Tier 2 Darkrai-EX, Hydreigon DRX 97

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    Personally I don't think you need that many attackers. I use Darkrai, Hydreigon and Victini EX (and even then I'm considering getting rid of the Victini). The deck doesn't really need any kind of counter cards like Genesect or Giratina and such. Hydreigon hits for 170 with a bangle which OHKO's a good majority of this format's prominent EX's such as Keldeo, Genesect, Virizion and etc. I feel if you want a tech attacker in the deck then Victini EX has the best overall usage in that it counters Genesect pretty well while also providing a useful Turbo Energize should you get stuck with one in the active T1.
  2. MVTK

    MVTK Tech M9me

    Ahhhh, you figured out my plan!

    Virizion's purely a meta call at this point. If you think Lasers will still be a thing, it's probably a good idea to have it. If you think the sea of Virizion will cause it to be thrown to the side, take it out. I'm only seeing Lasers right now in DarkGarb, though I have played a Plasma deck that tech'd both Virizion AND Lasers. It's a tough call, but does leave room for other techs if you do take it out.
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    Is there any way for this deck to get the Blend GFPDs from the discard pile?
  4. ImBlue

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    That's the question, isn't it? Will people stop playing lasers expecting Virizion, or will they continue to play lasers because they'll expect others to stop running Virizion due to the anticipated lack of lasers? I'd keep it just to be safe, but then again this deck needs all of the space it can get.
  5. MVTK

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    The only Deck I've seen that really uses Lasers persistently is DarkGarb, and Virizion's 50/50 at best in that matchup. I know a few Plasma decks that might go with Laser, but I don't think that off chance warrants Virizion (I'd rather tech more interesting things)
  6. Wrags23

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    In my opinion, I'd cut out Virizion and add something else to improve some other matchups.
  7. JAM

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    MVTK and Wrags23. I have a feeling that there will be plenty for decks still playing lasers. Its to strong to see it disappear just because of Virizion. With that said, the two decks that will play it most are two of the best decks in the format that will see a lot of play(Plasma and Darkrai Garbodor). Virizion is too good as a tech in this deck to not play a one-of IMO. This video should illustrate that in a top level setting. Pram is unable to get those big KOs on Darkrai because of Virizion and as a result he chooses to catcher around the Darkrai on multiple occasions, knocking out Hydreigon instead. Which doesn't end up working. If Virizion was not there Xander would have lost those Darkrai and all of his energy.

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  8. Wrags23

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    I am not saying that Lasers won't be around... I still use it in Plasma, Darkrai/Garbodor, and Speed Darkrai. And as a one-of, the card is pretty good. However, I am seeing people using 2 or 3 of these in Darkrai/Hydreigon, and I don't think that makes any sense.
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  9. JAM

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    Yeah, I would agree that Virizion EX is a one-of. It basically replaces the Keldeo EX you would have had in this deck last format.
  10. Diegomaxxx

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    I think it's nice to have 1 virizion ex in this deck.

    my list so far:

    pokemon - 14
    3 - deino (DR93)
    1 - deino (PF75)
    1 - zweilous (DR96)
    3 - Hydreigon
    3 - darkrai ex
    2 - sableye
    1 - virizion ex

    supporter - 13
    4 - juniper
    4 - N
    3 - skyla
    2 - colress

    Items - 21
    1- level ball
    3 - ultra ball
    3 - max potion
    3 - P catcher
    3 - rare candy
    4 - dark patch
    2 - dark claw
    1 - tool scrapper
    1 - computer search

    energy - 12
    8 - dark
    4 - blend

    I try to focus more on consistency rather than techs. This list is running pretty well.

    The dark claws are for the plasma matchup, also help a little to one shot garbodor and make better maths on virizion genesect if they dont play mr. mime.

    Against plasma I would say its pretty fair, the dark claws hep you a lot. They can one shot you, but it's difficult that they can do it in consecutive turns, also I play 4 dark patches to recover

    against virizion genesect algo it's pretty fair, if they use g-booster two turns in a row on your darkrais is probably a loose, if they dont you are fine.

    against garbodor it's very difficult, if the tool scrapper its not prized you have to outpeed them (which its very uncommon), or you have to use your tool scrapper and kill garbodor on the same turn and kill every trubbish they bench after that. You could not wiff any card in this matchup. I think its wineable just because you can junk hunt for tool scrapper, but it's hard.

    against blastoise: Auto loss. They destroy your darkrais with BKEX and your hydras with keldeo. They have to draw dead or some weird thing in order you can win

    Things I have tried:

    Giratina ex and genesect ex: I use them as a counter to blastoise, but they are little to no help against blastoise, this is mainly because you have to have 2 blends in play to use them, and BKEX just ko you back.

    Shaymin ex: It work a couple of times, but its too fragile to like it

    silver bangle: This was in my deck intead of dark claws, but soon I realize that I don't want to attack so often with hydreigon. One shot 170hp exes is great, but I just dont wanna attack with hydreigon until I have 2 in play, and that it's not so easy.

    victiny: this guy guy improves you virizion genesect matchup a lot, and the option of turbo energize is very good, but again it's too fragile to like it

    random receivier: I like the consistency of this card with sableye's junk hunt. But the skyla line weakens this card, and I really like the 3 skyla in this deck.

    What do you guys think?, how are your matchups?, and do you preffer the simpler version or the more techy one?
  11. forsomereason

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    Suggestion for everyone who is having trouble with keldeo/blastoise please play this: [​IMG]
  12. Cartoon_Eric

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    I should probably be kicking myself for not thinking that sooner.
  13. forsomereason

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    Yeah just trying to help everyone out. Makes the Keldeo matchup winnable unless they play BKEX.
  14. indercarnive

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    which they do...
  15. Diegomaxxx

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    I think tropius is very usefull against a straight keldeo blastoise and the ocasional return early game. But straight keldeo blastoise it's not very common, because of the weakness vs virizion genesect. If they play BKEX, they just have to attack with it, and tropius can't help if the keldeo or the blastoise doesn't have energies on them. Besides it's weakness to thudurus ex is not very good.

    What do you think on mewtwo ex in this deck?. It's a versatile 2 energy attacker. And even in weird situations you could use psydrive. Deoxys it's the only problem, but just not bench him untill they run out of prism or plasma energies, or for the final blow.

    I know that absol it's a good 2 energy attacker, but I think it has low hp, and very often when I attack with him I just loose 2 energy right away
  16. forsomereason

    forsomereason Member

    I play to Tropius because I play Bangle. Usually I can bait my opponent into charging up a Keldeo with 3 energy+ and then come and attack with Tropius killing it with a Bangle if I need to use one. I play a more unusual build with 2 Absol and 2 Darkrai and I prefer attacking with my 1 prize attackers like Absol and hydreigon then I do with Darkrai. I did try Mewtwo at 1 point but I didn't feel that I garnered the spot in the deck because it wasn't very useful in the Plasma matchup or vs. BKEX/Keldeo/Blastoise. I also prefer Tropius over him even though he is more situational because I don't mind as much if I start with him and he is easier to get an OHKO on a Keldeo with.
  17. Diegomaxxx

    Diegomaxxx New Member

    good point, if you focus on silver bangle and non ex attackers then absol and tropius are the best you can get. How do you think your machups against blastoise, plasma, genesect are going so far?
  18. Crystaleyemonster

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    I really hate this deck this format.
    I year ago I loved it and I was playing it in seniors... How time has passed lol.
  19. indercarnive

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    vir/gen is a wins cause bangle dragon blast is OP
    plasma can be hard but winnnable
    blastoise hard but winnable, very dependent on starts and techs
  20. JAM

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    Here is an interesting tech for the plasma match-up. We just started doing some testing with it as a one-of, but it allows you to disrupt TDK by rearranging their special energy in ways that makes it hard for them to get off a meaningful attack the next turn. For instance, you could move all the plasma energy they have on the field to one Pokemon and all the colored to another. In most cases you would probably move the energies to different Deoxys. You obviously wouldn't want to do this if there is a reasonable chance they could KO your Azelf the following turn since you would loose three energy. We saw some success using this tactic already, but its going to take some more testing to find out if its really worth it. It is situational at best, and mainly against one match-up. Whoever thought this card would ever do anything useful?