Tier 1 Darkrai EX, Garbodor DRX

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  1. blazechomp1

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    Garbodor is not always going to be up. And sometimes you really don't need Garbodor shutting down abilities, so you want to use Darkrai's ability
  2. HighShroomish

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    Unless I'm missing something, you use switch when your in the mirror and your float stones got scrappered. It is actually very helpful.
  3. blazechomp1

    blazechomp1 Active Member

    in the mirror you really don't need to setup garbodor, because why set it up? Both of you are running float stone already, so it would be really hard to stall. Also, yeah your float stone can get scrappered, but what would switch do? You can simply attach an energy to retreat. There are obviously those situations where you need the switch, but most of the time it would not be hard to get going. Switch is a nice luxury card, but is definitely not necessary.
  4. Drench

    Drench Active Member

    It's necessary. Laser is still around, and there are plenty of times.. now that energy switch is gone.. that you want to not have to attach to an active just to retreat it since you want to attach to bench then dark patch, etc etc.

    Switch isn't a luxury, it's a really good idea.
  5. blazechomp1

    blazechomp1 Active Member

    the amount of lasers is really low though. Yes its still present, but TDK, as you said, still will run bangle and not laser and Virgen will still be played. The amount of times where you are in the situation you talked about is not high. I've played about 80 games with this deck and I have rarely ever been in a situation where the switch was necessary
  6. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    switch is more of a mirror tech. lasers can hurt cause you dont want to waste 2 energy retreating a darkrai that has 120 on it. leaving it active allows for catcher 30 splash KO. and gods help you if you stay asleep going into your turn.
  7. bionicle360

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    Well, Darkgarb gets the first big win of the season @ the Klazynski open, a freaking 13 year old, Lex D'Andre wins it all, let's try to get his list, because this will obviously be the list to consider.
  8. public_toilet

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    Does this deck have any bad matchups?
  9. JR_nathan

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    TDK. Oh and Blastoise.
  10. Monferno

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    Are you joking

    The 50+3 swiss time limit for this season.
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  11. public_toilet

    public_toilet Seriously Likeable here guys, Just sayin.

    good one.[DOUBLEPOST=1378092057][/DOUBLEPOST]

    I think, since the deck can dictate whether the game is fast or slow, it will still have a really great chance with the new swiss system.
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  12. Ziggmiceter

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    The only deck that I really saw give this deck trouble enough to argue for a negative matchup at the KO was Virizion/Genesect. Blastoise is a solid 50/50 and you beat Plasma pretty well, especially if you draw into your Enhanced Hammers earlygame.
  13. public_toilet

    public_toilet Seriously Likeable here guys, Just sayin.

    I hope Darkrai takes a 3rd worlds. Would that be the first time that has happened?
  14. fuzzywuzzy

    fuzzywuzzy Member

    Do you guys think Enhanced Hammer is a must for this deck against Plasma? I've been tweaking my list and I just don't feel Enhanced Hammer is really necessary for this matchup.
  15. ShiningZeraphime

    ShiningZeraphime New Member

    Excuse me, but I cant see anything on this page. Whats going on there? Has Darkrai/Garb won the tournament? Or was it successfull other wise?
  16. Evil_eggs

    Evil_eggs New Member

    Yes, Dark Garb won the tournament.

    I have a different list. It contains foul play Zoroark.

    Pokemon- 14
    2 trubbish (1 PLS 1 DEX)
    2 Garbodar
    2 Zoroa (ascension)
    2 zoroark
    3 sableye
    3 darkrai

    Supporters: 12
    4 juniper
    3 N
    3 skyla
    2 colress

    Trainers- 23
    1 dowsing machine
    2 random receiver
    4 dark patch
    2 Dark claw
    3 float stone
    3 ultra ball
    2 level ball
    3 catcher
    2 energy search
    1 super rod

    Energy- 11
    11 darkness energy

    I know that zoroark is one of the most debated cards, but I would like some feedback on this list. I'm considering playing it for "Battle Roads" (League Challenge) in the fall.

    I am looking for help on my items more than my Pokemon choices... Those wont change unless there is a very good reason
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  17. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    seems interesting. but i cant see zoroark making as many numbers as darkrai or absol.
  18. Evil_eggs

    Evil_eggs New Member

    I disagree. Zoroark can put up 200 by using black balista. Also zoroark first attack nasty plot search your deck for a card... Seemed like a very stung play. What other Pokemon do 200 damage and let you search your deck for a card with no drawbacks?
  19. blazechomp1

    blazechomp1 Active Member

    lol meant energy search[DOUBLEPOST=1378127641][/DOUBLEPOST]
    but at the same time it has less hp, is a stage one, is dependent on your opponent, and at times can be very underwhelming. (image they bring up deoxy....)
  20. Evil_eggs

    Evil_eggs New Member

    But at the same time it is only a stage 1, which means only 1 prize is taken.