Tier 2 Darkrai/Yveltal/Virizion

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    You slide a Bouffalant under your Yveltal while your opponent isn't looking and pretend the Yveltal is now a Stage 1.
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    I think Jirachi EX is pretty risky with Lysandre's release.

    While I don't think Pyroar is great by any means, I do think its existence makes running a deck like this that aims to do a lot of great stuff, but not as fast as regular Yveltal (and obviously without Garb) a bit riskier as well. I'm not really sure what the proper adjustment is, but I'd likely start with a couple Lysandre myself and a 1-1 or 2-2 Raichu line or something might be worth considering.
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    I think that Raichu is a very viable counter to Pyroar. I am playing a 1-1 line in my speed Yveltal deck, as well as two Lysandre. I don't see why that wouldn't be just as good here.
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    I'm honestly not too worried about Pyroar. If I was going to go 1-1 or 2-2 Raichu, I think I'll just play Zoroark since it helps in so many other matchups as well.
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    I am back with my dark deck thinking through the next rotation....I have been play testing this for 2 weeks and it's done pretty well. Feedback appreciated. I have found losing patches is not as bad as I thought it might be with the addition of Virizion.

    3-Yveltal EX-XY 144
    2-Virizion EX-PB 96
    1-Yveltal-XY 78
    1-Mewtwo EX-BWP 45
    1-Darkrai EX-DE 107
    1-Druddigon-FF 70
    2-Trubbish-PS 65
    2-Garbodor-PF 119
    4-N-NV 101
    3-Colress-PS 118
    2-Professor Juniper-BW 101
    3-Lysandre-FF 104
    4-Muscle Band-XY 121
    4-Hypnotoxic Laser-PS 123
    3-Float Stone-PF 99
    3-Ultra Ball-FF 99
    3-Shadow Circle-XY 126
    3-Switch-BC 135
    1-Scramble Switch-PS 129
    1-Professor's Letter-XY 123
    1-Energy Retrieval-PB 80
    6-Darkness Energy-XY 138
    6-Grass Energy-XY 132

    Conscious decisions I've made:
    1) Garb is needed to even the playing field vs many decks. Flygon , Blastoise, Plasma, Emboar, Pyroar and annoying dusknoir variants. I don't need Raichu now either. I've even run 3-3 of Garb and I don't find it adds enough value.
    2) Shadow Circle ensures most of the time that Raichu vs Yvetal, Fire vs Virizion won't kill me, nor will Mew2/Deoxys vs Mew2 since I spread the dark energy around.
    No, I am not doing much OHKO and lets be realistic, Dark decks never really did that much anyways. I find protecting my pokemon for a turn or two to be worth more than VBCG.
    3) Even before rotation, I don't want blends or Rainbow. Too many decks run 2 enhanced hammer (let them waste resources) and I can't get them back by using a ER or Yvetal.
    4) No one expects 3 Lysandre in decks and I have found it very useful in many of my matches in terms of having that 3rd and/or getting it timely. I know I'm in the minority here and I want nothing to do with flip Catchers. When I plan my method of attack, they need to work.
    5) I prefer the consistency, protection, attacking ability and consistency 2 Virizion, 3 Switches and 1 Scramble Switch give me vs running Keldeo. I refuse to let Accelgor type decks (Deck and Cover) or Poison lock me out of game...
    My floats are for Garb and when Darkrai is hiding...
    6) Yes, not running skyla can hurt sometimes and I find the space of not having it and having extra copies of other cards worth it.
    7) I've tested electrode/voltorb for extra draw power and find more often than not hes just an easy target that I can't use very often. I've tested bikes as well, not worth the space vs consistency getting other cards in deck.
    8) I've considered dropping druddigon and lasers for Mew2 and 2 DCE and 2 Megaphones?
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