Rogue Darkrai-EX, Dusknoir BCR

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    I have recently been testing a darkrai dusknoir deck and wanted to get some feedback/suggestions about it. I have tested darkrai garbo and darkrai lasers, but at regionals, it was way too slow and I ended up with tons of ties. I think darkrai dusknoir is much faster after it gets set up and might be a good deck to try at states.

    Pokemon: 16

    2 Yveltal-EX
    2 Darkrai-EX
    2 Sableye DEX
    1 Keldeo-EX
    1 Yveltal XY - for even more speed, but might sub out for another sableye
    1 Absol PLF -might need to sub out for extra space
    1 Mr. Mime PLF -spiritomb might be better for virizion gene sect matches, but mr mime is useful in some matches

    2 Duskull BCR
    2 Dusclops BCR
    2 Dusknoir BCR -I tried with 2-1-2 line and 2 candy, but usually im not in a rush to get dusknoir out so I decided on a 2-2-2 line with no rare candy

    Trainers: 35

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    1 Colress
    1 Bike
    2 Random Receiver
    1 Dowsing Machine

    4 Dark Patch
    3 Laser
    3 Ultra Ball
    1 Level Ball
    2 Enhanced Hammer
    1 Escape Rope
    2 Muscle Band
    1 Super Rod
    1 Prof letter
    1 Tool scrapper
    2 Virbank
    1 Frozen City

    Energy: 9

    9 Dark-Thinking of adding DCE's

    [Mod's Note: This list is 1 card over.]
    Oops forgot that I took out 1 colress…. sry lol:)

    After testing the deck, here's what I think are the good and bad matches:

    Blastoise and rayboar: 70:30
    This is a really good matchup for this deck because of frozen city and sableye. I try to get out frozen city early and setup sableyes. When the stadium is countered, I junk hunt back a dowsing machine and next turn dowse for it. I don't need many attackers in this matchup because frozen city is already doing tons of damage. Once a sableye gets KO'd, I come up with another and junk hunt back a super rod to shuffle them back in. In the late game, I set up dusknoir and KO all the blastoise and leave them with nothing to work with. I feel this is one of the best matches for this deck.

    Yeti 60:40

    This is a pretty good match for this deck because the lugia and snorlax usually have tons of energy on them, so yveltal is able to do tons of damage. I spread the damage out and then when they put up an attacker, I can just move all the damage to it. The problem is that if they can stall the snorlax active and red signal out the dusknoir, it is hard to switch out to anything because i only play one switching card. However, if you get setup quickly, there should be enough damage on the board to KO the snorlax. Other than that I like to use sableye to keep recycling the enhanced hammers and they really are left with nothing to work with.

    Virizion Genesect 40:60

    This is a bad match for this deck because of G-booster. You already have 5 unusable cards in your deck (laser bank) and g booster will be very tough to deal with. I might add the spiritomb just for this matchup, but I'm not sure if it will be played very much at states because it didn't get a whole lot to work with from xy.

    Dragonite 60:40

    Although this deck relies on items, this is a pretty good match because you can get dusknoir out. If they play the version with garb odor and reuniclus, it is tough for them to decide which one to setup. Dusknoir usually beats reuniclus if they set that up, and if they set garb odor up, you can just evil ball them and OHKO their dragonites with a few energy.

    Trevanant 80:20
    This should be an easy match as you can just rush in and retreat to KO the trevanats.

    Darkrai Garbo 40:60
    This match could go either way and it basically is just a darkrai mirror match. However, I think garbodor has a slight edge because I do not play float stones. If I get tons of damage on the board and use my scrapper wisely, this should be a winnable match.
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    Thanks for putting this thread up. I feel like since there is the plasma variants thread, there should be a Darkrai variants thread, considering that there are more of them than plasma decks. I mean, for plasma, there's TDK, Yeti, (and Aromatisse?). But for Darkrai, there's Speed Darkrai, Darkrai/Yveltal, Darkrai/Garbodor, Darkrai/Dusknoir, Darkrai/Hydreigon, and possibly Darkrai/Terrakion. Do you see what I'm saying?
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    Yeah I think this deck definitely has potential and it got a lot to work with from xy. Ill warn you though that it is a very tight list and there are many cards (like energy switch) that I couldn't find room for.[DOUBLEPOST=1392896293][/DOUBLEPOST]Is there a way to put this in deck help also because I want feedback/suggestions on it as well. Is there a way to move it? Thanks;)
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    Just make a thread over in deck help. Keep a competitive deck thread for this deck.
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    After a quick look I think you'd want to bump either the supporter line with something like +2 Shauna or add more Random Receivers. I like the idea of Spiritomb blocking G-Booster and such or Mime preventing bench snipe, I'm not sure if the deck can afford either. If you have a Dusknoir, Sableye, Darkrai and Yveltal in play you've already used up 4 spaces. I would only out in DCE's if you wanted to go more aggro with Yveltal so just dark energies is fine in my opinion. I think Super Potion could also be used to either remove bench snipe (if you're not using Mime) or to heal from your active and get energy in the discard for Dark Patch.

    My card choices:
    +2 either Shauna or Random Receiver, 2 Rare Candy (or add 1 Candy and another Ultra Ball)
    -1 Bike, 1 Super Rod, 1 Dusclops, 1 Level Ball, 1 Mime/Spiritomb
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    I would love to have room to add all those cards, but I think all the cards that you want me to get rid of are incredibly important for this deck. Bike is nice to have because you can recycle it with junk hunt. Super rod is nice to have so you can shuffle back in dusknoirs and sable yes and don't have to worry about discarding them from juniper or ultra ball. I also think that this deck could work well with candy or without candy. I have tested both and think that without candy is a little better because you don't have to have both of the cards in your hand (candy and dusk) at the same time. This makes this deck not as much focused around dusknoir and getting him into play. Level ball could be subbed out but id want to have 4 pokemon search in here so i could sub it for ultra. Spiritomb i would like to keep because if i get rid of him, this deck almost always loses to virizion genesect. Thanks for the feedback though and I will test with both deck ideas:)