Tier 2 Darkrai/Yveltal/Virizion

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    Moderator's Note:

    I am posting this on behalf of @KeldeoBlas54

    This is the deck that he and his friend used at Maine States. They both made top cut (one in Masters, the other in Seniors).


    Hi, so this is the deck list and the example of how it runs below it and also the credit goes to my friend Jake Cyr, of Maine.

    So the idea is that you hit mainly with Yveltal EX and use Sableye's Junk Hunt. You have Darkrai and Virizion sit on the bench for the most part and use the Blend to have both the free retreating and no status effects on that Pokemon. This makes it so you can constantly retreat with Darkrai and not be poisoned by Hypnotoxic Laser because of Virizion.

    POKEMON - 12
    2- Darkrai EX
    2- Yveltal EX
    2- Virizion EX
    3- Sableye
    2- Yveltal
    1- Mr. Mime

    S/T/T - 35
    3- Professor Juniper
    3- Skyla
    2- N
    2- Shauna
    1- Ghetsis
    1- Colress
    4- Hypnotoxic Laser
    3- Crushing Hammer
    2- Enhanced Hammer
    3- Ultra Ball
    1- Scramble Switch (ACESPEC)
    1- Escape Rope
    1- Energy Retrieval
    2- Virbank City Gym
    1- Professor's Letter
    2- Tool Scrapper
    3- Pokemon Catcher

    ENERGY - 13
    5- Dark Energy
    4- Grass Energy
    4- Blend Energy G/D/F/P
  2. Hurrmaadurr

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    No dark patch or muscle band?
    And 3 catcher?
    Someone is feeling risky
  3. KeldeoBlas54

    KeldeoBlas54 New Member

    We never needed them and catchers in this combo deck was really handy
  4. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    With a mere 5 Darkness Energy I could see why running Dark Patch would be pointless to some extent.
  5. KeldeoBlas54

    KeldeoBlas54 New Member

    Yep that's why energy retrieval and yveltal basic where better than a dark patch in that case and also like Professor_N said there arnt enough dark energies to run them.
  6. jeffrey3421

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    Really like this deck.
    However, I would cut the Blends for Darks and the crushings for patches. I would keep maybe 1 enhanced.
  7. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    Like he said, Patches are not useful with such a low Darkness count. And why in the world would you cut Blends? They are the best card this deck can play, provides Darkness and Grass, it's so good for this deck to have.

    I have one question for the creator of this deck; How often did you use Emerald Slash onto Yveltal EX in your games that you played? I would guess none, but I wouldn't think it would be a bad thing to do.
  8. shong

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    I actually just played against a deck like this today, I thought it was quite intriguing and didn't realize that it was a thing. Having never played with it and only played 1 game against it I can't comment on how effective it actually is but from a concept point of view I personally prefer it to a basic Yveltal/Darkrai as it maintains a solid level of aggro while bringing quite a bit to the table against a variety of matchups.

    The list was running no Blend and had Dark Patches. I was quite surprised when Virizion found his way onto the table relatively late game, thought I was just looking at a basic Darkrai/Yveltal prior to that.
  9. Khalldor

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    Did you play against many Blastoise / Emboar decks?
  10. KeldeoBlas54

    KeldeoBlas54 New Member

    I keldeoblas54 played against 2 blastoise decks and won both and my friend jake played one of each blastoise and one embor and lost to both but we both thought about it after and Me in the younger age group had no beaches and the other masters had 3 in both of there decks
  11. yoyos

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    I like virizion/yveltal, just not this version. Still good showing with it KeldeoBlas54.
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  12. jake_cyr

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    Acctually I did it enough times to where it did matter my win and in to the top cut was out speeding darkrai yveltal buffelant solo it came in handy alot
  13. loosegiraffe

    loosegiraffe AK gamer

    Very interesting deck concept. I might tinker with it for a league challenge.
  14. fuzzywuzzy

    fuzzywuzzy Member

    What is the point of having Virizion EX for stop status effects? Isn't having a dark energy on Keldeo to rush in much better?
  15. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    Good god, no.
    Virizion prevents Lasers from functioning in the first place. You don't take the thirty damage, and Ninetales and Accelgor are dead cards (but that's a rare situation to be in.) Even after you Rush In, you've still taken the damage. Virizion keeps things from happening.
  16. fuzzywuzzy

    fuzzywuzzy Member

    Ahhh I see. Sorry, didn't even realize that lol. Thanks for the clarification.

    So what matchups does Virizion improve on compared to Darkrush? I feel the only matchup that Virizion improves is Trevenant/Accelgor and maybe against Darkrush to prevent OHKOs. However, Yveltal mirriors usually revolve around Y-Cyclon-ing instead of Evil Ball-ing so I'm not sure.

    Virizion doesn't improve on Blastoise, Emboar, and Lugia matchups, which are probably Darkrushs tougher decks to play against.
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  17. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    You cannot get hit by Laser, which is a big part of the DarkRush deck itself so it improves that match up greatly. Ninetales and Accelgor are practically an auto-win match up assuming you attach a Grass to your Virizion in the Ninetales match so they can't do any Bright Look shenanigans.
  18. jake_cyr

    jake_cyr New Member

    Well fuzzywuzzy... to be honest it was just because everyone up here was playing some sort of a status effect deck so I made something to beat it. You don't usually attack with verision unless you need to but it has proven to be good. And I haven't lost a plasma matchup yet. My friend josh just got back from regionals and he did fairly well there he plays lugia rush. And then I got some one playing yehti so I have a good basis to go by there. Its also fun when you ghestis your darkrush opponent and they lose their whole hand on your first turn...
  19. fuzzywuzzy

    fuzzywuzzy Member

    So with the release of Druddigon (FF), I've decided to take a second look at this deck because it has an answer to Blastoise/Rayboar matchups now. Here's my list:

    Pokemon (11):
    3 Yveltal EX
    2 Darkrai EX
    2 Virizion EX
    2 Bouffalent
    1 Druddigon
    1 Jirachi EX

    T/S/S (36):
    4 Juniper
    4 N
    2 Colress
    2 Bicycle
    2 Catcher
    1 RR
    4 Ultra Ball
    3 Dark Patch
    2 Energy Switch
    2 Virbank
    4 HTL
    3 Muscle Band
    1 CPU
    2 Professor's Letter

    Energy (13):
    6 Dark
    1 Grass
    4 Blend GRPD
    2 DCE

    I feel like I might be trying to do too much with the deck (with energy switches, dark patches, dces) but I think I need those to compete with the current meta, keep the grass energy around, and power up attackers fast.

    I chose to play CPU because I want to be able to search for ANY card instead of Dowsing for a limited number of cards from the discard.

    Jirachi EX is in there because I want more outs to getting a Supporter (which is increased now with Jirachi and Ultra Balls) but I might take it out if I see it'll become a liability since Lysandre is around.

    Also, I don't know if 2 Lysandre is the way to go, maybe just one. Spending my supporter for the turn for a guarantee KO is great and all but I'd prefer to get a fresh hand or something. Also, playing Lysandre makes me want to avoid running any RR because RR for a Lysandre is worse than Skyla IMO. At least with Skyla, I can get another supporter and have an out for next turn.

    I wanted to play 2 Druddigon but I feel its too match specific so I opted to increase the Bouf count since it can still serve a purpose in the Blastoise/Rayboar matchup and others as well.

    Running 2 Professor's Letter seems weird but I like it. My specific energy counts are so low that I want to be able to search for them when I need them.

    Any advice on my list is greatly appreciated. I'm still working on it so any suggestions would be great.
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  20. Matip

    Matip New Member

    What if your opponent plays pyroar?