“Consulting the Fossil” – Sage Tips on Preparing for States

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    That's a very interesting way to use Accelgor Garbodor, or as it's now called TAG. I've seen the idea of using Trevenant Accelgor GArbodar before, but that was built off of a Trevenant Accelgor deck. This on the other hand, has Garbodor as it's main strategy and Trevenant more so as a tech. Very interesting and cool idea, thanks for sharing the list!
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    Yep! I'm going to update the list here as I test it. I feel Mew EX should be in here.
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    This is a decidedly good article.
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    I feel like if you where going to play Mew, it would only be 1 or 2 of. It's also cool to see Cassius to be put to good use! I also prefer Virbank over beach, it lets you hit some magic numbers.