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What is the best deck for Fall Regionals?

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  1. Plasma (TDK)

  2. Darkrai/Garbodor

  3. Virizion/Genesect

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  4. Darkrai/Hydreigon

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  5. Darkrai

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  6. Blastoise

  7. Rogue

  1. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    1.) I will only ship within the continental U.S.
    2.) Usually $2 for shipping unless its a bigger deal.
    3.) Minimum purchase of $5.
    4.) Prices are somewhat up for negotiation.
    5.) For more expensive deals like $20+ I will include delivery confirmation. I will also add delivery confirmation to any trade under $20 if you are wiling to pay.
    6.) I only accept Paypal.
    7.) I will try to ship out the business day after I receive payment but in some cases it may take me up to 3 days.
    8.) You can pay an extra $1 for a bubble mailer.
    9.) I am also willing to trade for some card I may need. Just ask.
    10.) I have many unlisted cards, so if there's something you don't see just ask!
    11.) Most of my cards are near mint, and if you don't ask about condition, I will assume you don't care.
    12.) If you see $? it just means that I don't really know the value.

    Pokemon National Championships Playmat $60

    Noble Victories Complete Set (includes binder) $100

    Black and White Complete Set (missing SR Pikachu) $60

    Complete Dragon Vault Set $30

    Complete Radiant Collection Set $20


    2x Play! Pokemon Sleeves $10 (each)

    Ultra Rares:

    Meta Pokémon:

    1x Ancient Mew $5
    1x Mew EX $25 (Legend Maker)

    This is just the basic stuff I have. If there is anything you are looking for and don't see it, you can just ask.
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  2. Ketoblu

    Ketoblu Member

    Do you have any Altaria or Garchomp?
  3. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    I have 1 holo Garchomp, 1 rh Altaria, 1 holo Altaria, and 3 prerelease Altarias.
  4. Ketoblu

    Ketoblu Member

    What are the price on them?
  5. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    1 holo Garchomp: $4
    1 rh Altaria: $2
    1 holo Altaria: $2
    3 prerelease Altarias: $3

    Let me know what you think[DOUBLEPOST=1383410120,1381575573][/DOUBLEPOST]Bump[DOUBLEPOST=1384171064][/DOUBLEPOST]Is nobody interested?
  6. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    Bump! Updated a ton!
  7. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    Bump! Added Platinum Arceus blisters!
  8. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Don't want to buy, but just an FYI, those Platinum blisters are worth around 7$ each (My local walmart sells them for 5$, but they don't understand rarity :p )
  9. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    Ok thanks so much! I guess the aren't worth selling. :(
  10. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    Bump!!! Added complete sets and other stuff!!! Please make offers!!!