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  1. bittyboy72

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    Hey everyone, i don't know if anyone will know the answer to this but I have a question I just can't get the answer to. I am building a computer and I am going to have 3 monitor and I plan on connect it to my TV as well with an HDMI cable. My question is my motherboard has both a DVI port and a HDMI port will it put out the same picture through both ports? I can't determine if it would or not. I know before when I used S-video to connect to the TV it showed the same picture as on the monitor, my hope is that it will treat it as a 4th monitor or I can change a setting to make it one. This may be a question you can't get a true answer to eithe rit may depend on how the manufacturer set up the motherboard.

    If not I am going to add a video card in with 2 DVI ports and it will be more expensive but I can get one with an HDMI port in it as well, but I would prefer that the one on the motherboard works because we are talking about 100$ more.
  2. Poteet

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    not quite sure if I follow, but you'll have the options to either duplicate or extend the desktop on each individual monitor.
  3. bittyboy72

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    Okay, I see what your saying. I am adding a second video card in for the other 2 monitors. So there should be an option to change the settings?
  4. Adam

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    What do you need so many monitors for? Are you becoming a stock broker or professional poker player?
  5. bittyboy72

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    I need so many monitors because I am building it as a show off computer! Also it is good for some games to have multiple monitors and plus I can play a game and be on Facebook at the same time then just slide type and slide back! I also want it connected to the TV so I can watch Tv from online websites like Hulu and stuff while still doing other stuff. I need a really good graphics card and probably a lot of RAM and I am hoping a Quad core processor will cut it.
  6. Charranitar

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    I think it will have to do with your video card. I'm sure you can get a video card that has as many (within reason) monitors as you want. But, I think it is going to be a driver/capability issue with your video card.
  7. bittyboy72

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    The problem is getting a video card with what I want on it. I only found one Video Card with 2 DVI ports and a HDMI port and it was way out of my budget. All the video cards I found have a DVI, VGA, and a HDMI for the most part. I think it will all depend how the company has the motherboard configured and if there is a setting that I can change to do this or not.
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    frankly you may be over doing desktop has 3 monitors now....and thats plenty...and thats all for my poker playing as adam eluded too lol
  9. bittyboy72

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    Lol! I know it is over doing it but I wanna build an awesome show off computer and plus it would be awesome to play games on a 52 inch screen! I also want to connect it to the Tv because we have a lot of videos shared on out network and plus I can watch stuff from sites like Hulu on the big screen while doing other things. Does anyone know where I can get some cheap RAM?
  10. chrataxe

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    Check Tiger Direct for RAM.

    As far as the Video card, to get your computer to do what you want it to do, its not going to be way around that.
  11. bittyboy72

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    I am getting majority of the parts from Tiger Direct already, and I know video cards are really expensive. The other problem is they fill up the slots on the motherboard... the monitors are going to be quiet expensive as well.
  12. Charranitar

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    Dang kid, ok lets see here:
    Your referring to hooking up several monitors to the same CPU and you also mentioned using different cables to achieve this, here's the problem with that, each cable transfers differently. You mentioned using a S-Video cable, those are terrible, I would scratch that idea immediately, same with VGA, also show off computer or not the configurations are going to be retarded difficult especially if your getting different resolutions going at the same time. I would recomend a KVM switch but your wanting to have all screens working simultatniously. Also what are you going to do about sound? This is why I would recomend HDMI video as oppose to the others.

    Also your going to need one hell of a power supply and I really dont think this is a project for a person such as yourself with not allot of computer experience. Also you have to let us know which operating system this thing is going to run in order for us to understand what the limitations are going to be. Each one is going to be diddferent, (i.e. Mac, Linux, Vista, 7)

    let me know if I can help any more because you dont want to screw something like this up, not with all the money thats going to be involved.
  13. bittyboy72

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    Lol! I am aware of a lot of the problems I am going to have, money being the biggest, and I immediately ruled out S-video to I have used it in the past. I wanted to do DVI to the 3 monitors on my deck and run a HDMI Cable to the Tv. There really is no difference between DVI and HDMI from what I can see so not much of a difference for anyway.

    HDMI will send the sound to my Tv witch has surround sound so that should take care of the sound problem if I use the sound anyway. I know I need a hell of a power supply especially because there are like 5 fans and LED lights running in the case as well. What size do you recommend?

    I plan on running Windows 7.

    I got most of it under control because my dad knows some computer stuff and I asked you for help already. Remember the post on your Facebook wall?
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    Yeah I remember but I wasnt aware it was for such a monsterious project lol.
    Depending on how many video cards you throw into that thing and the processor, I would guess your going to need at least a 650w-750w. Also your probably going to want to throw in some gauges to regulate your temperature. What kind of HD are you planning on running in that thing, also how many drives (i.e. dvd, cd, etc) and how many of each.

    And your mostly right about DVI vs HDMI being about the same, with the exception being sound. My point there was why not just use HDMI that way sound is taken care of regardless of which monitor your using.
    If you can pull it off it will be pretty awesome, regardless it sounds like a pretty fun system. I made a wall mounted PC once, with multi screen functionality, it was pretty neat, but as far as several screens on a single cpu the most I've done is 3, more than that and things get hairy lol.
  15. bittyboy72

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    I plan on running a Quad core processor, I would do a 6 core but it is way out of my price range, with the motherboard and all. I want to add a gauge that tell you the fans speed, temperature, and allows you to adjust there speed. I was also considering a liquid cooling system as well. As far as drive go I will probably go with no more than 2 DVD drives. I was considering a Blue Ray Drive but when I saw the prices I figured I should just by a Blue Ray player instead I don't plan on using Blue Rays much anyway, so probably 1 DVD drive. The problem with your HDMI idea is my monitors don't have speakers built in or HDMI imputes. I can get adapters to make HDMI DVI or vise verso though but I am not sure if it would still transmit sound DVI to HDMI. I am thinking about cutting the Tv and not putting the computer in my living room either. I don't plan on doing more than three monitors anyway. Do you think it would be okay to cheap out on the video cards and use splinters in stead? lol! It would be a hell of a lot cheaper!
  16. LOL it would be cheaper but Im not sure if it will transfer the sound either seeing as I have never tried it myself. Also liquid cooling is nothing special unless there is a freon agent cooling the liquid. If there isnt such an agent then you basically have a room temperature cooling process which in most cases isnt that cool. Although liquid cooling does often times give the computer the added "cool" look lol.
  17. Adam

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    This all sounds ridiculous to me... I picture bitty sitting in front of something looking like the control panel of starship enterprise.
  18. @ Adam: I was beginning to develop that very same mental picture lmao
  19. soggymoose

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    Drop the third monitor for the extra two cores if possible, i know you want three, but you're gonna need the extra power.
    By the way, AMD has cheaper six core processors if you want to go through with this. If you want to have a computer this powerful you're going to want to invest in quality. also has great deals on components.
  20. Markboatdude

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    Go to and get a ATI Radeon™ HD 5770. If you want to play though your going to have to pay.