D.C. Tournaments and Leagues?

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Should their be league's and tournaments in Washington D.C.

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. PallyPander

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    Hey guys! So as many of you know, The Pokemon 2014 World Championships will be held in Washington D.C. ( Hey, IM FROM D.C.!) I'm SO happy about this. But there is one thing I don't understand. I've always had to go out to Virginia to go to Pokemon Leagues and Tournaments, which take 30-60 minutes to get to. I've tried the league/tournament finder on Pokemon.Com, to try and find tournaments and leagues in D.C, but could NEVER find them. How can you hold the World Championships in somewhere with such a small player base?(I know there is a lot of tourist attractions so thus it is a good place to have it, but mostly, can someone find me a league in D.C.?
  2. galladeava

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    I voted No due to the numerous spelling and grammar errors in the question itself.

    Should there be leagues and tournaments in Washington D.C.?
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  3. baby_mario

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    Travelling 30-60 mins to get to a league/tournament isn't so bad. In fact, it's probably better than most players have.

    Player base is irrelevant when it comes to Worlds. Hawaii has a very small number of players, but that hardly matters when you have people flying in from everywhere.
  4. Serperior

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    There's no problem with taken long drives for leagues. Every week I go to two leagues. One is 15 mins away, the other is an hour. It doesn't hurt driving half an hour-an hour.
  5. PallyPander

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    we have a winner! :) i love putting grammer errors in things like this :p most people never catch them[DOUBLEPOST=1376580049][/DOUBLEPOST]But the only problem is my mom/dad/brother has to drive me, which is gonna be 2 hours driving in a day. Kinda sucks for them:/