Combustion Blast Charizard EX (12/106)/Pyroar Deck (Flashfire)

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  1. SparkyArg

    SparkyArg Member

    What do you say about my list?

    Pokemon (12)
    3-3 Pyroar
    2 Charizard EX
    1 Mewtwo EX
    1 Keldeo EX
    1-1 Electrode PLF

    Supports (12)
    4 Professor Juniper
    2 N
    2 Lysandre
    3 Blacksmith
    1 Colress

    Items/Stadiums (24)
    2 Float Stone
    2 Bicycle
    2 Switch
    1 Startling Megaphone
    1 Professors Letter
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Muscle Band
    2 Levell Ball
    1 Pal Pad
    1 Dowsing Machine / Computer Search
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    2 Virbank City Gym

    Energy (12)
    8 Fire
    4 DCE
  2. thflame

    thflame Member

    My reccomendations

    -2 Virbank, -4 Lasers: Virbank helps you opponent poison Pyroar, Lasers have little use past boosting Charizard, which isn't necessary.

    -1-1 Electrode, +2 Bicycle: Unless you can guarantee that Magnetic Draw will be used 3 times, Bicycle is better.

    +4 Roller Skates: More consistency. You will need to spend your supporter on Lysandre or Blacksmith often, this means you need non-supporter draw methods for those turns.

    -1 Keldeo, -2 Float Stone, +1 Switch, +1 Escape Rope: Keldeo is something that can be pulled active and KOed around your Pyroar wall. It is also useless vs Garbodor. Escape Rope can work as an extra "gust effect" in a pinch, as well as a Switch.

    +1-1 Pyroar: This is going to win most of your games. You want to be able to set it up as fast as possible.

    +1 Blacksmith: You want to have one in hand whenever you need it, so play 4.

    You should probably find space for either 4 Catcher or 2 more Lysandre. You need to be able to pull up threats to Pyroar and get rid of them. You will want either 4 Lysandre or 2 Lysandre and 4 Catcher.

    I hope this was helpful.
  3. Gymmy91

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    What about this:

    4-4 Pyroar
    2 Charizard EX
    1 Mewtwo EX
    1-1 Electrode

    4 Juniper
    2 N
    3 Blacksmith
    2 Lysandre

    4 Bicycle
    4 Pokemon catcher
    4 Switch
    4 Ultra ball
    2 Level Ball
    3 Muscle Band
    1 Prof letter
    1 Startling megaphone
    1 Computer Search

    8 Fire energies
    4 DCE
  4. thflame

    thflame Member

    Not bad.

    I personally don't like Electrode, but it can work. (I'd rather play Roller Skates, or find space for a rare candy and use Delphox.)

    I also recommend finding space for a Pal Pad. You may need more than 3 Blacksmith and 2 Lysandre.

    Unless you aren't worried about it, Level Ball will rotate soon. There is some free space if you need it.
  5. Gymmy91

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    My first list as you may remember includes 4 Roller Skates and 3 Bicycle but 0 Megaphone and 0 Prof letter. It also included 3-3 Pyroar line instead of 4-4.
    What would you do to find space for more Blacksmith or Lysandre?? Also, do you think Level ball is really needed. I don't think I will have many problems in getting the pokemons I need since I'm running a heavy Pyroar line.
  6. thflame

    thflame Member

    I don't think Level Ball is necessary. My list doesn't include it. Ultra Ball works and, as you said, it is likely you will draw into a Litleo anyway.

    Sorry if I was confusing. My recommendation for you was to play Pal Pad. That way, you could shuffle in Lysandre and/or Blacksmith as needed. Not more Lysandre and Blacksmith. Just Pal Pad.

    I would recommend 1 or 2 Prof Letter. Sometimes you really need a [R]. It also combos well with Ultra Ball and Blacksmith AND it thins out your deck.

    Megaphone isn't REALLY necessary if you have enough gust effects. Here is the way I look at it: If I remove a tool from Garbodor, my opponent can just put another tool on it. If I Lysandre it up, then OHKO it, my opponent now needs to get another Trubbish in play, evolve it into a Garbodor next turn, and attach a tool to it. It's personal preference.

    My comment on Electrode was just personal preference. The problems I see with Electrode are:

    1) It's something your opponent can target down with their Basics for an extra Prize. That means one less Pyroar your opponent has to deal with.

    2) If either Voltorb or Electrode is prized, then the other is useless.

    3) Unless you can guarantee that Magnetic Draw will be used 3 or more times, 2 Bicycle are better than 1-1 Electrode.

    4) Starting with a lone Voltorb is bad. Landorus is pretty popular and can OHKO Voltorb for one energy.

    I would just rather play 2 draw Items instead of Electrode. Again, personal preference.

    Hope this helps.