Covering the Path to Worlds and Beyond

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    I really enjoyed the read, I felt it was good. I thought it was funny that you lost a match assuming your opponent had the fourth catcher because I won a game in the same manner when my opponent assumed I had a fourth catcher as well. It is a tricky situation, since for most games you have to assume there are four of them, same for the Ace spec. Overall I think what you did is what anyone sane would have done. I also enjoyed the part about Plasma Blast and it left me craving a Cradily deck. The perfect way of running a heavy Stage 2 deck without having to worry about Donkable Basics or Rare Candy Spots, plus since Lileep isn't a basic either you could choose exactly what Pokemon to start with. Not bad for a Stage 2 deck.
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    Exactly! And one thing I leave unmentioned in the article, but was only an afterthought, was the concept of running just Darkrais and Sableyes or something to begin a game.

    Either way, I'm excited for the new set. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for Battle Roads.
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    My mind went straight to Haxorus Plasma Blast, but I would need to glimpse through past sets to see what Stage 2 Pokemon are suddenly viable now in a deck like this.
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    Nice article.

    As former player of Blastoise, I can recognize the difficulties of this deck. You can spend the whole day with great starts and good draws and the next day lose all your games for the opposite reason. That's the reason I didn't played it at Nationls, I don't want to rely on Blastoise mood.

    I think you under estimate a bit Gothitelle deck, I don't know if you do on purpose to try to drive away the attention. The deck is known way since it was played in Japan and especially since it won Norway, but only with US nats the deck reached a full potential. What we have seen at us nats is that Gothi were almost undefeated in tops, and the reason is that the double or triple Keldeo no matter the deck you play does not improve a lot the matchup if they play at least 3 catchers.
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    Really strong article John, I was pleasantly surprised to see your name when I refreshed the 6P main site!

    I played Blastoise at St. Louis Regionals and Wisconsin States and had the exact same experience you did. During testing, league play, non-premier tournaments, Blastoise performed well for me winning a majority of games across the board. But every once and a while the deck would just die on me. I don't think it had anything to do with your list, Blastoise is just a finicky deck sometimes (on a side note, for Spring Regionals I got cold feet the night before, and switched to Victini EX/Terrakion EX and had much more success, haha). Jay reported a similar trend during the Chicago marathon.

    I think Gothitelle will be a solid deck for Worlds as there isn't a real hard counter to it. I think Goth players will start cutting cards to fit in more Catchers (cutting Town Map, Musharna and others). A friend of mine lost against a Gothitelle deck at Nats because he thought it was safe to bench his Keldeo EX, only for the Goth player to play a 4th catcher to seal the game. But maybe history will repeat and the basic rush decks will prevail again. It was sad to see Rare Candy not be featured in the Worlds winning list for the first time in the games history last year.

    Again, great read!
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    rafael: I don't know why you'd say I'm driving away attention -- a Nationals win speaks louder than any of my speculation. even though I am the biggest fan of Accelgor out there, I still chose not to play it because of the hate. And I wouldn't play it at Worlds because of the hate. Part of winning against double Keldeo requires hitting all of those Catchers at just the right time, which rarely happens.

    kgenthe: Thanks! I don't know what deck this would apply to, but the hardest counter of all to Gothitelle/Accelgor is a very basic mechanic: evolution. It's why my bad ZekEels list with Great Ball is undefeated against Goth/Gor on PTCGO (although to be fair, PTCGO random games should hardly count as certifiable results).
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    For a tournament such as worlds you can't realy make room for 4 spots to tech against a deck that you might not play against and even if you do you might not win...
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    Yeah, but when it's Accelgor the Nats winner, your space is well justified to beat it. Beating the deck is easy -- you just need the tools to do so.
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    For the Cradily deck, you could add 1-2 Empoleon DEX for some draw support.
    The new Drifblim and the Drifblim from Dragons Exalted are Plasma hate at its best.
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    Eh, maybe with a Bangle it is, but if the Drifblim from this set gets out too late, its effectiveness is diminished severely. I like your thinking, though -- Drifblim continues to be an intriguing under-the-radar inclusion. If only Genesect, Blastoise, Darkrai, etc didn't have so many basic energy...