darkness deck w/out darkrai

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  1. PokemonGeek

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    this may seem strange but the deck has been really consistent on playtcg.me. here it is

    2 garbodor
    2 trubbish
    3 sableye
    3 yveltal ex
    1 sneasel nxd

    4 sycamore
    3 n
    3 skyla
    2 ghetsis
    3 ultra ball
    2 dark patch
    3 float stone
    2 dark claw
    1 exp share
    3 enhanced hammer
    1 energy switch
    2 random receiver
    3 hypnotoxic laser
    2 bike
    1 crushing hammer
    1 professors letter
    1 life dew
    1 town map
    1 super rod
    2 virbank city gym

    8 darkness

    the strategy is to lock with garbodor while hitting with hammers, poison and yveltal ex.
  2. LinthDragon

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    I would run one less enhanced hammer and a 3rd laser. Because against Blastoise decks who run straight basic water energies enhanced hammers are dead draws. I would also run some double colorless for yveltal ex to give him extra power. And personally I would run some switches to get rid of special conditions since your not running darkrai!
  3. PokemonGeek

    PokemonGeek Derp, Derp, Derpity Derp

    garb locks dark cloak
  4. LinthDragon

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    True, which is why I would run some switches to switch out yveltal EXs from a damaged one to a fresh one.
  5. ShinyEevee

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    Dark/garb decks try to maximize the timing between putting on the garb lock and retreating. Sometimes its just better to kill the Blastoise or Keldeo's abilities and make due without free retreat for yourself. Other times you want free retreat and simply don't attach an item to garb. Darkrai decks don't just start garblock immediately and there are lots of games where I never use it. And a lot of dark/garb decks run 1 switch for just such occasions.
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