my first competitive deck list, so generous amounts of constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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    Ok, prereleases are taking place so I'm going to start approving threads for the obvious competitive decks only. Anything weird will have to prove itself in actual tournaments.

    This one has text of unfamilar cards and a strategy write up, which makes my decision a whole lot easier.
  3. Professor_N

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    I think it is safe to take out the Muscle Bands in this deck. LaserBank gets the job done just fine, and you will OHKO Virizion/Genesect's Pokemon regardless of if you can use Lasers or not.
  4. Floral

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    Druddigion FF is a really good attacker and fits in this deck really well because it runs DCE. I would try to find space for 1 or 2 of them.
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  5. Professor_N

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    It can also help improve the Blastoise match up, if they ever choose to attack with Black Kyurem EX instead of Keldeo EX (which they won't, but you can dream).
  6. thflame

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    Muscle Bands are here for those pesky 170 HP EX Pokemon. The benefit of the Muscle Band has a chance to carry over multiple turns. Lasers are one-time use items that would either have to be used at the perfect time to get OHKOs or used to set up later OHKOs. I feel the inclusion of both adds consistency, but ultimately, the strategy remains the same whether you play muscle bands or not.[DOUBLEPOST=1398635271][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I agree. You could easily drop a 1-1 Pyroar for some techs. I left out Druddigon because I feel techs fall into the realm of personal preference. I wanted to get the basic idea across, and let the community run with it.
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  7. I like the Charizard with Garbodor, therefore even when aggressively taking prizes, there is a an element of l0ck!
    also i've been testing with 4 roller skates and 4 flame torch, with such a focus on blacksmith i feel that trainer draw is too sweet to pass up[DOUBLEPOST=1398638963][/DOUBLEPOST]also i have a question, can Mega EX's attack Pyroar and do damage?
  8. thflame

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    They aren't basics so I would assume so.
  9. ThePirateKingAtomsk

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    I don't think people should be using laserbank. Hitting for 170 is enough. You can play a 1-1 fortresses(sp) and take the 180 EXes after they run. Fort itself kills Plasma kyurem after it evolves and attacks it too. and for a DCE.
  10. Chaostamer

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    I've actually been liking Lasers without Virbank in this deck. On one hand, it requires you to have a Muscle Band and a Laser at the same time to hit 180 damage, but it also frees up some deck slots (and sometimes you can just ride off of other decks' Lasers).
  11. Professor_N

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    When I tried Lasers without Virbank, it failed pretty badly to be honest.
  12. thflame

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    That sounds like an interesting idea, but since stadium wars are a thing now, we kind of need a counter stadium. This deck already plays HTL, so Virbank just makes sense.

    I could easily see a variant that doesn't run Laser Bank. The deck would either need to find another way to deal with 180HP EX Pokemon, or just accept that it would be unable to get those OHKOs.

    To be honest, I tested this deck without Laser Bank and it wasn't too bad, but the only deck I played against was a Plasma (Kyurem) Deck. Basically, Pyroar won the game most of the time. The only thing I couldn't OHKO was Lugia EX.

    I decided to include Laser Bank because I feared the Blastoise/Black Kyurem match up. If, for some reason, you are unable to wall behind Pyroar, Black Kyurem will likely take 4 Prizes before it goes down.

    Also, Darkrai/Yveltal/Garbodor. Darkrai can 2HKO Charizard while softening up another for Yveltal. If you can't hit for 180, Darkrai gets the two turns it needs to KO Charizard. You can't depend on the Pyroar wall because of Garbodor.

    This does bring up a good question: Are there any Fire type/splashable bench snipers?
  13. Frd123

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    Just to add my $0.02. I think you can use a 1-2 line of Reshiram. Because a Banded HTL Virbank Blue Flare Knockouts 170HP EX while it doesnt suffer a lot from Yvetal EX revenge Evil Ball.

    And you can use 1 Reshiram EX, because it benefits from Bands and HTL just like Charizard, but doesnt need Keldeo to strike again in the next turn.[DOUBLEPOST=1398716748][/DOUBLEPOST]Splashables Bench Sniper, I would say Landorus EX, Stunfisk and a few prism/rainbow or even a Registeel EX.
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  14. Floral

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    The sniper is a really good idea. Kyuren NVI anyone?
  15. ThePirateKingAtomsk

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    Kyurem can't fit in here. Registeel does it's job for 3 colorless anyways.

    Pokemon: 11
    3 Charizard EX
    2-2 Pyroar
    2 Keldeo EX
    1-1 Foretress(I can't spell this name lol)

    Supporter: 12
    3 Blacksmith
    3 Juniper
    3 Skyla
    3 Shauna

    Item: 26
    4 Muscle Band
    4 Fiery Torch
    2 Starling Megaphone
    1 Pal Pad
    3 Ultra ball
    1 Level Ball
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Float stone
    Computer Search
    1 Super Rod
    2 Professor's Letter

    Energy: 12
    8 Fire
    4 DCE
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  16. Professor_N

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    Well it's LTR now, but where you gettin them water energies?
  17. JR_nathan

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    Starling Me?
  18. ThePirateKingAtomsk

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  19. Floral

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    Bring a sharpie and when you want to attach a water, color it blue.
  20. Professor_N

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    You might want to check the ruling on that one.
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