Counters and Counter Counters – Playing and Beating Klinklang and Gothitelle/Accelgor

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by badganondorf, May 28, 2013.

  1. Crawdaunt

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    So it's a plasma list playing deoxys/thundurus/kyurem eh? Interesting to hear of 2nd Tornadus as a tech/focus.
  2. Someone explain to me the logic in 2 Tornadus EX? 1 I can understand, given the hand refresh (and situational Jet Blast); but 2?
  3. Charranitar

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    It's a solid lead attacker. 2 plasma energy plus laser bank and 3 Deoxys in play his for 180, and at 180 up its more durable than Kyurem and more likely to get two of these attacks off. It's a mixed bag. Really strong against stuff that relies on the 2hko, but seems to false against stuff that can ohko it because of the energy investment.
  4. Crawdaunt

    Crawdaunt Active Member

    Yeah. Tornadus's Jet Blast is like putting all your eggs in a very durable, powerful basket. But nonetheless, if it breaks, you've lost everything.
  5. baby_mario

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    I would like it a whole lot more if the retreat cost was one.