Dark Explorers- Decks on the horizon!

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  1. Salamancer

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    Hey guy,I wanted to know if you had any other Ideas on what decks will be created and decks that will be popular. Here is what I have so far.

    Zekeels-Raikou Ex will give this deck a little boost but it will not be the staple or main attacker in the deck.

    CMT- Even though the official announcement of tornadus ex has not been made, tornadus ex will power up cmt by being able to do 100 on the first turn which can knock out genies with a plus power.

    Durant-There has been talk of heatmor destroying the ants, that is not going to happen, heatmor can be easily milled or prized. It is still a very competitive option.

    Terrakion variants-Ahh, terrakion. It will be an extremely popular deck with darkness on the verge and the current Zekeels deck. Terrakion has gained a powerful ally, Groudon ex. This will give terrakion a ton more firepower.

    Darkrai ex variants- Now, the much awaited dark types! With darkrai's ability to get free retreat, this will be a powerful deck. Plus with all of the dark trainers ( dark patch and dark claw) this deck will be played a lot.

    Please, if you have any decks that you think will be popular,please tell me! Thanks in advance!
  2. ussgordoncaptain

    ussgordoncaptain Skeptical of new cards

    CMT with Random Reciver and Tornadous EX
    4 Celebi TR 92
    1 Smeargle UD 8
    3 Mewtwo EX ND 98
    2 Tornadus EX DEX
    1 Virizion EP 17
    1 Bouffalant BW 91
    1 Tyrogue CL 36
    4 Professor Juniper BW 101
    4 Professor Oak's New Theory HGSS 101
    4 Junk Arm TR 87
    4 Dual Ball CL 78
    4 Random receiver DEX
    4 Skyarrow Bridge ND 91
    4 PlusPower BW 96
    3 Switch HGSS 102
    3 Pokemon Catcher EP 95
    4 Double Colorless Energy HGSS 103
    9 Grass Energy CL 88

    Simple fast and agressive, this deck is fast enough that most decks will have to defend themselves from its wrath in some fasion. The deck does not however have a good Zeels matchup anymore because Tornadus EX is to much of a liability.
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  3. beboppokedad

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    I'll post my slowking - bouffalant deck soon.... then you'll have the true answer for the meta

    (this, unfortunately for me, is a joke and not a joke) :confused: :psychic: :mad:
  4. koji

    koji last name ever, first name greatest

    wevile ud and zoroark dark explorers is going to be the BDIF. turn two 120 damage zoroark, free retreat, and it all ads up.
  5. Dweaver

    Dweaver Active Member

    Empoleon/darkrai to hit heavy and retreat when u need to
  6. LanturnPrime

    LanturnPrime HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!

    I proxied dark.dec and it is really cool. :D
    I prefer sableye at the start to keep dark patch going.
  7. craZmatthew12487

    craZmatthew12487 New Member

    dark.dec all the way!:smile:

    4 Zorua DEX (awesome attack)
    2 Zoroark DEX 1 BLW
    3-2-2 Krookidile DEX (preferably for your last two prizes)
    2 Absol Prime TR (Trust me, great starter here)
    2 Darkrai EX DEX

    TSS: 31
    3 Pokemon Collector
    3 Professor Oak's New Theory
    3 N
    2 Random Receiver
    4 Dark Patch
    3 Dark Claw
    4 Junk Arm
    2 Ultra Ball
    1 Revive
    2 Lost Remover
    4 Pokemon Catcher

    Energy: 11
    6 Darkness Energy
    2 Special Darkness Energy
    3 Double Colorless Energy
  8. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    I would love to see a Kyogre EX/Kingdra Prime deck but I think water decks are invalid due to ZekEels unfortunately.